20 Best Songs With Great Bass Lines

Alan Berg

There are some songs that just wouldn’t be the same without a great bass line.

From funk and soul to metal and rock, these 20 tunes showcase how important a funky or hard-hitting bass line can be.

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock or modern pop, there’s sure to be at least one song on this list that will get your toes tapping.

So put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare to be entertained by some of the best bass lines out there!

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My Generation – The Who

The Who - My Generation

My Generation is one of the most iconic songs in rock music history.

With its driving, energetic riffs and hard-hitting lyrics, it set the tone for an entire generation of bands that came after it.

The aggressive sound of the song was indicative of the rebellious spirit of the 1960s youth counterculture, which was heavily critiqued at the time but ultimately led to many positive changes over the course of the decade.

My Generation continues to inspire new generations of musicians today, testifying to its lasting legacy as a quintessential expression of youthful angst and vitality.

Whether you are a fan of classic rock or simply an admirer of great musical innovation, My Generation is well worth a listen.

Magic Man – Heart

The legendary song Magic Man has been a popular favorite among rock fans for decades.

Written and recorded by Heart, the hugely influential band fronted by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, Magic Man combines lush instrumentation with lyrics that beautifully capture the sultry essence of summer.

The infectious melody, catchy hooks, and catchy rhythms have made Magic Man a perennial favorite, beloved by generations of listeners who craved its unique blend of pop sensibilities and vintage 70’s rock style.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or someone just discovering this classic tune for the first time, there is no denying the enduring power of Magic Man to create an infectious sense of nostalgia and rhythm-fueled energy.

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (Live at Madison Square Garden 1973) (Official Video)

Black Dog is a classic rock song recorded by the English band Led Zeppelin in 1971.

This hard-hitting, bluesy track combines elements of classic rock and heavy metal, featuring driving rhythms and heavy guitar riffs alongside Robert Plant’s powerful vocals.

The lyrics are inspired by the hardships Plant faced during his marriage, including alcoholism, financial instability, and painful separation from his wife.

Despite these dark themes, Black Dog is also an undeniably catchy tune, with memorable guitar licks and hypnotic melodies that have endeared it to listeners around the world.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Led Zeppelin or just discovering this iconic band for the first time, Black Dog is sure to be a song you can’t get out of your head.

Ballroom Blitz – Sweet

Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz - Disco/Promo Clip 27.10.1973 (OFFICIAL)

The song “Ballroom Blitz” by the band Sweet, was released in 1974 and became a huge hit worldwide.

This infectiously catchy tune is defined by a driving rock beat and lively singing, making it a perfect choice for dancing and parties.

The lyrics of “Ballroom Blitz” also contributed to its success, as they cleverly combine whimsical nonsense with pop culture references to create an engaging narrative.

The song’s storyline follows a party that takes place in a colorful and boisterous ballroom, featuring wild characters.

With its memorable melodies and dynamic soundscape, “Ballroom Blitz” remains one of the band’s most popular songs to date.

Whether you’re grooving to it at a disco or bopping around your living room, there’s no doubt that this evergreen anthem will get you in step with its contagious rhythms!

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is a song by The Beach Boys that was released in 1966.

It is often considered one of the greatest and most influential pop songs of all time, with critics listing it among the best works by the band.

What makes Good Vibrations so special is its innovative structure and use of harmony.

Rather than using traditional verse-chorus-verse form, the song takes a more “scattershot” approach, alternating between different sections and instrumentals at random.

In addition, the vocal harmonies are quite complex, incorporating both major and minor chords at once to create an otherworldly sense of harmony.

This innovative composition helped to make Good Vibrations a true masterpiece of pop music, both then and now.

Whether you’re listening to it for the first time or revisiting it after years away, Good Vibrations never fails to delight with its unique combination of feel-good vibes and stunning musicality.

Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (from The Concert in Central Park)

The song “Sound of Silence” by the legendary duo Simon & Garfunkel, is often cited as one of the most influential and beloved songs of all time.

This hauntingly beautiful meditation on feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and alienation has touched generations of listeners with its poignant lyrics and timeless melodies.

Although the song starts slowly with a subdued acoustic guitar riff, it quickly builds to become a passionate rant against social inequality and stagnation.

Many have credited this wrenching shift in mood from muted melancholy to irresistible rage as one of the song’s defining features.

Whatever the reason for its enduring popularity, the song “Sound of Silence” clearly stands out as an unparalleled masterpiece that has earned its place in the annals of music history.

Soul Man – Sam & Dave

Sam & Dave - Soul Man (Official Audio)

Soul Man is a classic soul song by Sam & Dave, originally released in 1967.

With its catchy lyrics and energetic beat, it quickly became one of the most popular tracks of its time.

The song centers around the concept of soul music itself, with the two singers proclaiming themselves to be “Soul Men” and declaring their devotion to spreading love through their music.

Over the years, Soul Man has become a staple of pop culture, inspiring countless covers and parodies over the years, from gospel choirs to football players wearing suits and sunglasses during their Super Bowl victory celebrations.

Overall, Soul Man is a must-listen for fans of soul music, and remains one of the most iconic examples of this genre to date.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Official Video)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a classic rock song by the band Queen, released in 1979.

With its upbeat tempo and snappy guitar riffs, it has become one of the most listened-to songs of all time.

The lyrics are playful and fun, with Freddie Mercury singing about love being a crazy “little thing”, when we all know deep down that love is one of the most important elements of human existence.

Despite its title and romantic subject matter, however, the song is actually quite interesting from a musical perspective.

Overall, Crazy Little Thing Called Love is an infectious and endlessly catchy tune that will undoubtedly remain popular for years to come.

Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

Cross Town Traffic

Crosstown Traffic is a classic song by legendary artist Jimi Hendrix.

Written and released in 1968 as part of his groundbreaking album, Electric Ladyland, this song perfectly captures the sound and spirit of the 1960s.

Originally recorded as part of sessions for Are You Experienced, Crosstown Traffic quickly became a fan favorite, with its driving riffs and distorted vocals creating an energetic and vibrant sound that perfectly fits the rebellious mood of the time.

Today, Crosstown Traffic continues to be featured on rock playlists around the world, demonstrating its enduring influence on music both then and now.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Jimi Hendrix or simply someone who loves great music, this song is well worth adding to your playlist.

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - School's Out (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World)

School’s Out, by Alice Cooper has become a popular anthem for many students around the world, evoking the feelings of freedom and excitement that come with the end of a school year.

This classic rock tune, with its memorable melodies and rebellious lyrics, captures the joys of celebrating summer vacation and leaving behind all your responsibilities and obligations.

Over the years, School’s Out has gained a widespread following, as millions of people see themselves or their own experiences reflected in its lyrics.

Whether you’re looking back on your own carefree childhood or remembering those times for someone else, there’s no denying the lasting impact of this iconic song.

Le Freak – Chic

CHIC - Le Freak (Official Music Video)

Le Freak, released by the legendary music group Chic in 1978, is widely considered to be one of the most iconic songs of all time.

Known for its infectious groove and sleek disco-influenced sound, Le Freak was an instant hit on both the airwaves and in the dance clubs.

Today, it continues to make waves as an enduring classic, with countless new remixes and covers being created by both legendary artists and up-and-coming musicians alike.

Whether you are old enough to remember the original release or are just discovering this timeless track for the first time, it is hard to deny that Le Freak is a true musical masterpiece.

Its funky rhythms, addictive melodies, and unforgettable lyrics make it truly unforgettable.

Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia

With a catchy melody and infectiously positive outlook, “Cecelia” has long been a fan-favorite song by folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel.

But few people know the true story behind the tune.

Although Paul Simon only loosely confirmed it, many believe that the song “Cecilia” is about St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music. 

This interpretation makes sense when you consider the lyrics of the song, which tell the story of a singer who is struggling in a relationship with a lover.

In this case, the lover is music, and Simon is telling the story of the difficulties that can come with being a musician, from fame and fortune, through to difficulty in writing new material.

Sometimes the fame is fickle, but eventually things come around and all is well in the world once more.

Heart of Glass – Blondie

Blondie - Heart Of Glass

Heart of Glass is an iconic song by the band Blondie, and it remains one of their most popular hits to this day.

Released in 1979, the song was written primarily by Chris Stein and Deborah Harry, who both sang lead vocals.

With its catchy melodies and upbeat rhythm, Heart of Glass immediately captured the attention of listeners everywhere.

The song’s effortless blend of pop and new wave influences also helped it to become a massive success, topping the charts in both the US and UK.

Today, Heart of Glass continues to be one of Blondie’s most beloved tracks, with many fans citing it as their favorite song by this legendary band.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to Blondie’s music, there’s no denying that Heart of Glass is an essential part of any true music lover’s collection.

Every Breath You Take – The Police

The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Music Video)

The song “Every Breath You Take” is one of the most popular and enduring hits of all time.

Written by Sting, the song was originally recorded by the band The Police, and has since been covered by numerous other artists.

The song is widely regarded as a love song, but in fact it is actually a painful and poignant meditation on jealousy and obsession.

Lyrically, it explores themes of control, possession, and dependence, capturing the pain of unrequited love from the perspective of its object rather than its subject.

Despite this somewhat dark interpretation of the lyrics, “Every Breath You Take” remains one of the most beloved songs in pop music history for both its musicality and its emotional power.

Whether you’re hearing it for the first time or are familiar with every note, this timeless tune always stands out as a true classic.

Super Freak – Rick James

Rick James - Super Freak (Official Music Video)

Super Freak, released in 1981 by musician Rick James, was an instant hit with music fans around the world.

Featuring irresistibly funky bass lines and infectious vocals, this tune quickly rocketed up the charts, garnering widespread acclaim from critics and listeners alike.

In addition to its addictive rhythms and catchy melodies, Super Freak is also notable for being one of the first songs to crossover from the R&B genre into mainstream pop culture.

In fact, it can be argued that this song helped pave the way for numerous other cross-genre hits that would come in years to follow.

With its irresistible grooves and undeniable charm, Super Freak remains a classic tune that is still enjoyed by listeners today.

Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video)

The song Another One Bites The Dust by Queen has become a classic and beloved hit within the music world.

This groovy tune is a perfect example of the band’s signature blend of rock and funk, with an infectious rhythm and a catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head for hours.

But beneath the flashy facade and catchy hook of this song, there is also a surprisingly iconic and powerful message about addiction.

In fact, the title was chosen partially as a commentary on the rise of drug abuse during the 70s, when many musicians began succumbing to their addictions and overdosing on harmful substances.

In this sense, Another One Bites the Dust can be seen as more than just an energetic dance tune – it is also a poignant commentary on drug use and its tragic consequences.

Whether you are a fan of Queen or not, this song is definitely one that should not be missed!

Crazy in Love – Beyoncé Featuring Jay Z

Beyoncé - Crazy In Love ft. JAY Z

Crazy in Love is one of the most iconic songs of the 2000s, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.

The song was released in 2003, and it marked Beyoncé’s official foray into a solo career following her work as one of the founding members of Destiny’s Child.

With its catchy, upbeat beats and giddy lyrics, Crazy in Love quickly shot to the top of the charts, cementing Beyoncé’s status as a rising star.

The song has since been hailed as a pop culture classic, and it is still regularly played at festivals and parties today.

Whether you grew up listening to Crazy in Love during your formative years or you are a younger fan just discovering this timeless tune, there is no denying that it is an enduring hit that truly deserves its place in music history.

What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner

Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It (Official Music Video)

“What’s Love Got to Do With It” is a classic song by legendary singer/songwriter Tina Turner.

First released in 1984, the song quickly stood out as one of Turner’s most successful singles, topping the charts around the world and earning widespread critical acclaim.

The track is an emotional exploration of the perils of love and relationships, touching on the highs and lows of romance while also urging listeners to simply give up on love if it doesn’t make them happy.

In addition to its powerful lyrical message, the song is widely considered to be one of Turner’s best musical productions, featuring cutting-edge production techniques and innovative vocal arrangements.

Bad – Michael Jackson

Bad was one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs, with a catchy beat and relentlessly energetic vocals.

The song was released in 1987 and immediately shot to the top of the charts, becoming one of Jackson’s signature tunes.

A long and layered composition, Bad showcased Jackson’s impressive vocal talent, with his powerful voice soaring over driving dance beats and intricate harmonies.

Additionally, Bad contained lyrics that explored themes of conflict and high stakes competition, and its music video cemented the song as an anthem for those striving to succeed in the face of adversity.

Overall, Bad remains a timeless classic, capturing both the energy and style of 1980s pop music while also establishing itself as one of the defining moments in Michael Jackson’s career.

Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Audio) ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers

Known for their innovative and influential music, the French electronic duo Daft Punk is widely regarded as one of the top artists in the genre.

Released in 2013, their hit single “Get Lucky” quickly ascended to the top of the charts and remains a beloved track among fans today.

This infectious song combines elements of disco, house, funk, and soul with upbeat instrumentals and playful melodies.

The driving groove seems to get people up and moving wherever it’s played, making it a perfect choice for parties, clubs, or any other occasion that calls for a bit of boogieing.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Daft Punk for yourself, “Get Lucky” is an irresistible song that perfectly captures the spirit of fun and enjoyment that drives all great music.

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