20 Best Songs About Sunsets

Richard Ellison

Sunsets are a wonderful thing.

They mark the end of one day and the beginning of another.

They can be seen as a time to reflect on the past day and consider all that has happened.

And they always provide an amazing view.

Sunsets are often captured in songs, and these 20 best songs about sunsets are some of the best.

From classical pieces to more modern tracks, this list has something for everyone.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these beautiful sunsets in song form!

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Early Sunsets Over Monroeville – My Chemical Romance

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville is one of the most iconic songs in the My Chemical Romance catalog.

This gripping ballad pays homage to the classic novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and explores the darker themes of racism and injustice that are woven throughout this classic work.

With its haunting melody and powerful lyrics, Early Sunsets Over Monroeville has become a fan favorite, resonating with listeners as both an arresting song and a poignant cultural commentary.

Whether you’re already familiar with the band or simply discovering My Chemical Romance for the first time, this song is a must-listen for anyone who loves great music and inspiring stories.

Sunsets For Somebody ElseJack Johnson

Jack Johnson - Sunsets For Somebody Else (Official Audio)

Sunsets for Somebody Else is a beautiful, heartfelt song by Jack Johnson about missing out on the simple pleasures of life.

Written from the perspective of an individual who has lost touch with his loved ones and finds himself longing to connect with the people he once shared experiences with, this song speaks to all of us who have ever longed to reconnect with old friends and loved ones.

Whether we’ve drifted apart or been too busy or distracted by other things, we can all find a sense of connection in Sunsets for Somebody Else.


Sunsets are one of the most beautiful things in nature.

The colors of the sky seem to be on display for all to see, and there is something awe-inspiring about seeing them wash over the horizon.

One song that really captures the amazing beauty of sunsets is Sunsets by Aso.

This track paints a vivid picture of shimmering colors and peaceful ambiance, with lyrics that describe the way that dusk unfolds across the sky like “a prism’s glow.”

Whether you are gazing out your window at sunset or listening to Sunsets on your morning commute, this beautiful song is sure to evoke feelings of appreciation and wonder at this incredible spectacle of nature.

Sunsets And Car CrashesThe Spill Canvas

Sunsets and Car Crashes Lyrics - The Spill Canvas

The song “Sunsets and Car Crashes” by The Spill Canvas is a thought-provoking, emotionally complex track that builds on the theme of loss and regret.

Initially, the lyrics paint a picture of youth and innocence, capturing the carefree spirit of young love.

Over time, however, the song comes to explore some of the regrets and haunting memories associated with this happy period in life.

With vivid imagery and provocative lyrics, “Sunsets and Car Crashes” is both a beautiful tribute to lost youth and a powerful reminder not to take life for granted.

Whether you’re enjoying sunset drives or living at full speed ahead, this song has something important to say about how we live our lives.

Wasted SunsetsDeep Purple

Deep Purple - Wasted Sunsets

The song “Wasted Sunsets,” by Deep Purple, is an atmospheric and melodic masterpiece that perfectly captures the feeling of watching day fade into night on a warm summer evening.

With its languid guitar riffs and mesmerizing vocals, the song conjures up images of endless beaches and endless skies, highlighting both the peace and serenity of life in the moment as well as the inevitable march of time.

If you listen closely to this beautiful song, you can almost feel the soft warmth of the sun on your skin and taste the salty ocean air.

So next time you watch a sunset, whether alone or with friends, be sure to put “Wasted Sunsets” on full blast and take a moment to really appreciate all of life’s simple yet deeply profound beauty.

Sunsets Are For MuggingsLeathermouth

LeATHERMOUTH - Sunsets Are For Muggings

The song “Sunsets Are For Muggings” by Leathermouth is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that reflects the dark reality of life in the city.

The lyrics paint a picture of a city that is teeming with violence and crime, where the only respite from the endless darkness is the brief moment of beauty that comes with the setting sun.

The song’s title refers to a common occurrence in urban areas, where criminals take advantage of the cover of darkness to prey on their victims.

The lyrics evoke a sense of hopelessness and despair, but also a sense of resilience in the face of adversity.

The song is a powerful reminder of the human capacity for survival in the face of great odds.

Northern SunsetsVibrasphere

Vibrasphere - Northern sunset. {HD}

Northern Sunsets is a lush, ambient track by the electronic music duo Vibrasphere.

With its ghostly pads, gentle arpeggios, and driving percussion, this song creates a dreamy sonic landscape that feels like floating through the sky on a clear summer night.

The main melody in Northern Sunsets taps into the feeling of boundless freedom and exploration, evoking images of soaring high above the clouds or deep below the ocean’s surface.

Even as it builds up to an intense crescendo, this track maintains a sense of peacefulness and calm throughout, reminding us to appreciate all of nature’s amazing beauty around us.

Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or cosmic inspiration, Northern Sunsets is sure to take you on a thrilling musical journey.

Kim’s SunsetsFat White Family

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Kim’s Sunsets is a melancholic rock ballad by the English band Fat White Family.

The song tells the story of a young couple who spend their time walking through nearby parks, enjoying romantic sunsets and sharing their dreams for the future.

The track juxtaposes moments of passion with dark imagery like car crashes, broken dreams, and city streets strewn with trash.

Despite this ominous tone, though, there is an undeniable sense of hope in the song.

Despite life’s hardships, these two characters still believe that they can shape their own destiny and find happiness together.

With its raw lyrics and irresistible melody, Kim’s Sunsets captures both the beauty and despair of young love in urban settings.

Sunflowers and SunsetsBane

Bane "Sunflowers And Sunsets"

Sunflowers and Sunsets is a song by the legendary band Bane, known for their infectious melodies and passionate lyrics.

This uplifting track tells the story of a yellow flower blooming in the midst of an endless landscape of green grass, under a sky that shimmers with the hues of the setting sun.

Each verse builds upon this evocative image, asking listeners to contemplate the beauty and power of nature in all its forms.

With its soaring choruses and driving rhythms, Sunflowers and Sunsets is sure to become an instant favorite among fans of indie rock music.

So if you’re looking for a song that will lift your spirits and fill you with wonder, look no further than Bane’s magnificent ode to sunflowers and sunsets.

Sunsets and Death ThreatsAttila

Attila - Sunsets and Death Threats

Sunsets and Death Threats is a song by the metal band Attila.

The track was released as part of Attila’s seventh studio album, Chaos, in 2016.

With blistering guitars and adrenaline-fueled vocals, it quickly became one of the band’s most popular songs.

The lyrics of Sunsets and Death Threats tell a story of angst and defiance, painting a picture of frustration and stress as the central character struggles against an unnamed enemy.

Overall, the song strikes a perfect balance between intensity and accessibility, making it an enduring favorite among listeners in both the metal and mainstream music scenes.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering Attila for the first time, Sunsets and Death Threats is definitely worth checking out!

Velvet SunsetsUlver

Ulver-Velvet Sunsets

Velvet Sunsets is a beautifully evocative song by the Norwegian band Ulver.

This haunting, melancholy track perfectly captures the dreamy atmosphere of twilight, painting vivid images of the slow descent of the sun behind shimmering purple clouds and fading stars.

The hypnotic melody sweeps over you like a wave as it builds in intensity, creating a sense of sweeping grandeur as the music swells and fills every corner of your being.

With its subtle electronic accents and ethereal vocals, this song perfectly encapsulates the essence of sunset and will leave you humming its haunting melody long after it ends.

Forever Longing the Golden SunsetsThe Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast - Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets

Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets is a popular song by the indie rock band The Appleseed Cast.

This haunting and melodic track has become a favorite among fans of indie music, thanks in large part to its dreamy and atmospheric soundscape.

Set against gently arpeggiated guitar chords and softly layered vocals, this song perfectly captures the mood and feel of long, hazy summer afternoons spent relaxing in the sun.

Through its sweeping melodies and evocative lyrics, Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets perfectly evokes feelings of nostalgia, wistfulness, and yearning for days gone by.

Whether you’ve been listening to this song for years or are just now discovering it for the first time, it’s sure to stay with you for a long time to come.

Miami SunsetsPerturbator

Miami Nights 1984 - Accelerated

Miami Sunsets is a pulsing, synth-driven track by French electronic artist Perturbator.

This song evokes the tropical nature of Miami and its famous sunsets, with steady beats and synthesized percussion that conjure images of swaying palm trees and balmy evenings.

The driving bassline adds an edge to the overall feel of the track, reinforced by shrill, grainy synthesizers that add contrast and texture to this lush, atmospheric composition.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting for a few days, Miami Sunsets is sure to put you in the mood for all things sunshine and summer – so crank up the volume, close your eyes, and imagine yourself soaking up those famed Miami sunsets.

God of the sunsetsSeb

SEB - god of the sunsets (Official Music Video)

The song “God of the Sunsets” by Seb is a beautiful and haunting tribute to the depth and power of nature.

Drawing inspiration from the vivid colors and immense beauty of sunsets, this moving piece explores themes like impermanence, change, and our primal connection to the earth.

Featuring stark instrumentals and soaring vocals, this track deftly blends elements of classical and contemporary music to create a uniquely powerful musical experience.

Whether you’re looking for an intense musical voyage or simply a moment of respite from the stresses of daily life, “God of the Sunsets” offers something truly special.

Blood of the SunsetsAt the Gates

Cardi B - WAP (Lyrics) feat. Megan Thee Stallion

Blood of the Sunsets is a famous song by the metal band At the Gates.

The track was originally released on their 1993 album, Slaughter of the Soul, and it quickly became one of their most popular and well-loved songs.

Lyrically, Blood of the Sunsets is dark and intense, telling the story of struggles on an apocalyptic battlefield.

The music itself is heavy and hard-hitting, combining elements of thrash metal with more traditional death metal influences.

Overall, Blood of the Sunsets is a powerful song that has come to represent At the Gates’ darker side.

If you’re looking for a chillingly intense metal track that showcases the band’s talent and creativity, be sure to check out this classic from At the Gates.

Tired SunsetsDreamBetter

Tired Sunsets is a beautiful song by the band DreamBetter.

With its plaintive vocals and complex, layered melodies, this track captures both the melancholy and hopefulness that can characterize our experience of life.

Whether we are feeling wrecked by pain or overwhelmed with joy, the song reminds us that in both moments there is inspiration and beauty to be found.

If you are looking for a moving musical experience that taps into your innermost emotions and fosters connectedness in your heart, then Tired Sunsets is definitely for you.

Sunsets Ft DiploBorgore

Borgore - Sunsets [feat. Diplo]

Sunsets Ft Diplo is a song by the notable electronic music producer Borgore.

The track was released in 2016 as part of Borgore’s EP Visions, and it was met with positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Featuring killer bass beats, catchy vocals, and unique synthesizer melodies, this track showcases Borgore’s signature production style while also pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Whether you’re into dubstep, trap, house, or techno, Sunsets Ft Diplo has something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a quality track that will get your blood pumping and your body moving, be sure to give this song a listen!

Sunsets on the porchazayaka

sunsets on the porch

The song “Sunsets on the porch” by azayaka, is an evocative tune that conjures up scenes of tranquil summer evenings spent relaxing on a porch.

With its rich instrumental textures and beautifully subtle vocal melody, this track paints a picture of clear skies above, the warmth of bright sunshine, and the smell of freshly cut grass at dusk.

Whether enjoyed alone or with friends, this song brings to mind endless summer nights spent watching the setting sun as it glides slowly towards the horizon.

Forty Four SunsetsThe Saddest Landscape

Forty Four Sunsets

Forty Four Sunsets is a song by the indie rock band The Saddest Landscape.

This brooding, atmospheric track is filled with shimmering chords and soulful vocals, creating an introspective and thought-provoking sound.

With its dark, electric guitar line driving the rhythm and deep lyrics reflecting on themes of love and loss, this song is truly a work of art.

Whether you’re feeling lost in your own life or simply in need of some meaningful, moody music, Forty Four Sunsets is sure to captivate you with its complex beauty.

So next time you want to escape into heady realms of emotion, put on this haunting tune and get swept away by its exquisite melancholy.

Sunsets & BirdsNina Young

Sunsets & Birds is a hauntingly beautiful song by the singer-songwriter Nina Young.

It features a simple, minimalist arrangement that highlights her soulful vocals and evocative lyrics.

With its delicate melodies and vivid imagery, Sunsets & Birds paints a vivid picture of transcendent beauty and emotional resonance.

Whether you’re drifting off to sleep or just relishing in the moment, this song is sure to put you in a peaceful and reflective mood.

So if you’re looking for an emotive and entrancing track to add some magic to your life, don’t miss out on Sunsets & Birds by Nina Young.