20 Best Kid Cudi Songs

Nina Hampson

Kid Cudi found success with singles such as “Day ‘n’ Nite”, which was then adopted by Fox Soccer Channel after the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has since been used in numerous advertisements and television series. He has also taken part in collaborations with Kanye West, Common, John Legend, Chip tha Ripper, and more. Kid Kudi is often seen as an inspiration to many upcoming rappers due to the combination of his unique style and story within his songs.

The following are often thought to be the 20 best Kid Kudi songs. While this list will include some fan favorites, it also includes some songs that have not gained as much popularity. While Kid Kudi is relatively young in the music industry, he possesses a lot of talent, and I can only imagine what other tunes exist that are just as good or better than these few.

Heart of a Lion (Kid Kudi Theme Music) – Kid Cudi

Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)

In this track, he discusses his ambition to be the best at what he does and that he will always strive forward in order to reach his goals because there is no other option for him than success.

Man On The Moon (The Anthem) – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon (The Anthem)

This song is the anthem for Kid Kudi’s first studio album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. This track starts off with a short intro but quickly turns into an upbeat, strong verse by Kid Kudi. He discusses his rise to fame and how he worked hard to get where he is now. While the first verse is upbeat and strong, the second verse sounds a bit more somber, as he discusses how fame can change people and cause them to lose touch with reality if they aren’t careful.

Soundtrack 2 My Life – Kid Cudi

KiD CuDi - Soundtrack 2 My Life (Music Video HD)

This song starts off with some rapping from Kid Kudi over some soft piano playing. He then discusses his past and the events that contributed to where he is now, such as a death of a friend which left a lasting impact on him. Kid Kudi describes himself as a person who has faced many hardships and struggles but has kept going because he does not want to be another ordinary victim of life’s consequences – this song picks up the pace a bit after the first verse and chorus.

Beez – Kid Cudi

This song is a bit slower than the previous tracks, as Kid Kudi speaks more clearly and at a softer volume. He discusses his struggles with drugs (specifically marijuana) as well as how it may be affecting those around him. He wants to stop using but he simply cannot because he knows that if he does not get his fix that night, he will be in pain the next day. He discusses how weed only makes things worse for him and how it has practically taken over his life.

Day ‘n’ Nite – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite

This song was a major hit when it came out, and many people gained interest in Kid Kudi after hearing this song. In it, he discusses how he wants to go out and have a good time with his friends on a Saturday night but that they are unable to do so during the day because people only seem interested in going out at night.

Cudi Zone – Kid Cudi

Kid Kudi has described this song as being inspired by Zooey Deschanel and M. Night Shyamalan’s film, “The Happening” (2008) but has also stated that it is not actually about the movie. As for how it relates to his life, Kid Kudi discussed in a radio interview that he wrote this song while he was experimenting with psychedelic substances and so some of the lyrics do sound kind of trippy – I personally believe that this song is about him describing a new level of happiness that he has discovered.

Make Her Say – Kid Cudi

Kid CuDi Make Her Say

This song was a bonus track on Kid Kudi’s second studio album, “WZRD”. It incorporates elements from Lady Gaga’s hit single “Poker Face”, as it samples the lyrics that she sings. Kid Kudi uses this song to discuss how people in his life sometimes misjudge him and make unfair assumptions about who he truly is, even if their assumptions are based on rumors or things that they may have witnessed.

Erase Me (Original Version) – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi - Erase Me ft. Kanye West

Kid Kudi has stated that he wrote this song in the heat of the moment and that it did not actually reflect how he felt about his girlfriend at that time. However, many people interpreted this song as being a break-up track about Kid Kudi choosing to leave his relationship behind in order to achieve greatness with his music career.

Marijuana – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi Marijuana

This song is about Kid Kudi’s experimentation with potentially dangerous drugs such as marijuana and LSD. He discusses how these substances make him feel like he can do anything and that nothing else matters except for following the beat of the music – he also talks about how his relationship with marijuana developed, saying that it started out as a casual thing but has gradually taken more of a priority in his life.

All In – Kid Cudi

This is another bonus track from Kid Kudi’s second studio album, “WZRD”. It is an upbeat song that discusses how Kid Kudi has made up his mind about the direction that he wants to take with his life, and that he will do anything in order to achieve or maintain his happiness.

Mojo So Dope – Kid Cudi

This song is quite unique because it samples Kid Kudi’s song “Maniac” from his first studio album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” (2009). In the original version of this song, Kid Kudi raps about how he is obsessed with a woman and keeps thinking about her – in this song, he pretty much repeats the same lyrics over again but it is put to a faster pace.

Trapped in My Mind – Kid Cudi

Trapped In My Mind

This is another song that was inspired by Kid Kudi experimenting with psychedelic substances. It discusses the effects of these drugs and how they make him feel, including how his moods change rapidly, he becomes self-conscious about the way people view him (he believes that they are judgmental), he feels like he is in a dream, and that he cannot trust anything that happens around him.

Solo Dolo (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi

Solo Dolo (nightmare)

This song was released as the third single off of Kid Kudi’s debut studio album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” (2009). It features a guest appearance from fellow American rapper and longtime friend, Kanye West. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses how he is unable to trust anyone and that everyone seems fake to him. He also speaks about using drugs as a way of escaping the monotony of life and how it makes him feel like he is in a nightmare or dream (he has had some bad experiences with drugs in the past).

Up, Up & Away – Kid Cudi

Kid CuDi Up, Up And Away

This is one of Kid Kudi’s more chill songs. It was originally released as a promotional single back in 2009 but it later made its way onto his debut studio album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses how he feels like his life is on an upward trajectory and that he will continue to do what makes him happy.

Hyyerr – Kid Cudi

This song appeared as the third track off of Kid Kudi’s mixtape, “A Man Named Scott”. The song features guest vocals from fellow American rapper Chip tha Ripper (who also happens to be a friend of Kid Kudi). In this song, Kid Kudi and Chip tha Ripper discuss the various parties and events that they attend on a regular basis, how they are too busy having fun to care about what anyone else thinks about them or their lifestyle, and how girls are attracted to their free spirit.

Mr. Rager – Kid Cudi

This was the second single released from Kid Kudi’s mixtape “A Man Named Scott”. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses how he has had a spiritual awakening and that it has changed his outlook on life. He also talks about being aware of what is going on in the world around him and how people are struggling because of their addictions to drugs or other things.

The End – Kid Cudi

This was originally released as the first single off of Kid Kudi’s mixtape, “A Man Named Scott”. The music video for this song was shot in one take using a Nokia N8 camera phone. This song discusses Kid Kudi’s past struggles with drug addiction and how he has changed his ways for the better.

Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (Official Music Video) ft. MGMT

This is a remix of Kid Kudi’s hit single, “Pursuit of Happiness” and features guest vocals from both American rapper Rick Ross and American singer, label mate and fellow American rapper, Kanye West. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses how he needs to escape the monotony of life and that he needs to do whatever it takes toto maintain his happiness.

Immortal – Kid Cudi

This was originally released as a promotional single prior to the release of Kid Kudi’s debut studio album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses his desire to be immortal and how he finds things that give him that sense of immortality.

Heartless – Kid Cudi

Kanye West - Heartless

This song appeared as the second track off of Kid Kudi’s debut studio album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. The song features singer and fellow American rapper Kanye West. In this song, Kid Kudi discusses how he has fallen in love with an egotistical girl that treats him poorly (he is unable to let go of her, despite all that she has done to him).