20 Best Songs About Underwear

Nina Hampson

It’s no secret that music has the ability to evoke all sorts of emotions in us.

But what you may not know is that certain songs can make us think about specific topics in a whole new way.

For example, when it comes to underwear, there are some tunes that just seem to speak to us on a deeper level.

Here are 20 of the best songs about underwears that are sure to get you thinking (and maybe even singing) about your underwear in a whole new way!

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Depends – Blink 182

The song “Depends” by Blink 182 is a humorous take on the subject of underwear.

The lyrics talk about how everyone has their own preference when it comes to underwear, and how there is no correct way to wear them.

The song also pokes fun at the idea of people getting too attached to their underwear, and how it can become a source of security for some people.

Overall, the song is a lighthearted look at a topic that is often seen as taboo.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the song, it does contain some important messages about body image and self-acceptance.

The lyrics encourage listeners to be comfortable in their own skin and to accept themselves for who they are.

Wild Wild Life – The Talking Heads

Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life (Official Video)

The Talking Heads’ song “Wild Wild Life” is a fun and catchy tune that is actually about a very serious topic: underwear.

The lyrics describe the many different types of underwear that are out there, from boxers to briefs to thongs.

While the song is clearly meant to be humorous, it also highlights the importance of choosing the right type of underwear for your needs.

After all, as the song says, “You need protection / From your own wild wild life.” 

Plastic Palace People – Scott Walker

Plastic Palace People

“Plastic Palace People” is a song by Scott Walker, released as the lead single from his album Tilt. The song is about underwear, specifically men’s briefs.

The lyrics are written from the perspective of a man who is in love with a woman who wears plastic palace people, which are described as “cheap and tawdry.”

The man compares the woman to a prostitute, and says that he would rather have her than a queen.

The song was one of Walker’s biggest hits, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart.

It has been covered by a number of artists, including David Bowie and Pulp.

Time The Avenger – The Pretenders

Time the Avenger (2007 Remaster)

Time The Avenger by The Pretenders is a song about underwear.

In the song, the narrator reflects on a time when their partner left them for someone else.

They remember how they used to laugh and play together, and how their partner always had a special place in their heart.

However, despite the happy memories, the narrator can’t help but feel angry and resentful towards their former partner.

They express this anger by vowing to get revenge on them by “stealing their thunder”, or in other words, by taking away something that is important to them.

Running Around – The New York Dolls

The New York Dolls were one of the most influential bands of the early punk rock scene.

Their fashion sense, which incorporated elements of drag and glam rock, was highly influential on subsequent generations of punk and alternative fashion.

“Running Around”, which is about underwear, is one of the band’s most well-known songs.

The song is an ode to the importance of underwear in the lives of the band members.

It starts with the line “I can’t go out without my drawers”, and goes on to describe how underwear can make a person feel more confident.

The song also includes a reference to the famous line from the film “The Wizard of Oz”, in which Dorothy says “There’s no place like home”.

Underwear – Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III’s song “Underwear” is a funny and insightful look at this often overlooked garment.

The song starts off with a list of all the different types of underwear that people wear, from boxer shorts to thongs.

It then goes on to explore the many different ways that people use their underwear, from fashion statements to practical purposes.

The song is both humorous and thought-provoking, and it offers a fresh perspective on an often overlooked topic.

The Stars of Track and Field – Belle and Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian - The Stars Of Track And Field -- Live At Rivierenhof Deurne 14-08-2016

The Stars of Track and Field is a song by Belle and Sebastian about, you guessed it, underwear.

The lyrics are lighthearted and humorous, but they also provide a fair bit of information about the subject matter.

For instance, did you know that there are different types of underwear for different sports?

And that some people even have special Underwears for their wedding day?

The song covers all of this and more, making it both entertaining and informative.

So whether you’re a fan of Belle and Sebastian or just curious about underwear, this is the song for you.

The Underwear Song – Rodney Carrington

Yard Sale - Underwear Song (Live)

Rodney Carrington is a country music singer and comedian who released The Underwear Song in 2000.

The song is a comedic take on the importance of underwear, and it highlights the various functions that underwear can perform.

Carrington begins the song by singing about how underwear can be used as a fashion statement, before moving on to its more practical uses.

He then goes on to list some of the more unusual uses for underwear, such as catching a cold or preventing a sunburn.

The Underwear Song is ultimately a light-hearted ode to an often-overlooked item of clothing, and it serves as a reminder that underwear is an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe.

The Wilbury Twist – The Traveling Wilbury’s

The Traveling Wilburys - Wilbury Twist (Original Version)

The Wilbury Twist by The Traveling Wilbury is a song about underwear.

In the song, the singer laments the fact that his underwear is always getting twisted and needs to be constantly adjusted.

He compares this situation to the willberry fruit, which is also known for its tendency to twist and turn.

The song is lighthearted and humorous, but it also contains a message about the importance of taking care of your underwear.

TheWillbury Twist is a fun and delightful song that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Homo Christmas – Pansy Division

Pansy Division - Homo Christmas

Pansy Division is an American punk rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1991.

The band is known for their outspoken support of LGBT rights, and their song “Homo Christmas” is a prime example of this.

The song is a light-hearted ode to underwear, and it celebrates the idea of queer people spending the holidays together.

In addition to being a fun Christmas tune, “Homo Christmas” also provides a much-needed message of inclusion during a time of year when many queer people feel isolated.

With its catchy melody and positive lyrics, “Homo Christmas” is a welcome addition to any holiday playlist.

L U V – John Mellencamp

“L U V” by John Mellencamp is a song that celebrates underwear and all the things that make it special.

The lyrics painted a picture of a young couple in love, and how their relationship is enhanced by the protective presence of underwear.

The song also highlights the many different types of underwear that are available, from boxers to briefs.

In addition, the song reminds us that underneath our clothes, we are all the same.

It Doesn’t Matter To Me – Devo

Devo - It Doesn't Matter to Me (live 1988)

Few things are as essential to our daily lives as our underwear.

Yet, for all their importance, we typically don’t think about them very much.

We just put them on in the morning and go about our day.

It’s only when something goes wrong that we really think about them at all.

That’s the premise of “It Doesn’t Matter to Me,” a song by the 1980s new wave band Devo.

The song is a playful ode to underwear, celebrating their comfort and utility while also acknowledging their propensity for getting lost in the laundry.

Whether you’re a fan of Devo or not, “It Doesn’t Matter to Me” is a fun reminder of the important role underwear plays in our lives. Thanks, Devo!

Those to Come – The Shins

Though “Those to Come” by The Shins is ostensibly about underwear, it also contains a wider message about self-acceptance and self-love.

The lyrics tell the story of a person who has struggled with their body image but has finally come to a place of acceptance.

“I used to think that I was too skinny/ Now I know that I’m just right,” croons frontman James Mercer.

He goes on to sing about how he used to feel uncomfortable in his own skin, but how he has now come to appreciate his own body.

The song is ultimately an anthem of self-acceptance, and its message is one that everyone can relate to.

Whether you’re struggling with your weight, your appearance, or anything else, “Those to Come” is a reminder that you are perfect just the way you are.

Miserable Lie – The Smiths

Miserable Lie (2011 Remaster)

The Smiths’ song “Miserable Lie” is a haunting ballad about the dark side of underwear.

Written and sung by Morrissey, the lyrics tell the story of a man who is haunted by his own underpants.

The man is so disturbed by his undergarments that he can’t even bring himself to wear them.

Instead, he lies awake at night, staring at them and wondering what they’re hiding from him.

The song is both funny and tragic, offering a rare glimpse into the mind of a man who is consumed by his own clothing.

“Miserable Lie” is a classic example of The Smiths’ ability to take the banal and make it into something beautiful.

Sure Shot – The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys - Sure Shot

Sure Shot by The Beastie Boys is a song about underwear.

In the song, the Beastie Boys rap about how they “like to keep their drawers clean and tight.”

They also talk about how they feel when they put on a fresh pair of underwear.

The song is lighthearted and fun, but it also has a serious message about self-care and hygiene.

By talking about underwear in a positive way, the Beastie Boys are encouraging people to take care of their bodies and to be proud of their appearance.

In addition to being an entertaining song, Sure Shot is also a reminder that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Dozen Girls – The Damned

In the song “Dozen Girls” by The Damned, the band tackles the issue of underwear head-on. The song is about a group of teenage girls who are trying to figure out what kind of underwear to buy.

They are embarrassed and self-conscious, but ultimately they find the perfect style that makes them feel confident and comfortable.

In addition to being a great song, “Dozen Girls” helps to normalize the experience of growing up and going through puberty.

It’s a reminder that everyone goes through it and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Stuck on you – The Briefs

Briefs - Stuck On You OFFICIAL VIDEO

The Briefs are a punk rock band from Seattle, and “Stuck on You” is one of their most popular songs.

The song is about a guy who is head-over-heels in love with his girlfriend’s underwear.

He’s obsessed with the way they smell, the way they feel, and the way they make her look.

The Briefs capture the powerful feeling of infatuation in this catchy tune, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

So next time you’re feeling lovestruck, put on “Stuck on You” by The Briefs and let the good times roll.

The Jean Genie – David Bowie

David Bowie – The Jean Genie (Official Video)

The Jean Genie is a song written and performed by David Bowie.

It was released as a single in November of 1972, and appeared on the album Aladdin Sane the following year.

The song is about a character named Jean Genie who lives in an imaginary world of underwears.

In the song, Bowie imagines what it would be like to live in a world where everyone wore their undergarments on the outside, and where there were no rules or conventional standards of behavior.

The Jean Genie is a fun and whimsical song that explores the power of imagination, and its ability to transcend the limitations of reality.

I Wanna Be Your Underwear – Bryan Adams

[I Wanna Be] Your Underwear

I Wanna Be Your Underwear is a song by Bryan Adams that was released in 1995.

The song is about, as the title suggests, wanting to be someone’s underwear.

The lyrics talk about how close underwear is to the body and how it would be the ultimate sign of trust to be allowed to be that close.

The song has been described as both “sexy” and “sweet”, with Adams’ vocals being praised as “nirvana” by some reviewers.

In terms of its place in Adams’ discography, I Wanna Be Your Underwear is seen as a more light-hearted and fun song compared to some of his more serious work.

Underwear – Pulp

“Underwear” by Pulp is a fun and intriguing song that takes a closer look at this humble garment.

The song starts by asking where underwear comes from, and it goes on to speculate about the various ways it might be made.

It also addresses the important question of why we wear underwear in the first place.

Is it to protect our modesty? To keep our clothes clean? Or is there some other, more mysterious reason?

Ultimately, the song leaves these questions unanswered, but it encourages us to think about underwear in a new and different way.