20 Best Songs About Searching

Jennifer Moritz

Are you feeling lost and searching for something more? You’re not alone.

Many of us spend our lives searching for something, whether it’s love, purpose, or the next great adventure.

These 20 songs perfectly capture the thrill and uncertainty of the search.

From upbeat pop anthems to emotional ballads, this playlist has it all.

So sit back, press play, and let these tunes inspire you on your own journey of self-discovery.

Who knows what you’ll find?

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Searching With My Good Eye Closed Soundgarden

Soundgarden - Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Perhaps one of the most iconic songs by the legendary rock band Soundgarden is their 1992 track “Searching With My Good Eye Closed.”

Known for its hard-hitting riffs, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals, this song captures all of the energy and intensity that made Soundgarden such a powerhouse throughout the 1990s.

For many listeners, the song perfectly embodies everything that was so exciting about grunge music at that time: a dark, brooding sound coupled with frenzied guitar work and primal vocals.

Whether you’re new to Soundgarden’s music or a longtime fan, “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” is certainly a track that you won’t want to miss.

Searching For Heaven The Drums

The Drums - Searching for Heaven

The song “Searching for Heaven” by The Drums tells the story of a young man searching for meaning and fulfillment in his life.

Throughout the song, he travels across various landscapes, encountering different people and experiences along the way.

Along his journey, he becomes disillusioned by the struggles and disappointments of reality and yearns for something more, ultimately finding solace in love.

This powerful and evocative piece perfectly captures the painful yet beautiful struggle of living life on earth.

Whether you’re struggling with your own search or simply enjoying the music, this song is one that will surely resonate with anyone who has ever felt discontent with the world around them.

Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans "Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always"

Known for their emotionally-charged lyrics and unique sound, We Came As Romans have been one of the most popular rock bands since the release of their 2009 debut album.

Their song “Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always” is arguably their best-known hit, combining powerful vocals with driving drums and heavy guitar riffs to create an intensely powerful and moving listening experience.

The track never fails to elicit a strong emotional response from fans, many of whom regard it as one of the most stirring songs in recent memory.

With its raw energy and driving rhythms, “Searching, Seeking, Reaching, Always” remains an essential track for all music lovers.

Searching Roy Ayers

The song Searching by Roy Ayers, was first released in 1976 as part of Roy’s album titled “Everybody Loves the Sunshine.”

With its quintessential funky bassline, jazzy saxophone melodies, and infectious percussion rhythms, the song quickly became a cult favorite, loved by both fans of jazz music and those with more mainstream tastes.

The driving beat and uplifting tone of Searching perfectly capture the energy and vibrance of 1970s disco culture.

Despite the decades that have passed since its initial release, Searching remains relevant even today; it has become a go-to track for DJs to mix into their sets at clubs around the world, inspiring listeners to get on their feet and dance along.

Still Searching Senses Fail

Senses Fail-Still Searching + Lyrics

“Still Searching” by Senses Fail is a powerful and emotive ballad that explores the universal theme of grieving and loss.

At its heart, it is a lamentation for a loved one who has passed away, but it also speaks to the uncertainty and apprehension that so often accompanies such difficult times.

Strings and piano intersperse with lyrics like “Here I lay, holding back trouble” to create a musical landscape that truly embodies this sense of searching for answers in darkness.

With its haunting melodies and stirring crescendos, “Still Searching” captures both the beauty and sorrow of life as we search endlessly through our grief for clarity and acceptance.

Searching for a Former Clarity Against Me!

Against Me! - Searching For A Former Clarity (Full Album)

Searching for a Former Clarity is an iconic song from Against Me!, a punk rock band known for their poignant and powerful lyrics.

The song is widely considered to be one of their best, with its brutally honest verses exploring themes of identity, alienation, and self-doubt.

In the song, lead singer Laura Jane Grace sings about her struggles with gender dysphoria and coming to terms with her true self.

Along with its powerful message, Searching for a Former Clarity is also notable for its artful instrumentation and dynamic vocals, showcasing the band’s incredible talent and stylistic versatility.

Overall, this song is a must-listen for fans of punk music or anyone who appreciates music that speaks to the heart of what it means to be human.

Searching For Mr. Right Young Marble Giants

Young Marble Giants - Searching for Mr. Right

Searching For Mr. Right by the indie band Young Marble Giants is an iconic track that has stood the test of time.

With its minimal, stark arrangement and haunting vocals, it perfectly captures the heartbreak and longing inherent in the search for the perfect partner.

The melancholic mood of the song reflects those feelings of vulnerability that we experience when we think about our ideal partner and how we constantly keep searching for them.

But despite all our wishful thinking, this quest remains fruitless, highlighting just how difficult it can be to find “Mr. Right”.

Whether you’re a seasoned music lover or someone who’s new to this genre, Searching For Mr. Right by Young Marble Giants is a must-listen song that perfectly encapsulates what it means to long for love, yet never quite find it.

Searching the Blue The Arcs

Searching the Blue

Searching the Blue is a moving exploration of loneliness and longing.

Sonically, it blends blues rock influences with a more traditional songwriting style, resulting in a sound that is both visceral and intimate.

Throughout the track, there are soaring guitar riffs and driving drumbeats that create an intense sense of urgency and passion.

At the same time, however, the lyrics reveal a deep sense of yearning, conveying a poignant emotional vulnerability.

All in all, this song perfectly captures the experience of wanting something but being unable to grasp it or hold on to it.

If you have ever felt that sense of desperate wanting or deep ache in your heart, then Searching the Blue is sure to resonate with you.

Searching Gold The Dø

The Dø I A Take Away Show

Searching Gold by The Dø is a compelling, thought-provoking track that explores some of the deepest and most important themes in human existence.

Released in 2011, this powerful ballad uses ghostly guitar riffs, soaring choruses, and expressive vocals to convey feelings of loss, isolation, and loneliness.

In particular, the lyrics reflect on the human condition and our search for true meaning and happiness in life.

The narrator of Searching Gold sees his journey as a tale “of love and wild wishes”–a search not just for physical or material riches, but also for transcendent truths about who we are and what we’re meant to do.

Despite its somber subject matter, this song is ultimately uplifting and inspiring in its message of perseverance through even the darkest times.

Soul Searching bazzi

Bazzi - Soul Searching [Official Music Video]

Soul Searching is a song by bazzi that has become hugely popular ever since its release earlier this year.

This upbeat and catchy tune is about the challenges of navigating the rocky terrain of love, relationships, and romance, and it speaks to a very universal experience that many people can relate to.

Whether you’re currently going through tough times in your own love life or simply reminiscing about love lost and found, Soul Searching captures your heart with its soulful vocals and driving beat.

So if you’re looking for an inspiring song that will make you feel empowered to keep searching for what you want, look no further than Soul Searching.

Searching for the space monkey Chinese Man

Chinese Man - Searching For The Space Monkey

The song “Searching for the space monkey” by Chinese Man is an upbeat and engaging track that combines funk grooves with electronic elements.

The driving bassline sets the tone for the song, creating a fun and energetic vibe that is hard to resist.

Layered over this funky foundation are smooth synths and bright percussive sounds, adding depth and texture to the overall sound.

The lyrics are also interesting, telling a story about a character searching for an elusive space monkey.

Overall, this song is a great example of how electronic music can combine funky beats with modern sounds to create something truly unique and captivating. 

Searching Through The Past Bleached

Bleached - "Searching Through The Past" (Official Lyric Video)

“Searching Through The Past,” by the indie rock band Bleached, is an emotional exploration of longing and loss.

Playful yet melancholy, the track is a moving portrait of nostalgia and regret.

With its jangly guitars and urgent beats, the song immediately draws in its listener with its combination of fluid melody and driving rhythm.

But the real strength of “Searching Through The Past” lies in its lyrical content, which reflects on bittersweet memories of past love and lost friendships.

Through pitch-perfect phrasing and vivid imagery, singer Jessica Clavin lays bare her deep sense of yearning as she sings about sights long gone, voices long forgotten.

Searching for Some Beautiful Sadistik

Sadistik - Searching for Some Beautiful [Official Video]

The song “Searching for Some Beautiful” by Sadistik tells the story of a young man’s journey to find meaning in life and discover what truly makes him beautiful.

This complex and emotionally raw track explores everything from relationships to self-doubt, painting a poignant picture of what it means to be human.

Throughout the song, Sadistik maintains an intense and captivating vocal delivery, infusing each line with emotion and laying bare his own struggles with mortality and isolation.

Overall, “Searching for Some Beautiful” is a powerful reminder of the beauty and complexity inherent in all of us, and a testament to Sadistik’s ability as a lyricist and artist.

Losing Touching Searching The Appleseed Cast

Appleseed Cast - Losing Touching Searching

“Losing Touching Searching” is a powerful and emotive track by The Appleseed Cast, an American rock band hailing from Lawrence, Kansas.

Since forming in the mid-1990s, the band has become known for their epic and atmospheric sound, blending elements of post-rock, emo, and indie rock.

“Losing Touching Searching” perfectly captures the feeling of searching for something, with its soaring guitars and ethereal vocals.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is lost and longing for something more, singing “I’ve been searching for the answer / But I’m just spinning my wheels.”

The song’s driving beat and impassioned performance make it a perfect anthem for anyone who is feeling stuck and in need of some inspiration to keep moving forward

Searching… King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Searching... (Polygondwanaland)

The song “Searching…” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is a groovy, psychedelic journey through time and space.

From the first note, listeners are taken on a wild musical adventure, soaring high above their heads before plummeting back to earth in an utterly melodic fashion.

Throughout the song, layered instrumentation provides an innovative backdrop for the energetic vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

And whether you’re listening at full volume or played softly in the background, this track is sure to keep your toes tapping from beginning to end.

So if you’re looking for something that will get you moving and leave you wanting more, be sure to add “Searching..” to your playlist today.

Searching – INXS

INXS: Searching | 1996 ARIA Awards

“Searching” is a song by the Australian rock band INXS, released in 1997.

The song was written by band members Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence and was featured on the album “Elegantly Wasted.”

INXS was a popular and successful band in the 1980s and 1990s, known for their catchy, upbeat songs and energetic live performances.

The lyrics of “Searching” describe a person’s desire to find meaning and purpose in their life, and the struggles and challenges they face in their search.

The song’s chorus includes the lines “I am searching / I am not alone / I am searching / Please show me some”.

These lyrics capture the theme of the song, which is about the search for love and connection in a world that can often feel lonely and disconnected.

Searching for Satellite – ATB

Searching for Satellite

The song “Searching for Satellite” is a dance-pop track by renowned DJ ATB.

With its driving beat and catchy chorus, it quickly became a fan favorite upon its release in 2007.

The lyrics tell the story of someone who has been transported to an unknown location without their technology, including smartphones and GPS devices.

They find themselves searching for any signs of human life or culture, but come up empty-handed as they walk across inhospitable landscapes speckled with pockmarked craters.

Overall, this hauntingly beautiful song paints an evocative portrait of what it might be like to be marooned on a remote alien planet.

Searching For A Feeling Thirdstory

Thirdstory - Searching For a Feeling (Searching EP)

The song “Searching For A Feeling” by Thirdstory is an emotional, up-tempo track that blends soaring vocals with a driving beat.

This unique combination creates a sound that is both uplifting and heartfelt, drawing listeners into the song’s powerful message of longing, hope, and determination. Inspired by personal experiences, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of what it means to reach for something intangible and yet still believe in the possibility of finding true happiness.

Whether you’re feeling down or simply in search of a little inspiration, “Searching For A Feeling” has the power to move you and lift your spirits.

Searching for Glory – The Word Alive

The Word Alive - Searching For Glory (Live) Dallas, Texas 11/8/21

Searching for Glory is a powerful and moving song by the band The Word Alive.

This introspective track is about longing for purpose and meaning in life, and it offers a poignant reflection on the human condition.

Each line of the song conveys a sense of empathy and insight, making it an emotional journey from start to finish.

Whether you’re searching for inspiration, looking for answers, or just trying to make sense of your place in the world, Searching for Glory will no doubt speak to you in some way.

If you’re looking for an anthem that captures the essence of what it means to be human, this song is definitely worth a listen.