20 Best Songs About North Carolina

Richard Ellison

Welcome to our list of the 20 best songs about North Carolina!

From the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina has inspired countless musicians to pay tribute to its beauty and history.

Whether you’re a Tar Heel native or just a fan of good music, this list has something for everyone.

So sit back, relax, and let the sounds of North Carolina fill your ears as we count down the top 20 songs about the Tar Heel State.

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Charlotte’s In North Carolina – Keith Whitley

Charlotte's In North Carolina

Charlotte’s in North Carolina is an anthemic country song written and performed by the late singer Keith Whitley.

It tells the story of a young man who is pining for his lost love while driving down a dusty road, with the lyrics serving as a kind of narrative voiceover to accompany the raw, emotive vocals and stirring guitar melodies.

Despite its somewhat sad and melancholy tone, this deeply heartfelt tune has proved to be incredibly popular over the years, earning praise from critics and fans alike.

With its tight harmonies and infectious rhythm, Charlotte’s in North Carolina is sure to become a classic country track that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re into country music or not, you’ll find something to love about this unforgettable song.

North Carolina Way – Hogjaw

North Carolina Way

North Carolina Way is a powerful song by the band Hogjaw, which pays tribute to the history and culture of North Carolina.

Written from a first-person perspective, the song paints a vivid picture of rural life in this coastal state, with its farms and forests, rivers and creeks, mountains and lakes.

It highlights some of the distinctive elements that give North Carolina its distinct character, such as its strong sense of community, deep roots in folk music traditions, and commitment to conservation.

Whether you are a longtime resident of North Carolina or just visiting for the first time, this song gives you a unique glimpse into what makes this state so special.

So if you want to experience the real North Carolina Way firsthand, be sure to check out this beautiful ballad by Hogjaw!

Jack Bailey vs. Mt. Airy, North Carolina – Twelve Hour Turn

Jack Bailey vs. Mt. Airy, North Carolina

The song Jack Bailey vs. Mt. Airy, North Carolina by Twelve Hour Turn is a powerful indictment of small-town life and the oppressive forces that silence visionary voices in its tight-knit communities.

Through dark imagery and pointed lyrics, the song paints a vivid picture of bureaucracy and conformity that stifle individuals with big dreams for their town.

It also touches on themes of hope and perseverance, offering a glimmer of light to anyone feeling oppressed by the status quo.

Whether you grew up in a small town or are simply interested in exploring timeless questions about freedom and conformity, this song is sure to engage, inform, and inspire.

North Carolina, ‘Cause it Feels Like Home – Once Nothing

North Carolina, 'Cause it Feels Like Home

The song “North Carolina, ‘Cause it Feels Like Home” by Once Nothing is a beautiful ballad that captures the feeling of longing for home.

The lyrics describe the beauty of the state, from the mountains to the sea, and the speaker’s longing to be back in North Carolina.

The song is set to a gentle folk melody, which adds to its sense of nostalgia.

The lyrics are simple but powerful, and they perfectly capture the feeling of homesickness.

This is an incredibly moving song, and it will resonate with anyone who has ever felt homesickness or nostalgia.

South To North Carolina – Kristy Cox

Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Official Video)

South to North Carolina is an upbeat country tune, with a driving rhythm that is sure to get your toes tapping.

Sung by Kristy Cox, the song tells the tale of life on the road and all of the twists and turns that come with it.

Whether you’re heading down south for some rest and relaxation or you’re on a trek to the north, this song captures the wanderlust and excitement of adventure.

With its authentic twangy vocals and bold banjo lines, South to North Carolina perfectly captures the spirit and energy of life on the open road.

So next time you’re heading out on your next big journey, be sure to check out this fun, feel-good track by Kristy Cox.

North Carolina Moon – Jon Randall

Jon Randall - North Carolina Moon

North Carolina Moon is a classic country ballad about the beauty of the night sky in North Carolina.

The song conjures up images of twinkling stars, rolling horizons, and endless expanses of nothingness.

It paints a picture of endless freedom and isolation, where one can simply gaze up at the endless expanse of heaven and wonder at the beauty of nature.

This sense of awe and wonder is what sets North Carolina Moon apart from other country ballads, making it a must-listen for fans of heartfelt music.

If you’re looking for something special that evokes feelings of nostalgia and romance, then be sure to check out North Carolina Moon today.

North Carolina Wedding – Instant Oatmeal

North Carolina Wedding

North Carolina Wedding by Instant Oatmeal is a fun and playful song that perfectly captures the exuberance and excitement of a wedding celebration.

The upbeat rhythm and catchy tune create an energizing backdrop for this joyous occasion, while the lyrics paint a picture of the feelings on everyone’s mind as they arrive at the festivities.

Whether it’s meeting up with old friends or eagerly anticipating seeing the bride and groom together for the first time, this track taps into all the emotions that go hand in hand with this special celebration.

Additionally, it expertly captures that feeling of togetherness that infuses every aspect of a wedding, from mingling with loved ones to dancing under the stars to telling everyone how much you love them.

For North Carolina – Marley Carroll

For North Carolina

For North Carolina is a song by Asheville-based producer and musician Marley Carroll.

Inspired by his home state of North Carolina and its many natural wonders, the track combines ambient electronic sounds with lush classical guitar riffs to create a truly evocative listening experience.

With its repetitive rhythm and dreamy melodies, the piece perfectly captures the beauty and mystery of North Carolina’s rugged coastline, rolling mountains, dense forests, and laidback cities.

Whether you’re a longtime resident or simply visiting for a vacation, For North Carolina is sure to capture your imagination and transport you straight into the heart of this diverse and fascinating landscape.

North Carolina Breakdown – Michael Cleveland

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper "Lee Highway Blues"

North Carolina Breakdown is a traditional bluegrass tune composed by Michael Cleveland, a well-known mandolin player and songwriter from North Carolina.

The song features catchy licks and slides, accompanied by energetic fiddle melodies and tight harmonies.

It has become one of Cleveland’s most popular compositions, having been recorded by several notable bluegrass musicians over the years.

From festivals to radio shows, North Carolina Breakdown is a true Bluegrass classic that is sure to get everyone up on their feet.

If you’re looking for high-energy music that captures the heart of the American South, then be sure to give North Carolina Breakdown a listen!

North Carolina Line – Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent North Carolina Line

North Carolina Line is a classic rock and roll song by the iconic singer, Gene Vincent.

Released at the height of his fame in 1956, the song features a catchy and upbeat tune combined with Vincent’s characteristic gravelly vocals.

The lyrics speak to the desire to hop into a car and hit the open road, mapping out an exciting journey through North Carolina.

Throughout the song, Vincent incorporates references to various towns and attractions that can be found in North Carolina, creating a sense of nostalgia and longing for adventure among listeners.

Thus, while it may have been written over 60 years ago, North Carolina Line remains one of Gene Vincent’s most popular and memorable works to this day.

North Carolina, My Home State – Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith - North Carolina My Home State

North Carolina is a unique and beautiful state, home to awe-inspiring natural landscapes and a vibrant culture.

The song “North Carolina, My Home State,” by legendary actor and singer Andy Griffith captures many of the things that make North Carolina so special.

This iconic song celebrates the state’s majestic mountains, stunning beaches, rich history, and friendly people.

It also pays tribute to some of the most beloved symbols of North Carolina, including the Friendly Four Flora of North Carolina (the cardinal, tulip poplar tree, blue jay, and Cherokee rose) and traditional southern food like barbecue chicken.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just passing through, anyone who loves North Carolina will appreciate this enduring ode to our great state.

Raise Up (North Carolina) – Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo ~ North Carolina (Raise Up)

When Petey Pablo first released the song “Raise Up (North Carolina)” in 2001, it quickly became one of the most popular tracks in his native state of North Carolina.

The high-energy track is steeped in local culture and references prominent Tar Heel State landmarks and historical events, making it a great rallying cry for proud residents of the region.

In fact, many people from North Carolina still regularly listen to “Raise Up” as a feel-good anthem for their home state, remembering its lyrics about its beautiful coastlines and long history of loyal basketball fans.

Whether you’re from North Carolina or simply a fan of Petey Pablo’s music, “Raise Up” is an essential part of any playlist that celebrates the unique cultural heritage and quirky character of this great American state.

Traveling From North Carolina – Paleface

Paleface sings "Traveling From North Carolina"

Traveling From North Carolina is a song by Paleface that showcases the musician’s rich musical heritage.

Drawing inspiration from the folk music of his home state, Paleface weaves together traditional elements like Appalachian banjo and harmonica with more modern styles, making for a unique and engaging sound.

Through his lyrics, he tells the story of life on the road and reveals his love for traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.

Whether listening at home or while on the go, anyone who loves great music will find Traveling From North Carolina a joy to listen to.

North Carolina Breakdown/done Gone – The Fox Hunt

North Carolina Breakdown/done Gone

North Carolina Breakdown is a classic tune from the bluegrass tradition, and one of the best-known songs by The Fox Hunt.

This song evokes the spirit of traditional American roots music, with its driving banjo riffs and up-tempo rhythms.

While the lyrics themselves are relatively simple, packed with images of rural life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they nevertheless convey a story that has captured the imagination of audiences for generations.

Whether you’re enticed by tales of backwoods moonshine or simply love fast-paced bluegrass tunes, North Carolina Breakdown is sure to delight.

So next time you’re looking for something to get your toes tapping, don’t forget this iconic song!

Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina – Dean Martin


The song “Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina”,by Dean Martin, is a delightfully clever and playful tune that explores the many charms of the southern United States.

Set to a lighthearted and lively swing beat, this catchy little number is full of fun references and colorful imagery that capture all of the diversity found in this diverse part of the country.

From charming small towns to bustling cities, energetic dance halls to its many beautiful beaches, the south has something for everyone.

With its infectious rhythm and classic crooning style, “Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina” is sure to leave you humming along and eager to explore all that this vibrant region has to offer.

Morganton, North Carolina – Johnny Bristol

Johnny Bristol - Morganton North Carolina ( 1975 ) HD

Morganton, North Carolina, is one of the most influential songs in the history of funk music.

Written by singer-songwriter Johnny Bristol, it was a huge hit when it was first released in 1970.

With its infectious groove and instantly recognizable chorus, the song quickly became a staple on radio stations across the country.

Critics were unanimously impressed by the catchy melody and tight musicianship of the track, with Rolling Stone magazine proclaiming that it “captures soul at its highest level.”

Thanks to its influence on subsequent generations of funk artists and its enduring staying power, Morganton, North Carolina has become a true classic in the world of funk music.

Whether you’re an old fan or new to this iconic track, you’ll be sure to be grooving along with this megahit for years to come.

North Carolina Never Looked So Good – Words As Weapons

Matthew West - Truth Be Told (Official Music Video)

North Carolina is a beautiful and diverse state, with landscapes ranging from verdant forests and rugged coastal beaches to rolling hills and vast fertile plains.

But perhaps no one has been able to capture the essence of this state quite like Words As Weapons in their song, “North Carolina Never Looked So Good.”

Using vivid imagery that paints a vibrant picture of the state’s natural wonders, this song pays homage to all that makes North Carolina a truly magical place.

Whether you are hiking in the mountains or experiencing the incredible wildlife along the coast, this upbeat and spirited anthem will make you fall in love with North Carolina all over again.

So if you’re ever feeling homesick for NC or just want to be immersed in all its beauty, put on your favorite pair of headphones and hit play on “North Carolina Never Looked So Good.”

Carolina in My Mind – James Taylor

James Taylor - Carolina in My Mind (from Pull Over)

Carolina in My Mind is a song written and performed by James Taylor.

The song was originally released on Taylor’s 1968 album, James Taylor, but it has been covered by many other artists over the years.

Carolina in My Mind is a love letter to Taylor’s home state of North Carolina, and it is widely considered to be one of his best-known and most beloved songs.

The song has a simple, folksy melody that belies the complicated emotions at its core.

Carolina in My Mind is a nostalgic ode to a simpler time and place, and it is clear that Taylor holds his home state close to his heart.

The song has been covered by artists as varied as country music legend Willie Nelson and pop sensation Justin Bieber, proving that its appeal is universal.

Carolina in My Mind is a classic James Taylor tune that will surely stand the test of time.

Gone to Carolina – Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings - Gone To Carolina (Closed Captioned)

“Gone to Carolina” is a song written and performed by Shooter Jennings, and was released on his album “The Other Life” in 2013.

The song is a tribute to the state of North Carolina, with lyrics that describe the beauty and charm of the state.

It speaks of the rolling hills and mountains, the forests and streams, and the people who call North Carolina home.

Shooter Jennings is an American singer-songwriter and musician, known for his country, rock, and blues music.

He is the son of country singer Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, and has released multiple albums over the course of his career.

There are a few different reasons why “Gone to Carolina” is a great song about North Carolina.

One reason is that it captures the essence of the state in a way that is both poetic and relatable.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the natural beauty and the sense of community that exists in North Carolina, and they do so in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

Another reason is that the song is simply a great piece of music, with a catchy melody and memorable lyrics.

It’s a song that is easy to sing along to, and one that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The Boys from North Carolina – John Hartford

John Hartford "The Boys from North Carolina"

The Boys from North Carolina is a song by American musician John Hartford.

The song pays homage to the state of North Carolina and its people, painting a picture of the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage that can be found throughout this great state.

It tells the story of four boys from different backgrounds who come together to form one inseparable group.

Some aspects of the lyrics are playful and humorous, while others are more heartfelt and emotional.

Overall, this is a captivating song that perfectly captures both the beauty and diversity of North Carolina.

Way Down In North Carolina – Lauren Pritchard

Way Down In North Carolina

Way Down In North Carolina is a popular folk song about the natural beauty of the state of North Carolina.

Written and first recorded by Lauren Pritchard in 2010, this song tells the story of a traveler who finds herself wandering through the woods, surrounded by soaring mountains and lush green foliage.

During her journey in North Carolina, the traveler encounters many beautiful natural landmarks, including cascading waterfalls and rocky bluffs.

Additionally, she witnesses some of the state’s amazing wildlife up close, such as soaring eagles and rushing rivers full of fish.

Overall, this song perfectly captures the magic and wonder of North Carolina’s stunning natural environment and is sure to inspire all those who hear it to explore this amazing region for themselves.