20 Best Songs About Witches

Eddy Villa

Are you ready to explore the spooky and enchanting world of witches through music?

Whether you’re a fan of classic rock, pop, or indie tunes, there’s a song about witches out there for everyone.

From the wickedly fun to the seriously creepy, these 20 songs about witches will have you dancing, singing, and possibly even casting a spell or two.

So put on your pointy hat and let’s dive into the top 20 best songs about witches!

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Hunting for Witches – Bloc Party

Hunting for Witches

Hunting for Witches is a song by Bloc Party that explores the topic of terrorism and its impact on society.

The lyrics conjure vivid imagery of hysteria and fear, painting a powerful portrait of a world in turmoil.

In particular, the track draws attention to the distrust and suspicion that many people feel towards their neighbors and the broader community, reinforcing the idea that fear can lead us down dark and dangerous paths.

At the same time, however, the song also offers a faint glimmer of hope: while we may be hunted by our fears and uncertainty, as long as we stand together as a group, we can overcome even the greatest dangers.

Nearly Witches Panic at the Disco

Panic! At The Disco- Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met)

Panic at the Disco’s song “Nearly Witches” is a dark and catchy tune about despair, loss, and addiction.

The lyrics tell the story of a relationship gone wrong, as the narrator falls into a downward spiral of self-destruction.

The song features haunting imagery, referencing both witch trials and haunted houses.

The witches in the song represent the addiction that consumes the narrator, while the haunted house symbolizes the relationship that has turned sour.

The song’s dark atmosphere is offset by its catchy chorus, making it an earworm that is sure to get stuck in your head.

Whether you interpret it as a cautionary tale or simply a dark and depressing song, “Nearly Witches” is sure to leave an impression.

Night Witches Sabaton


The song Night Witches by Sabaton is a tribute to the brave women who served as pilots in the Soviet Union’s 588th Night Bomber Regiment during World War II.

Also known as the “Black Widows”, these courageous women flew nightly missions over enemy territory, dropping bombs on Nazi targets.

Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, the Night Witches persevered, becoming one of the most feared units in the German army.

The song recounts their story with dramatic flair, making for an epic and moving listening experience.

If you’re looking for a song that celebrates the strength and determination of women in the face of adversity, Night Witches is definitely worth a listen.

Witches Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou - Witches (official video)

Witches by Alice Phoebe Lou, is a haunting and evocative song that captures the eerie mystique of one of folklore’s most enduring archetypes.

The lyrics depict an old witch, whose weathered face tells a story of suffering and misadventure.

She is depicted as powerful but also deeply vulnerable, calling out to any they may find who will listen to her heartbreaking tale.

The song paints a vivid picture of the inside of the mind of someone steeped in magic and misfortune, giving listeners a glimpse into the hidden layers of existence beyond our everyday perceptions.

Skate witches Teen Suicide

teen suicide - "skate witches" (Official Audio)

Skate witches is a song by indie rock band Teen Suicide.

The song was written as an ode to the skateboarding subculture, and it incorporates themes of rebellion, frustration, and freedom.

With an upbeat tempo and a catchy chorus, Skate witches captures the energy and excitement of skating, making it a favorite among skateboarders.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been skating for years, Skate witches is sure to resonate with anyone who loves the thrill of carving down the street on four wheels.

So if you’re ready to go shredding, don’t forget to crank up that Skate witches track and give it everything you’ve got!

Witches’ Rave Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckly - Witches' Rave (Live)

Witches’ Rave is a haunting and complex song written by the one and only Jeff Buckley, who was a formidable musician known for his innovative style and unique voice.

The song is highly unconventional, featuring vivid and surreal lyrics along with unconventional chord progressions and rhythms.

It has been described as “spellbinding” due to its eerie tone and otherworldly feel, almost like an incantation or other ritual music.

In many ways, Witches’ Rave allows listeners to delve into Buckley’s creative mind and experience some of his most fascinating musical ideas firsthand.

Witches Brew Katy B

Katy B - Witches Brew (Official Music Video)

The song “Witches Brew” by Katy B is a catchy and infectious tune that immediately draws you in with its thumping beats and engaging vocals.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a dark but seductive underworld, filled with creatures of the night and powerful magicians.

Throughout the song, Katy B seamlessly blends hints of classic house music with elements of modern dance-pop, creating a sound that is both intoxicating and energizing.

Whether you’re out partying on the town or sitting at home relaxing, “Witches Brew” has something for everyone – making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Witches Burn The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless - Witches Burn

Witches Burn is a song by the American rock band The Pretty Reckless.

This intense, driving track features heavy electric guitar riffs and blasts of distortion that perfectly capture the dark and sinister energy of witchcraft.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a powerful witch who summons dark forces as she prepares to cast an evil spell.

Along with these haunting elements, however, the song also contains some subtle moments of beauty and vulnerability, such as the use of soft vocals in the bridge.

Overall, Witches Burn is a captivating blend of gruesome intensity and ethereal beauty that is sure to please fans of hard rock music and witches alike.

Witches on the Heath Buckethead

Buckethead - Witches On The Heath

Witches on the Heath is a song by iconic and enigmatic musician Buckethead.

With its driving intro riff and pulsing guitar chords, it immediately grabs the listener’s attention and pulls them into the mysterious world of Buckethead.

The lyrics are equally compelling, painting vivid images of swooping crones in shadowy forests, dancing to haunting melodies and forming covens full of all-consuming passion and madness.

Whether you prefer to get lost in the heady atmosphere of Witches on the Heath or simply enjoy listening to an expertly crafted piece of music, this remarkable song is one that you won’t soon forget.

19 Witches Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet - 19 Witches

The song 19 Witches was released in 2000 by the band Monster Magnet.

This hard rock anthem perfectly captures the energy and excitement of the band’s lo-fi, garage rock style.

The driving, fuzzy guitar riffs and thumping basslines are paired with crashing drums and raspy vocals, making this song a must-listen for fans of raw, powerful music.

Additionally, the lyrics of 19 Witches take listeners on a journey through a dark, mysterious world full of curses and magic.

Overall, this song is a sonic tour de force that showcases Monster Magnet’s unique and exciting sound.

Witches’ Song Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull - Witches' Song

The song “Witches’ Song” by Marianne Faithfull is a haunting and atmospheric piece that explores the darker side of human nature.

Set against an eerie score of pulsing drums, ominous chords, and otherworldly synthesizers, this powerful track conjures up images of strange rituals, ancient curses, and enchanted forests.

Drawing on themes from fairy tales, horror stories, and folklore, it speaks to our primal fear of dark magic and forces beyond our control.

And yet ultimately, it reminds us that there is also a beauty in such mystery and danger, inviting us to reconsider our ideas about good and evil.

Witches’ Dance Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate - Witches' Dance (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Witches’ Song is an eerie, haunting ballad written and performed by Marianne Faithfull.

The song was released as a single in 1971 and achieved moderate success at the time, but it has since become a true musical classic.

While much of the song’s appeal is clearly due to Faithfull’s haunting vocals and evocative lyrics, it also owes a great deal to its unusual instrumentation.

Featuring pounding drums, ethereal backing vocals, and wailing electric guitar riffs, Witches’ Song paints a darkly romantic picture that perfectly captures the moody vibe of 1970s rock music.

Witches Sabbath Emperor


Witches Sabbath is a dark and unsettling song by the band Emperor, one of the pioneers of black metal.

The song uses haunting melodies and menacing guitar riffs to create a sinister, gothic atmosphere that seethes with intensity.

The vocals are similarly intense, evoking images of blood-stained rituals and enchantments to evil spirits.

With its chaotic energy and chilling soundscape, Witches Sabbath perfectly captures the essence of black metal in all its glory.

Whether you’re a fan of extreme music or just looking for something heavy and ominous, this song is sure to capture your imagination.

Drown All Your Witches Antemasque

ANTEMASQUE - Drown All Your Witches

Drown All Your Witches is a song by the rock band Antemasque.

The lyrics are boldly critical of mainstream culture, urging listeners to rise up against their oppressors and take down the status quo.

With its driving riffs and thundering drums, Drown All Your Witches is an energetic and captivating track that perfectly captures the rebellious spirit of Antemasque.

Whether you’re looking for a rousing anthem to get you through your day or simply feel like throwing a rebellious dance party, Drown All Your Witches is sure to grab your attention.

Witches Promise Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull - Witch's Promise

Witches Promise is an iconic song from the legendary rock band Jethro Tull.

The song was written and released in 1970, when the band was at the height of its popularity.

Fast-paced and energetic, Witches Promise features driving guitar riffs, strong melodies, and powerful vocals that capture the spirit of the 1960s.

Despite being over 40 years old, Witches Promise remains a classic and beloved track among fans of rock music.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering Jethro Tull for the first time, Witches Promise is sure to delight with its irresistible energy and undeniable groove.

They’re Not Witches Guided by Voices

Guided by Voices - They're Not Witches

The song “They’re Not Witches” by Guided by Voices is an iconic indie rock track that has been influencing rock fans and artists alike since it was first released in 2000.

With its quirky sound and engaging lyrics, this song quickly became a fan favorite and continues to captivate listeners today thanks to its lasting appeal and undeniable charm.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Guided by Voices or new to their music, you won’t want to miss out on this classic tune that truly embodies the spirit of both the band and the genre as a whole.

Witches’ Wrath The Bridge City Sinners


Witches’ Wrath is a hard rock song by The Bridge City Sinners, one of the most popular bands in the heavy metal scene.

This intro track features pounding drums, distorted guitars, and visceral vocals that help to create an intense sound.

But while the overall mood of this song might be dark and aggressive, it also maintains a feeling of raw energy and intensity throughout.

Whether you’re dancing at a concert or listening alone in your living room, Witches’ Wrath is sure to captivate your attention with its powerful melodies and driving rhythms.

Witches! Witches! Rest Now In The Fire Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon - Witches! Witches! Rest Now In The Fire

The song “Witches! Witches! Rest Now in the Fire” by the artist Get Well Soon is a haunting and compelling tribute to the women who were unjustly persecuted and executed during the European witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Drawing inspiration both from historical accounts of these trials as well as from his own imagination, the artist crafts a narrative around a girl named Frances who is accused of witchcraft.

Throughout the song, he conveys her fear and despair as she is subjected to trial after trial, interrogated by suspicious authorities, and eventually sentenced to death.

The Hammer of Witches Sorcerer

Sorcerer - The Hammer of Witches (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“The Hammer of Witches” by the heavy metal band Sorcerer is a powerful and dynamic demonstration of the group’s musical prowess.

This sweeping piece combines heavy guitar riffs with driving percussion rhythms to create a forceful sound that grabs listeners’ attention and never lets go.

The song utilizes many elements common in modern-day heavy metal music, including melodic solos, shredding guitar leads, and choppy rhythmic patterns.

Yet despite this familiarity, there is something truly unique and magical about this track, making it an absolute classic in the metal genre.

Witches Hat The Incredible String Band

Witches Hat - The Incredible String Band

Witches Hat is a classic song from The Incredible String Band, an experimental folk group that formed in Scotland in the 1960s.

It is considered to be one of their signature songs, and is known for its unusual blend of folk, psychedelic rock, and Eastern influences.

The main melody of the song is based on an ancient Pagan folk tune, which gives it a haunting and mystical quality.

The lyrics, meanwhile, describe the experiences of two main characters: a young girl searching for the titular “witches hat” and a shady figure who tries to take advantage of her.