20 Best Songs About The Sun

Richard Ellison

There’s just something about the sun that makes people happy.

Maybe it’s the warmth, the light, or the way it seems to make everything glow.

Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that songs about the sun are some of the most upbeat and happy tunes around.

Here are 20 of our favorite songs about the sun!

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Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

The Beatles’ song “Here Comes the Sun” is one of their most iconic and beloved tracks.

Recorded in 1969, this sunny pop song captures the spirit of liberation and renewal that was starting to take hold in Western culture.

With its cheery melody and uplifting lyrics, it perfectly captures the mood of this time period, when many people were embracing new ideas and moving beyond the stifling repression of previous eras.

With its catchy hook and upbeat groove, “Here Comes the Sun” still resonates today as a timeless reminder to embrace hope, positivity, and change.

Whether you’re looking for a feel-good hit or simply a pick-me-up on a dreary day, you can’t go wrong with this classic Beatles tune.

Sunburn – Muse

Sunburn is an iconic song by the band Muse, one of the most influential rock groups of our time.

Released as the third single from their second album, Origin of Symmetry, Sunburn stood out immediately for its bold and energetic sound.

The song quickly became a hit among fans and critics alike, with many hailing it as one of the best tracks on the entire album.

Featuring dynamic guitar riffs and powerful vocals, Sunburn is a true musical masterpiece that perfectly showcases the band’s unique blend of styles and influences.

Whether you’re a die-hard Muse fan or just someone who enjoys great music, Sunburn is a must-listen track that will leave you wanting more.

Fire Woman – The Cult

The Cult - Fire Woman HD

The song “Fire Woman” by The Cult, is a raucous rock anthem that perfectly captures the essence of the late 80s.

With its thumping drum beats and scorching guitar licks, this song exudes an energy and power that immediately draws the listener in.

The lyrics are similarly engaging, blending together images of fire with themes of desire and passion in an effortless way.

Overall, “Fire Woman” is a must-listen for anyone looking to get their blood pumping or recapture the essence of a chaotic decade.

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic for the decade in which this song was released or just want to get your heart racing, you won’t be disappointed by The Cult’s fiery ode to all things loud and unrestrained.

Under The Sun – Marillion

Marillion - Under The Sun

Under The Sun is a powerful, moving song by the band Marillion.

Its lyrics reflect on the delicate and ephemeral beauty of life and speak to the inevitability of death and change.

Through its forceful, emotionally charged delivery, the song invites listeners to pause and reflect on their own mortality and appreciate the splendor of this fleeting moment in time.

Whether experienced in silence or with a soaring backdrop provided by Marillion’s intricate melodies, Under The Sun is a beautiful meditation on life, capturing both its inherent contrasts and moments of pure joy that transform us forever.

Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon (Official Audio)

Sunny Afternoon is a classic rock song by The Kinks, first released in 1966.

Written by the band’s lead singer, Ray Davies, the song describes a summer afternoon spent in London, taking in all the sights and sounds that make the city so special.

From checking out some of the city’s iconic landmarks to simply enjoying people watching on the bustling sidewalks, this song offers a nostalgic glimpse of summertime life in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

With catchy guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics, Sunny Afternoon brilliantly captures what it means to be British and alive in a time of immense change and worldwide conflict.

Whether you’re spending your next summer holiday in London or thousands of miles away from metropolitan life, this song will transport you back to that sunny day when anything seemed possible and good vibes were everywhere.

Island in the Sun – Weezer

Weezer - Island In The Sun (Official Music Video)

Island in the Sun is a catchy, upbeat song by the popular band Weezer.

With its infectious rhythms and bright, sunny lyrics, it perfectly captures the carefree, summertime vibe that we all long for in the middle of winter.

The central theme of the song is the idea of escape, with lines like “it’s such a perfect day/I’m glad I spent it with you.”

Whether we’re dreaming of an exotic island vacation or just fantasizing about staying home all day in our pajamas, this song reminds us that we can always find a little bit of sunshine anywhere we go.

So if you’re looking for a little bit of warmth during these cold winter months, be sure to give Island in the Sun a spin!

Blackhole Sun – Soundgarden

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Blackhole Sun is one of the most iconic songs in the history of rock music.

With its driving guitar riffs and haunting vocals, it quickly became a staple of the band Soundgarden, who are often regarded as one of the most influential groups of their era.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a troubled individual who finds refuge in the darkness of his own mind, evoking feelings of isolation and detachment that still resonate strongly with listeners to this day.

While Blackhole Sun may be over two decades old at this point, it continues to thrill audiences with its raw emotional power and timeless musical quality.

Whether you are an avid fan of classic rock or just discovering it for the first time, Blackhole Sun is a song that is sure to captivate you.

In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime ORIGINAL 1970

In the Summertime is one of the catchiest and most well-known songs of all time.

It was released in 1970 by the English band Mungo Jerry, and it quickly became a staple of the rock music scene.

The song’s simple yet addictive melody has earned it millions of fans over the years, and its lyrics perfectly capture the carefree spirit of summertime.

Whether you’re out soaking up the sunshine at a picnic or relaxing on the beach with friends, In the Summertime is sure to get your toes tapping and put a smile on your face.

So if you’re looking for a fun and upbeat tune to bring a little sunshine into your day, look no further than this classic rock anthem!

Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine (Official Video)

Pocketful of Sunshine is a catchy pop song by British singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield.

With its upbeat melody, foot-tapping rhythm, and relatable lyrics, this song has become a favorite among fans of all ages.

From its infectious chorus to its clever use of onomatopoeia and rhymes, Pocketful of Sunshine is a uniquely constructed piece that showcases Bedingfield’s mastery of the craft of songwriting.

Whether you’re a fan of pop music or just looking for something fun to sing along to, there’s no denying that Pocketful of Sunshine is one of the best songs out there.

Seasons in the Sun – Westlife

Westlife - Seasons In The Sun (Official Video)

Seasons in the Sun is an iconic song by the pop group Westlife.

With lyrics written by American musician Rod McKuen, this song was released as a single in 1999 and quickly rose to the top of the charts worldwide, cementing its place as one of the most beloved songs in popular music history.

The song tells the story of a man bidding farewell to his friends and loved ones as he prepares to leave this world.

In addition to its powerful lyrics, Seasons in the Sun is also known for its signature performance style, featuring dramatic tempo shifts and swirling harmonies that take center stage throughout each verse.

Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and The Waves

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (Official Music Video)

The upbeat and infectious song “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina and The Waves, has been a hit across the globe ever since it was first released in 1985.

Written by Kimberley Rew, the mastermind behind another popular ’80s hit, “I Want Candy,” this feel-good tune combines elements of pop, reggae, and rock music to create a fun and danceable sound that is perfect for getting people up on their feet.

Featuring catchy lyrics and a simple yet infectious melody, “Walking on Sunshine” is the kind of song that never fails to put a smile on people’s faces.

Whether you’re jamming out on your own or singing along with friends at a house party or summer festival, this beloved classic truly embodies the spirit of boundless joy and happiness.

Lovers on the Sun – David Guetta (featuring Sam Martin)

David Guetta - Lovers On The Sun (Official Video) ft Sam Martin

Released in 2014, the song “Lovers on the Sun” by David Guetta is a major hit around the world.

This upbeat dance track features driving electronic rhythms and soaring vocals from singer Sam Martin, as well as addictive bass licks and catchy synth melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head.

With its infectious beat and euphoric vibe, “Lovers on the Sun” has become one of David Guetta’s most popular tracks to date.

Whether you’re listening on the radio or dancing along at a club, this song is sure to brighten up even the darkest day with its high-energy beats and powerful emotional vibe.

So if you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face, look no further than “Lovers on the Sun.”

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone – Bill Withers

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Official Audio)

The song “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone,” by Bill Withers, is a classic lament about lost love and heartache.

The song describes the gritty reality of losing someone you care about and the deep feelings of loneliness that arise as a result.

In particular, the lyrics focus on how empty and devoid of happiness life can feel when that special person is no longer around.

By juxtaposing images of sunshine and light with feelings of sadness and despair, the song manages to capture both the highs and lows of heartbreak in a way that resonates strongly with listeners.

Whether you are listening to it for the first time or singing along with it word-for-word, this powerful track is sure to move you and make you think about love in a whole new way.

Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun

Soak Up the Sun is a classic song by Sheryl Crow that has been a favorite among music fans for many years.

The upbeat, catchy tune is a great listen on its own, but it also evokes images of summertime fun in the sun.

Whether you’re at the beach, out barbecuing with friends, or just hanging out in your backyard, this song will make you feel like soaking up all the sun and happiness that life has to offer.

With its bright rhythms and poignant lyrics, Soak Up the Sun is truly a timeless anthem for all those who love to bask in the warm glow of summer.

Sunshine Song – Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz - Sunshine Song with Lyrics on Screen

The song “Sunshine Song” by Jason Mraz is an upbeat, feel-good tune that perfectly captures the joy and promise of summertime.

With catchy lyrics and a peppy rhythm, this fun track takes listeners on a joyful imagining of life at the beach or by the pool.

The driving melody conjures up images of lazy days spent soaking up the warm sun, while energetic verses express a desire to dance in the waves and chase rainbows all day long.

Whether you’re stuck in a sweltering office or cold winter weather has set in, this uplifting song will bring a little bit of sunshine into your life.

The Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti & Spearhead

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine

The song “The Sound of Sunshine” by Michael Franti & Spearhead is a joyful, upbeat anthem that encapsulates the joy and positivity present in every day life.

Franti’s soothing, melodic voice infuses the listener with a sense of happiness and hope, while the driving, funky backing beat elevates the feeling of optimism and excitement even higher.

Whether you’re having a bad day or just want to escape and feel carefree for a moment, this song is guaranteed to bring you back to your senses and remind you of all the good things in your life.

So let go of your worries, turn up the volume, and enjoy “The Sound of Sunshine” today!

Trip Around the Sun – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - Trip Around the Sun (Official Video)

Trip Around the Sun is a popular country song by Kenny Chesney, released in 2017 as part of his album Cosmic Hallelujah.

The track takes its name from an evocative metaphor for life’s journey, which begins at the moment of birth and leads gradually towards death.

This sense of progress is captured in the gently rolling melody of the song and reinforced through the lyrics, which reference images like “riding out on a horse” and journeying “to where I’ve been.”

Overall, Trip Around the Sun is a reflective, thoughtful tune that serves to remind us that every day brings us one step closer to our final destination.

Whether or not we enjoy where that final destination might take us, it is still an inevitable part of our trip around the sun.

We Bring the Sunshine –  Benji Jackson

We Bring the Sunshine (2018 Mix)

The song We Bring the Sunshine by Benji Jackson, is a powerful and upbeat anthem that captures the spirit of summertime.

With its catchy melodies and joyous lyrics, this song has become an instant favorite for listeners of all ages.

Whether you are swimming at the beach, picnicking in the park, or relaxing at a summer music festival, listening to We Bring the Sunshine will instantly put you in a happy and carefree mood.

In fact, many might say that this track brings a little bit of sunshine into their lives no matter what season it is.

The Sun The Sun – Parov Stelar (featuring Graham Candy)

Parov Stelar - The Sun (feat. Graham Candy) (Official Video)

Parov Stelar’s song The Sun is a joyful, up-tempo track that combines elements of indie rock, modern electronic music, and jazz.

The driving beat and melodic guitar riffs capture the feel of summertime and make you want to move your feet.

At the same time, deeper basslines under the driving rhythm bring an element of sophistication to the song, while fast-paced clarinet lines weave in and out of the mix, creating a unique sonic tapestry that is both relaxing and invigorating.

Overall, The Sun is a joyous musical masterpiece that perfectly captures the energy and spirit of summertime.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day – Zoe

Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day (Original 1990 Version)

Sunshine on a Rainy Day is one of the most beloved songs in the pop music canon.

With its upbeat and uplifting melody, infectious chorus, and charming lyrics, it’s no surprise that this song has been a hit with audiences around the world for over two decades.

Written and performed by country singer Zoe, Sunshine on a Rainy Day effortlessly evokes the feeling of being young and carefree, even as it deals with darker themes like loss and heartbreak.

Whether you’re listening alone or singing along in a crowd, this song is sure to bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.