20 Best Songs About Mysteries

Nina Hampson

Songs about mysteries have been a popular topic in music for decades. From The Beatles to Taylor Swift, musicians have been inspired – by the allure of the unknown and have written songs about it.

What is it about mysteries that has captivated musicians for so long? Perhaps it’s the sense of intrigue and excitement that comes with not knowing what’s going to happen next. Or maybe it’s the way a mystery can make us question everything we thought we knew.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that mysteries have played a significant role in music history. Here are 20 of the best songs about mysteries:

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Mystery – Tom Odell

Tom Odell - Mystery (Official Audio)

Tom Odell’s “Mystery” is a song about the unanswerable questions of life. The lyrics are full of unanswered questions, such as “what is love?” and “why are we here?” The song is also about the search for meaning in life, and the frustration that comes with not being able to find answers. Despite the heavy subject matter, the song is actually quite upbeat, with a driving piano melody and an infectious chorus. It’s a reminder that even though life can be confusing and difficult at times, it’s still worth living. So next time you’re feeling lost, put on “Mystery” and let it give you some peace of mind.

Mystery Song – Status Quo

Status Quo is a British rock band that was formed in 1962. The band is best known for their hit song “Mystery Song,” which was released in 1975. The song is about a mystery, and it quickly became a favorite among fans of the band. In the years since its release, the song has been covered by many other artists, and it has been used in film and television. Today, “Mystery Song” remains one of Status Quo’s most popular songs, and it continues to be a favorite among fans of the band.

She’s A Mystery To Me – Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

The song “She’s a Mystery to Me” by Roy Orbison is a haunting ballad that tells the story of a man who is desperately in love with a woman who remains an enigma to him. The lyrics are full of riddles and metaphors, adding to the sense of mystery surrounding the woman. The song reflects the frustration of not being able to understand somebody you love, and the desire to know everything about them. Even though the singer may never truly know the woman he loves, he remains hopeful that one day she will allow him into her world. In the meantime, he can only watch and wonder at the mystery that is she.


TONZA - MYSTERY (feat. Rogue Rodney) (Audio)

“Mystery” by Tonza is a song about the unknown and the unknowable. It’s a haunting, beautiful track that reflects on the things we can’t explain or understand. The lyrics ask questions about life and death, love and loss, and our place in the universe. There’s a feeling of both wonder and sorrow in the song, as if we’re both enchanted and heartbroken by the mysteries of life. The music is atmospheric and dreamlike, creating a sense of both peace and longing. “Mystery” is a captivating song that leaves us feeling both intrigued and saddened by the things we’ll never fully understand.

Mystery – Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls are an American folk rock duo consisting of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. They began performing together in high school and released their first album in 1987. Since then, they have released 14 studio albums and won multiple Grammy Awards. “Mystery” is a song from their 1993 album, Rites of Passage. The song is about the mysteries of life and the hope that comes with accepting them. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is looking back on their life and reflecting on all the things they don’t understand.

Mystery Of Love – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love (From "Call Me By Your Name" Soundtrack)

“Mystery” by Tonza is a song about the unknown and the unknowable. It’s a haunting, beautiful track that reflects on the things we can’t explain or understand. The lyrics ask questions about life and death, love and loss, and our place in the universe. There’s a feeling of both wonder and sorrow in the song as if we’re both enchanted and heartbroken by the mysteries of life. The music is atmospheric and dreamlike, creating a sense of both peace and longing. “Mystery” is a captivating song that leaves us feeling both intrigued and saddened by the things we’ll never fully understand.

Magical Mystery Tour – The Beatles

Magical Mystery Tour (Remastered 2009)

Magical Mystery Tour is a song by The Beatles, released in 1967 on the album of the same name. The song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and it features an upbeat and optimistic sound that belies the lyrics, which are about the mysterious and ultimately unknowable nature of life. The song has been interpreted as being about the psychedelic experiences of the 1960s, but it can also be seen as a metaphor for the human condition. We all go through life searching for answers to our questions, but in the end, we may never find them. The mystique of Magical Mystery Tour lies in its ability to capture this feeling and distill it into three minutes of pop perfection.

Mystery – Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese - Mystery [Official Video]

Mysteries have always captured the public imagination. They are the perfect blend of the unknown and the familiar, offering a tantalizing glimpse into another world while still remaining relatable. This is what makes Matt Maltese’s song “Mystery” so captivating. It tells the story of a man who is struggling to come to terms with a personal tragedy. The lyrics are full of references to classic mystery novels, films, and TV shows, giving the song a timeless quality. At the same time, the lyrics also deal with very real emotions, making “Mystery” a truly haunting and unforgettable song.

Mystery – Dio

Dio - Mystery (Official Music Video)

Dio’s song “Mystery” is a celebration of the unknown. The singer encourages the listener to embrace curiosity and ask questions, even if they don’t have all the answers. The lyrics suggest that mysteries can be found anywhere, from the depths of space to the activities of everyday life. The song also highlights the importance of staying open-minded in the face of mystery, as it is only through exploration that we can hope to solve them. Ultimately, “Mystery” is a reminder that life is full of surprises, and that it is always worth investigating them.

Know The Way – Grimes

The song “Know The Way” by Grimes is about mysteries. It starts with the lyrics: “There are things that we don’t know/Things that we can’t explain.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is about the allure of mystery. The singer goes on to say: “But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try/To understand the how and why.” This is a sentiment that many of us can relate to. We may not be able to solve all mysteries, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. After all, it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters.

How To Disappear Completely – Radiohead

How to Disappear Completely

How To Disappear Completely is a song by the English rock band Radiohead, released as the fourth single from their fourth studio album, Kid A (2000). The song was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich. The song is a slows-burning ballad that features ethereal textures and sparse instrumentation. The lyrics are cryptic and mysterious, with references to loss, sadness, and alienation. The song has been interpreted as a commentary on depression and mental illness, as well as a statement on the isolation of modern life. How To Disappear Completely is one of Radiohead’s most popular songs, and has been praised for its emotional power and evocative lyrics.

MYSTERY – Turnstile


“Mystery” is a song by American hardcore punk band Turnstile. The song was released as the lead single from their second studio album, Time & Space (2018). “Mystery” was written by the band’s vocalist, Brendan Yates, and guitarist, William Goldsmith. The song is about the feeling of not knowing what to do with one’s life and feeling like an outsider. The lyrics are written in the first person and address the listener directly. “Mystery” is a fast-paced song with a heavy guitar sound. The chorus is catchy and memorable, with the words “mystery” being repeated several times. “Mystery” is a song that will appeal to fans of Turnstile’s previous work, as well as fans of hardcore punk in general.

Mysteries – Beth Gibbons

Beth Gibbons’ “Mysteries” is a haunting and ethereal song that explores the enigmatic nature of existence. The lyrics are laden with metaphors and images of nature, hinting at the hidden depths of our world. The song begins with a gentle acoustic guitar, which is soon joined by Gibbons’ angelic voice. She sings of “clouds roll[ing] in from the west” and “trees bend[ing] in the breeze.” These images set the stage for the song’s mystical atmosphere. As the song progresses, other instruments are introduced, including a violin and a piano.

Into The Mystery Song – NEEDTOBREATHE

NEEDTOBREATHE - "Into The Mystery" [Official Video]

Mysteries have always been a source of fascination for humanity. They are the things we cannot explain, the events that seem to defy logic. And yet, we cannot help but be drawn to them. We want to solve the puzzle, to find the hidden answer. Into The Mystery, by NEEDTOBREATHE, is a song that captures this fascination. It is a song about the lure of the unknown, the desire to find answers to questions that may never be answered. The lyrics speak of a journey into the dark, of venturing into places where few have dared to go.

Mysteries Of The World – Walker McGuire

Walker McGuire - Mysteries Of The World (Official Audio)

Walker McGuire’s song “Mysteries of the World” is a haunting ballad about the enigmatic nature of existence. The lyrics explore the idea that there are some things in life that we may never understand, and that this can be both frustrating and reassuring. The song starts with the lines: “There are some things in this world / That just don’t make sense / like how a mother loves her child / Or how two people find each other in the dark.” These lines capture the feeling of bewilderment that comes from encountering something we can’t explain.

I Was A Boy – El Perro Del Mar

El Perro del Mar’s “I Was A Boy” is a song shrouded in mystery. The lyrics are vague and enigmatic, hinting at unseen depths of emotion and experience. The music is similarly mysterious, with ethereal vocalizations and atmosphere creating a feeling of unease and disorientation. It’s this sense of the unknown that makes “I Was A Boy” so captivating. There’s a feeling that there’s something hidden just beyond our grasp, something that could change everything if we could only see it.

Between Two Mysteries – Mount Eerie

Between Two Mysteries

“Between Two Mysteries” is a song off of Mount Eerie’s album A Crow Looked At Me. The song is about the singer’s late wife, who died of cancer. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the singer struggling to grapple with his wife’s death and trying to make sense of it all. He compares her death to a mystery, something that he can’t fully understand or wrap his head around. Despite this, he still finds beauty in the mystery and tries to appreciate the time they had together. The song is incredibly moving and provides a glimpse into the singer’s grief-stricken mind. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there can still be moments of beauty and light.

Unsolved Mysteries Theme – Artificial Fear

Unsolved Mysteries Theme Song (Metal Version) || Artificial Fear

The Unsolved Mysteries Theme by Artificial Fear is a spooky and eerie song that sets the perfect tone for any mystery. The song starts off with a slow and atmospheric build, gradually adding in more and more instrumentation as it goes along. This creates a feeling of unease and tension, perfectly setting the stage for a mystery. The lyrics add to this feeling, painting pictures of dark and mysterious events. The whole song has a very suspenseful and foreboding feeling, making it the perfect choice for any unsolved mystery.

One Of Life’s Mysteries – Harem Scarem

One of Life's Mysteries

“One of Life’s Mysteries” by Harem Scarem is a song about the wonder and mystery of life. The lyrics ask questions about the universe and our place in it, pondering the nature of existence itself. The song has an uplifting and positive message, encouraging listeners to embrace life’s mysteries and live each day to the fullest. The catchy melody and optimistic lyrics make “One of Life’s Mysteries” a great choice for any playlist, and sure to put a smile on your face.

Where I Found You – Future Islands

Future Islands is an American synthpop band from Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of singer-songwriter Samuel Herring (vocals, lyrics), Gerrit Welmers (keyboards, programming), and William Cashion (bass, acoustic guitar, electronic drums). The band was formed in 2006 by Herring, Welmers and Cashion, who had all previously played together in a punk band called Art Lord & the Self-Portraits.