20 Best Songs About Fire

Eddy Villa

Fire is an incredibly powerful natural phenomenon that has had an important part in the historical development of societies across the world.

Many songs reference this elemental force, some to praise its beauty and strength, others to mourn its potential for destruction.

Here’s our 20 favorite songs about fire – enjoy!

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Firestarter – The Prodigy

The Prodigy - Firestarter (Official Video)

Firestarter by The Prodigy is one of the most famous songs in electronic music history and a staple of 90s rave culture.

With its fast-paced, hard-hitting beats and gritty synth sounds, Firestarter has earned an enduring place in the hearts of music fans around the world.

But beyond just being a dancefloor hit, Firestarter also reflects some important themes about individuality and non-conformity.

The song’s narrator demands that society accept him for who he is, confidently claiming that with his wild rebellious nature he is “a genius.”

In this way, Firestarter captures the spirit of youth culture in the 90s and serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to always stay true to yourself, no matter what others might think.

Whether you’re listening to it on the dancefloor or at home alone with your headphones on, Firestarter will always be a bracing reminder to follow your own path and live life on your own terms.

Fire Woman – The Cult


Fire Woman is a song by The Cult that perfectly captures the power and passion of the band’s music.

Featuring dramatic vocals, driving guitars, and atmospheric keyboards, the song balances raw energy with sophisticated musicianship.

At the same time, Fire Woman also stands out as a finely crafted work, with intricately arranged layers of sound that reveal something new on each listen.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or relatively new to the band, this song is sure to transport you into another world and leave you wanting more.

So if you’re looking for a musical experience that will blow your mind, look no further than Fire Woman by The Cult.

Burn Down One – Ben Harper

Burn Down One is a powerful and moving song by Ben Harper that tells the story of addiction, heartbreak, and loss.

The song highlights the anguish felt by someone who has lost a loved one to drugs or alcohol, and paints a vivid picture of the struggle to keep going in the face of immense pain.

With its raw lyrics and haunting melody, Burn Down One is an emotional rollercoaster that manages to be both brutally honest and uplifting at the same time.

Whether you’re battling your own personal demons or just need some cathartic comfort, this song will hit you right in the heart every time.

So hold on tight and prepare for some serious feels with Burn Down One by Ben Harper.

Fire Baby – Jack White

Fire Baby by Jack White is a gripping novel that tells the story of Tom, a young boy who possesses an incredible gift: he has the power to create fire at will.

Despite his unique ability, Tom spends much of his childhood facing relentless bullying and abuse at the hands of those around him.

Yet through all the hardships he endures, Tom never loses his inner strength or determination.

As the story unfolds and Tom gets older, he begins to see the full scope of his power, realizing that it may be his only hope for overcoming society’s hatred and prejudices.

With its riveting plot and nuanced characters, Fire Baby is a must-read for any fan of magical realism or coming-of-age stories.

Fire and Rain – James Taylor

James Taylor - Fire And Rain (BBC In Concert, 11/16/1970)

When James Taylor penned the classic song “Fire and Rain” in 1970, he was drawing on his own experiences with loss and grief.

The lyrics capture the pain, fear, and uncertainty of heartbreak in vivid detail, painting a picture of feelings that many people have experienced at some point in their lives.

But Taylor’s memorable music also offers hope and solace to those struggling through difficult times.

The soaring melody of the chorus lifts listeners out of their despair and reminds them that there is light even in the darkest moments.

Fire in the Head – The Tea Party

The Tea Party : Fire In The Head LIVE in Australia 2012

Fire in the Head is The Tea Party’s critically acclaimed 1995 album that reached the top of both US and Canadian music charts.

This innovative and groundbreaking record showcased The Tea Party’s diverse musical style, mixing elements of rock, world music, and psychedelic rock.

Considered by many to be one of their finest releases, Fire in the Head drew praise from critics around the world for its finely crafted songs and deeply poetic lyrics.

Ultimately, this album was a pivotal moment in The Tea Party’s career, propelling them to fame and establishing them as one of the most important bands of their generation.

I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Official Video)

I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen is one of the most popular songs in his extensive catalog.

The track, which was released as a single in 1984, delivers a catchy and danceable beat that showcases the unmistakable sound of The Boss at his celebratory best.

With its driving bass line and soaring guitars, I’m On Fire simmers with energy from start to finish, and has been an enduring fan favorite for generations.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering Springsteen’s work for the first time, I’m On Fire is definitely worth checking out.

So turn up the volume, grab your dancing shoes, and get ready to rock!

Burning Down the House – The Talking Heads

Talking Heads - Burning Down the House (Official Video)

When The Talking Heads released their song “Burning Down the House” in 1983, they weren’t just making a catchy, upbeat tune – they were commenting on social and cultural issues that were unfolding around them.

In many ways, this song reflects the constantly shifting political and economic climate of the early 80s, especially as it relates to the American middle class.

Through biting lyrics and an infectious beat, “Burning Down the House” shines a harsh light on issues such as widespread consumerism and debt, while also suggesting that these things are simply accepted parts of modern life.

Fire Fly – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino - Fire Fly

Fire Fly is a song by Childish Gambino that was released in 2017.

This incredible piece of music combines elements of electronic, trap, and hip hop genres to create a truly unique sonic experience.

Featuring Al Green-inspired falsetto vocals, heavy bass beats, and intricate melodies, Fire Fly is one of Childish Gambino’s most memorable tracks.

With its pulsing rhythm and rhythmic piano accompaniment, this song is guaranteed to keep listeners on their feet and moving to the beat.

Whether you’re looking for something new and different to add to your playlist or simply want to enjoy one of the best musical experiences out there, Fire Fly by Childish Gambino is sure to hit the spot!

So why not give it a listen today? You won’t be disappointed.

The Fire Down Below – Bob Seger

The Fire Down Below

The Fire Down Below is one of Bob Seger’s greatest songs, a powerful tribute to the working class and those who struggle to make it through tough times.

With its loping rhythm and gritty, muscular sound, the song evokes images of a hard-working man who never gives up, no matter how much adversity he faces.

But beneath this surface strength, there is also a deep sense of defeat and hopelessness that resonates in every note.

Despite the hardships he has faced, the protagonist in The Fire Down Below remains unbowed and continues to fight on, driven by an enduring sense of hope that one day his luck will change for the better.

Fire – Jimi Hendrix

There is something undeniably captivating about the haunting melodies and distorted guitars of the classic song “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix.

Perhaps it is the complex interplay between these elements that makes this song so memorable, or maybe it’s because “Fire” resonates with us on a deeper level, speaking to our own experiences of strife and loss.

Whatever the case may be, this iconic song continues to inspire fans decades after its release, reminding us all that in life there will always be fire.

Fire and Rain – James Taylor

James Taylor - Fire And Rain (BBC In Concert, 11/16/1970)

The song “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor is one of the most memorable ballads of the 1970s.

With its poignant lyrics and beautiful melodies, it perfectly captures the mood and spirit of that transformative decade.

In particular, it strikes a powerful chord by exploring themes of loss, heartbreak, and betrayal amid turbulent political events, economic uncertainty, and social upheaval.

Despite all this negative energy, however, Taylor beautifully conveys his belief in the power of love and understanding to overcome even the darkest moments.

Fire on the Mountain – The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (New York, NY 10/31/80) (Official Live Video)

Fire on the Mountain by The Grateful Dead is one of the most iconic songs in the band’s long and storied history.

This epic, driving track blends elements of rock, jazz, and funk to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

Featuring scorching solos and catchy melodies, this song is truly a masterpiece.

Whether you’re just discovering the music of The Dead or are a longtime fan, you will love Fire on the Mountain as it combines all of their best qualities into one incredible tune.

So turn up your speakers, grab your favorite beverage or smoke, and let Fire on the Mountain take you away to another world.

You won’t be disappointed!

Fire Water Burn – Bad Company

Bloodhound Gang - Fire Water Burn [Live Rock am Ring 2006]

Fire Water Burn is an iconic song from the rock band Bad Company.

The song showcases the band’s signature style, mixing hard rock riffs with elements of blues, soul, and funk.

This unique blending of genres makes for a powerful sound that has been thrilling audiences for decades.

Perhaps what makes Fire Water Burn so memorable is its dynamic instrumental section.

Throughout the track, each musical element weaves in and out of focus, creating a swirling sound that draws listeners in with its energy and power.

Fire on High – ELO

"Fire On High" by Electric Light Orchestra

Fire on High is one of the most iconic songs in the entire discography of ELO. Known for its lush, layered arrangements and soaring vocals, this song has become a true classic of the rock genre.

With driving guitar and bass lines and tight, intricate drum rhythms, Fire on High also boasts an incredibly catchy chorus that leaves listeners humming along long after the song has finished playing.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering ELO for the first time, there’s no denying that Fire on High deserves a spot among the greatest songs of all time.

So turn up the volume, get lost in the music, and experience one of the most memorable tunes from ELO’s stellar catalog!

Fire in the Hole – Elmore James

Fire in the Hole by Elmore James is one of the most iconic blues songs of all time.

With its pounding, driving rhythm and fiery guitar licks, it perfectly captures the intensity and passion of the blues genre.

The song is all about frustration and struggle, as it evokes images of melting roads and burning rivers.

Whether you’re new to blues or already a die-hard fan, Fire in the Hole is sure to be an absolute thrill from start to finish.

So if you’re looking for a sonic journey through the darker side of emotion, look no further than this legendary track from Elmore James.

You won’t regret it!

Fire – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Fire - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown @ TOTP 1968

Fire is a powerful and destructive force, capable of reducing anything in its path to ashes.

But despite this lethal potential, many people still find it captivating.

The Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown perfectly captures this sense of awe and fascination with fire.

With soaring vocals that conjure up images of soaring flames, the song builds to a climactic final chorus, the air filled with crackling red sparks like embers flying through the air.

Whether you love fire or fear it, there’s no denying that it is one of the most mesmerizing elements in nature.

So step back and gaze in wonder at this beautiful and deadly creation – Fire by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Fire – Jimi Hendrix

Fire is one of the most iconic and influential songs written by Jimi Hendrix.

Known for its blazing electric guitar riffs and dynamic, driving rhythms, Fire has become a classic rock staple that continues to captivate new listeners to this day.

The song perfectly captures the raw energy and passion of Hendrix’s work, and it showcases his immense skill as a musician and performer.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or are just discovering this legendary artist for the first time, Fire is an essential listen that will leave you mesmerized by Hendrix’s talent and invigorated by his passion.

So turn up the volume, close your eyes, and experience Fire like never before.

Fire – Big Bang

Big Bang - Fire Live

Fire is a groundbreaking new band from South Korea that has quickly become one of the hottest acts in the country and beyond.

Formed in 2016, the group is known for their edgy sound and trailblazing style, and their popularity has been growing steadily since their inception.

With big hits like “Heat” and “Scream,” Fire has earned a loyal following of fans who can’t get enough of their electrifying music.

Whether you’re an avid listener or new to this up-and-coming band, there’s no denying that Fire by Big Bang are one of the most exciting groups making music today.

So if you’re looking for something fresh and unique to add to your playlist, don’t miss out on this amazing act!

Fire – Kasabian

Kasabian - Fire (Video)

Fire is a song by the British rock band Kasabian.

With its driving drums and psychedelic guitar riffs, the track is a perfect showcase of the band’s signature blend of distorted rock and electronic grooves.

Exploring themes of desire and inner turmoil, Fire demonstrates Kasabian’s knack for balancing raw energy with nuanced emotional complexity.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the band’s music, this dynamic track is sure to get your blood pumping and leave you wanting more.

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