20 Best Songs About Heroes

By Brian

A hero can be defined as someone who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. It is a person who does something brave or something that most people would consider to be out of the ordinary – this could range from anyone from a soldier overseas putting their life on the line to an everyday person helping another person in need. Because heroes are often admired for their outstanding achievements and selflessness, it’s easy to see why songs have been written about them.

My Hero – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters - My Hero (Official HD Video)

Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters’ drummer says that he never had musical or sports heroes growing up as a child. During an appearance on VH1 Storytellers in 2009 when asked about “My Hero” he explained it was written while watching movies from 1980s like Valley Girl which has many references to popular culture of this time period. He also added there are several aspects of himself and his close friends included within its lyrics- one being his friend Pete Stahl without even realizing so at first!

Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias - Hero (Official Music Video)

This song by Enrique Iglesias is about how when you find your true love, it’s like finding the hero of your life. They’re always there to save and preserve all that is good in this world: they stand up for us against those who would hurt or destroy what we hold most dear; when times get tough as a couple, because let’s face it, partnership does not come without its challenges —they’ll stay by each others side through thick and thin until death do them part.

I Was Only Nineteen – Redgum

Redgum - I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) (Official Video)

Another great song about a solider is “I Was Only Nineteen”, which was written in 1980 by John Schumann, who performs it with his band Redgum. The song tells the story of a man named Billy who fought in Vietnam when he was 19 years old. After he returned home, he felt like no one understood him and that people saw him as a “monster” (Schumann). The song deals with the emotional struggles of veterans after they return from war.

A lot of times, soldiers don’t want to talk about what happened to them overseas because they feel like other people won’t be able to relate to it (Schumann). It’s very important for people to listen to stories like these, which can make you more aware of the struggles veterans face once they return.

American Soldier – Toby Keith

Toby Keith - American Soldier (Radio Edit)

Released in 2003 on his album “Shock’n Y’all”, this song is about members of the U.S. military overseas who are putting their lives on the line to defend our country. This particular song has two different meanings, depending on which part of history you want to look at. The first verse talks about soldiers during World War II, while the second verse refers to soldiers in more recent wars involving terrorism.

One very interesting thing about this song is that it includes the sound of actual gunfire, allowing listeners to hear what actual combat sounds like. This can be very beneficial for people who are debating whether or not they should enlist in the military because it helps them understand what’s really going on when you sign up to join.

I Am a Patriot – Charlie Daniels

Written by country music star Charlie Daniels, this song is dedicated to people who are serving overseas in the military. It was released in 2007 on his album “Patriots and Heroes”, which also includes songs about other kinds of American heroes, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, etc. This particular song is very different from others on this list because it has a more upbeat, “rocking” sound to it.

Even though the song is about soldiers fighting for our country, instead of it being very emotional, it’s more empowering and inspiring. The lyrics are also very optimistic because they let listeners know that there are people who care about them and what they do. This might be important for soldiers who are feeling discouraged or upset.

Soldier’s Son – 38 Special

A song by the band “38 Special” about a soldier has a different feel to it than some of the other songs on this list, but it definitely deserves to be included. Released in 1985 on their album “Tour De Force”, this song talks about a boy who is growing up without his father because he’s gone overseas. The lyrics are very sad and remind us of the emotions that children must feel when their parents are fighting abroad in wars they didn’t choose to be part of.

The song also talks about how the soldier spends every day over there wishing he was back at home with his family. This is a relatable sentiment that anyone can relate to, especially because many people have dreams and goals they want to accomplish in their own lives.

Earth Soldier – Pink Floyd

Earth Soldier - Pink floyd-

This song was released in 1979 by the band “Pink Floyd” on their album “The Wall”. The song refers specifically to a soldier who is fighting in World War I, but the lyrics can also be interpreted to apply to soldiers fighting in any war. This particular song has very deep meaning and once again reminds us of how horrific wars are.

This is one thing that differentiates songs about soldiers from other kinds of songs about heroes. Soldiers are always placed in dangerous situations where they could get seriously injured or even die. Even though it’s not talked about very much, wars are extremely dangerous for everyone involved and it’s important to remember that.

Those About to Die Salute You – The Doors

This song was written by Jim Morrison in 1967 on his album “Waiting for the Sun”. This song was inspired by a scene in the movie “The Dirty Dozen”, which is about World War II soldiers training for a very dangerous mission. This song talks about how these men are aware of what they’re getting themselves into before they go, but they do it anyway because their duty to their country is more important than their fears.

Even though songs about soldiers are generally sad, this one is actually somewhat empowering because it talks about how difficult the mission will be for them, but they’re still ready to do whatever it takes. This is an important lesson for everyone who finds themselves in a dangerous or scary situation because it can remind you that even though you may feel fearful, you still have the strength to overcome it.

War – Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr- War (HQ)

Written by the classic soul singer Edwin Starr, this is one of the best songs about war ever written. Released in 1970 on his album “War & Peace”, this song has a very intense and powerful sound to it because of the combination of rock and roll and soul music. The lyrics talk about how war can tear people apart and cause them to lose their friends and loved ones. This is a very common feeling associated with wars, but it’s definitely expressed in a powerful way through this song.

Ballad of the Green Beret – Special Forces Band

Ballad of the Green Berets | US Army Green Berets | Special Forces

This is a very emotional song by the band “Special Forces” from 1965. This is another one of those songs that was written in response to the Vietnam War because so many people were dying over there. Even though fighting in wars is dangerous, people still want to be part of something greater than themselves and their families.

This song talks about how soldiers are always ready for danger because they’re willing to fight for the freedoms that made America great, even when everyone else would rather just stay home. This is another reason why songs about soldiers are typically so powerful because they bring up the idea that soldiers are willing to die for what is right.

For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (Official Audio)

This song was written by singer Stephen Stills. This song talks about how many people were affected by the Vietnam War and didn’t like the fact that the government wanted to force them to fight when they didn’t want to go. This is another song about soldiers fighting in a war because the lyrics talk about how the idea of someone fighting for their country makes no sense if that person doesn’t believe in what he or she is doing.

Heroes – David Bowie

David Bowie - Heroes (Official Video)

In 1977, Bowie released Heroes , an anthem celebrating love at its finest. The song was later featured prominently in the 2003 film,  Lost in Translation , and appeared on the soundtrack of Bowie’s last musical film, 1986’s   Labyrinth . Bowie wrote “Heroes” with Brian Eno during the Cold War. The lyrics are about two lovers whose embrace is seen as a symbol of resistance against their respective oppressors.

Most notably, “Heroes” has been interpreted as a love song dedicated to the impact of artists on their fans. Throughout his illustrious career, David Bowie has certainly showed himself to be one of rock’s greatest heroes who not only broke musical boundaries but also transcended the limits of time and space with each passing decade. “Heroes” became an anthem for musicians influenced by Bowie, including Jeff Buckley.

Glory of Love – Peter Cetera

Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love (Lyrics)

Originally released in 1986 by the singer Peter Cetera, this song talks about how soldiers fight and die every day but no one ever tells their stories or shows signs of appreciation for what they do. Even though it is a sad idea to think about all the people who have died fighting wars, hopefully one day there will be a time where people won’t have to go to war and everyone can live peacefully as one big world.

Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Released in May 1985, this song was written by Mark Knopfler about the Falklands War that occurred during the early 80s between England and Argentina. This song talks about how it feels to be away from your brothers when they need you most and how hard it is to wait for them to come back home safely, even though there is nothing you can do until they return.

This song really puts into perspective what it’s like for families who lose someone in the military because sometimes it feels like brothers are gone for so long that it feels like they aren’t coming back. This shows the true strength of families because even though some members might be fighting on the other side of the world, there is always someone waiting for them to come back home.

The Ballad of Ira Hayes – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - The Ballad of Ira Hayes

This song was written by Peter La Farge in the early 60s and tells the story of an American Pima who became an icon for his actions during World War II. During this war, many people fought bravely to protect their country even though they were treated poorly when they returned home. In this song, the lyrics refer to the legendary marines who raised an American flag at Iwo Jima in 1945 because they talk about how no one asked them their names when they put themselves on the line for their country.

This is a great song to show that anyone anywhere can be a hero even if it doesn’t seem like it. No matter where you come from or what your social status is, someone’s life might depend on you one day and it’s important to be ready to do whatever it takes to help save that person even if you don’t get recognized for doing so.

Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley

Bob Marley - Buffalo soldier

Buffalo Soldier is a reggae song written by Bob Marley in the late 70s. The phrase “buffalo soldier” was first used during the Indian Wars to refer to Native American scouts and then became a term that black soldiers used for themselves because it seemed like they were unstoppable just like a buffalo.

This song talks about how everyone deserves the same amount of respect no matter what their background is and because everyone should be treated equally it’s important to remember that.

The Rising – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Rising (Live In Barcelona)

The song The Rising was written by American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen in response to 9/11 and it talks about how heroes are born out of a moment where people have to be brave in order to defend their country from evil forces who want to destroy everything they stand for.

This is a great song to show that no one ever really knows what they’re capable of until it’s time for them to do something extraordinary. Many people go through their entire lives without ever truly knowing if they can handle any kind of pressure outside of their comfort zone but sometimes life puts you in situations where you have no choice but to rise up and be a hero.

Kryptonite – Three Doors Down

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite (Official Video)

Superman is one of the most recognized superheroes in history, and for good reason. He’s a pillar of justice with superpowers to match! But it turns out even this powerful man has his weaknesses – Kryptonite being among them. This song by 3 Doors Down shows how even the greatest heroes have their own weaknesses and struggles that they have to go through just like everyone else. It’s important to remember that even though someone might be a hero, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible so if you ever need them they will be there for you.

Hero – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey - Hero (Official HD Video)

Hero was written by American singer-songwriter, Diane Warren in 1993 after she heard the news about how plane passengers on United Airlines Flight 232 were able to land safely even though their plane had been crippled by an engine failure. It’s a great song about how people can be heroes in situations that might seem hopeless and when even one person is brave enough to stand up for what they believe in it gives other people the strength to do the same.

The lyrics in this song are great for showing ways that people can be heroes by thinking of something new or standing up for what they believe in. Showing that it takes a lot more courage to do the right thing when you’re all alone than when you have other people who know and agree with what you’re doing backing you up.

Hero – Nickelback

Nickelback Hero Official Music Video

Hero was written by Canadian rock band, Nickelback in 2001 for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack. It’s about how no matter what someone is going through or who they’re standing up to you can be their hero even if that person doesn’t know you. It shows that sometimes the people we look up to the most aren’t looking at us back but that should never stop anyone from being as brave as they can be.

The lyrics in this song are great for showing how no matter who you are or what you’re going through, there’s always someone out there who needs a hero and because we all have the power to do something it should never stop us from doing whatever we can to help those who need it.

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