20 Best Songs About Sharks

Nina Hampson

Sharks have long been a fascination of humans. They are one of the most feared creatures in the ocean, and yet we know so little about them.

These 20 songs will take you on a journey into the world of sharks, from their mythology to their conservation.

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Shooting Shark – Blue Oyster Cult

Blue Oyster Cult - Shooting Shark

Shooting Shark is a song by Blue Oyster Cult about a great white shark.

The song is from their album Imaginos, and it was released in 1988.

The lyrics of the song are about a great white shark that is on the hunt for prey.

Its lyrics are about the hunt and the way that sharks can be so relentless. 

Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife (Lyrics On-Screen and in Description)

Mack the Knife is a song about a serial killer named Mackie Messer.

The song paints a picture of his life of crime and eventual downfall.

It’s a dark and haunting tune that will stay with you long after you’ve heard it.

Its lyrics are about a shark who swims to New York and kills without discretion, but is ultimately caught.

And this is the song that started it all! The Jaws theme was a huge hit in 1975 leading up to the release of Steven Spielberg’s summer blockbuster.

Fins – Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffet - Fins (Lyrics HD)

“Fins” is a song by Jimmy Buffett that tells the story of a shark hunter who has a change of heart after encountering a great white shark.

The song is from the perspective of the shark, and talks about how humans are the real sharks in the ocean.

It’s a powerful song that brings attention to the plight of sharks and their importance in the ocean ecosystem.

Shark! Shark! Shark! – Adept

Adept - shark! shark! shark!

Shark! Shark! Shark! is a song by the metal band Adept.

The song is about a man who is trapped in a shark cage and is being eaten alive by sharks.

He reflects on his life and how he has wasted his opportunities.

The song is a metaphor for the dangers of wasting one’s life.

Its lyrics are about a man who has wasted his life and is being eaten alive by sharks for what he’s done, metaphorically though. 

Lydia – Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect Performs Lydia | 58th GRAMMYs

The song Lydia by Highly Suspect is a heartfelt tribute to a shark that was killed by a fisherman.

The songwriter, Johnny Stevens, was inspired to write it after visiting the aquarium and seeing the shark in its tank.

He was struck by how beautiful and powerful the shark was, and he was saddened by its death.

The song is a plea for humans to appreciate sharks for their beauty and power, and to do everything possible to protect them.

The Rapper Eater – Lil Wayne

The Rapper Eater - Lil' Wayne

The Rapper Eater is a song by Lil Wayne about a shark that eats rappers.

The song is from his album Tha Carter III, and it was released as the ninth track on the album.

The song samples the 1975 song Sharks by Dr. John.

Its lyrics are about a huge shark eating rappers alive.

Some people don’t think this is a serious song, and they think it’s one of the dumbest things Lil Wayne has ever done.

But people who love sharks really appreciate this song because it honors them in a fun way.

Shark Attack – Grouplove

Grouplove - "Shark Attack" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

“Shark Attack.” by Grouplove is a song about a young man who is in love with a girl who is afraid of sharks.

He tries to convince her that sharks aren’t scary and that they should go swimming together.

However, she is still scared and ends up breaking up with him.

The song is about the young man’s journey to accept that the girl is gone and that he will never be able to change her mind about sharks.

Shark – Dwight Twilley Band

DWIGHT TWILEY shark (in the dark) 1975

Shark. is a power ballad by Dwight Twilley Band.

The song is about a man who is in love with a woman who is “as cold as a shark.”

The song was released in 1979 as the second single from the album Twilley Don’t Mind.

Shark. reached number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Some people think that the song was written about Twilley’s breakup with his first wife.

He denied this, saying: “My songs just happen to be about things that happened to me before I wrote them.”

Mr. Jaws – Dickie Goodman

Mr. Jaws was a novelty song released in 1975 by Dickie Goodman.

The song is a parody of the movie Jaws, and it became a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Mr. Jaws was later featured on Goodman’s album of the same name.

Its lyrics are about a man who tries to get rid of all the shark sightings in his town by killing them.

The song uses numerous non sequiturs, including references to “Chico” and Groucho Marx.

Sharks – The Tragically Hip

Sharks is a song by The Tragically Hip about a man who is struggling with the decision to kill a shark.

The song explores the mythology and fear of sharks, as well as the man’s conflicted feelings about the situation.

Its lyrics are about fearing the ocean and its inhabitants, yet enjoying them despite all that.

Shark – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder - Shark (Official Audio)

Shark is a song by Oh Wonder about a relationship that has gone bad.

The lyrics talk about how the singer was once bitten by love, but now they’re scared of sharks.

It’s a soulful and emotive song that will stay with you long after you’ve listened to it.

Its lyrics are about the dangerousness of love, but they are also about the beauty it brings to life.

Deepest Bluest – LL Cool J

LL Cool J - Deepest Bluest

Deepest Bluest is a song by LL Cool J that was released in 1990.

The song is about a man who is struggling to deal with the death of his partner.

He reflects on the time they spent together and how much he loved her.

The song is about the power of love and how it can help us get through tough times.

Its lyrics are about what LL Cool J would do for his partner if she were still alive.

Victorious – Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco - Victorious (Lyrics)

The song “Victorious” by Panic! at the Disco is about overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

The lyrics celebrate the underdog who perseveres and ultimately triumphs.

The song is a perfect anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they were up against impossible odds.

Its lyrics are about never giving up and celebrating those moments of victory.

The song’s protagonist gets up after every defeat, dusted himself off and kept going though he was exhausted, like a shark never stops swimming.

Petting Zoo Justice – Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance - Petting Zoo Justice

Dance Gavin Dance’s “Petting Zoo Justice” is a song about a shark that has been wrongfully accused of eating a person.

The song is a plea for the shark’s life, and it showcases the beauty and power of these creatures.

Its lyrics are about the shark’s regret over its crimes, but also about the beauty of being a shark.

It contains beautiful imagery and brings to life these creatures that are often misunderstood.

Till I Die – Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly - Till I Die (Official Music Video)

Till I Die is a song by rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The song is about his struggles in the rap industry and his desire to make it big. The song also includes references to his love for sharks.

Its lyrics are about water and the ocean, which is where sharks live.

Many songs about sharks reference the fear of sharks or admiration of them, but this song is different.

It’s about how much MGK cares for sharks and how he wants to protect them.

Shark Attack – Split Enz

Split Enz - Shark Attack

Shark Attack, by Split Enz, is a song about a great white shark that attacks a surfer.

The lyrics are full of tension and suspense, as the surfer struggles to survive the encounter.

The song is a great example of the fear and fascination that sharks evoke in humans.

Some people believe that sharks sense fear, and this song illustrates how a shark could become excited by the songs lyrics.

Pink Lemonade – Watsky


Watsky’s song “Pink Lemonade” is a playful and lighthearted tribute to sharks.

He celebrates their power and mystique, while also pointing out that we know very little about these amazing creatures.

The song is a fun way to learn more about sharks and their role in the ocean.

Its lyrics are about the many ways in which sharks are misunderstood, their ability to adapt to the ocean’s harsh conditions, and how people can work together to help protect them. 

Irresistible – Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy - Irresistible (Official Music Video) ft. Demi Lovato

Irresistible by Fall Out Boy is a song about the fear of sharks.

The song is about a person who is scared of sharks and is trying to avoid them.

The lyrics of the song talk about how the person is trying to stay away from the sharks, but they are always following him.

Its lyrics are about this person being afraid of sharks and trying to get away from them.

Rocking The Boat – Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills - Rocking The Boat (feat. Jeremy Schwartz)

Rocking the Boat is a song about a great white shark that has been tagged and released back into the ocean.

The shark starts to terrorize the small town that it was released near, and the people of the town start to panic.

The song is about the shark’s journey back to the ocean and the havoc that it causes along the way.

Jaws Theme – John Williams

Jaws - John Williams - Royal Albert Hall

The Jaws Theme is one of the most iconic pieces of music in film history.

It was written by John Williams to accompany the 1974 movie Jaws, which made a huge splash in the world of cinema.

The theme is suspenseful and thrilling, and it perfectly captures the terror of the great white shark.

Its lyrics are about exactly what you would expect, but it can still be used to scare children for fun-just don’t swim in the ocean at night.