20 Best Songs About Pants

Chelsea Cooke

There’s no doubt that pants are an important part of our lives. They keep us warm, they make us look good, and sometimes they’re just plain necessary. But what about the songs about pants? Are there any good ones?

As it turns out, there are quite a few great songs about pants. In fact, we’ve put together a list of 20 of the best. So whether you’re looking for a song to get you pumped up for a night out on the town or just want to celebrate your love of pants, this playlist is for you.

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Jizz In My Pants – The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants (Official Music Video)

“Jizz in My Pants” is a song by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island, released as a Digital 10 on December 16, 2008. The music video was featured on Saturday Night Live as an SNL Digital Short on February 7, 2009. The song and video gained popularity after being uploaded to YouTube and became a viral hit. “Jizz in My Pants” peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot Rap Songs chart. In the United Kingdom, the song peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart. The song won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Comedy Video. 

Pants On The Ground – Larry Platt

Pants on the Ground

Pants on the Ground is a song by Larry Platt that became an internet sensation in 2010. The song is about people who wear their pants saggy, with the pants around their knees. Platt sings that these people look “stupid and dumb” and that they need to “pull their pants up.” He also urges young people to respect themselves and their elders by wearing proper clothing. Pants on the Ground became popular because it was a catchy tune with an important message.

Hot Pants Explosion – The B-52’s

The B-52's - Hot Pants Explosion (Official Music Video)

The song “Hot Pants Explosion” by the B-52’s is a ode to the Hot Pants trend of the 1970s. The song begins with a description of the hot pants themselves, noting their tight fit and flashy colors. It then goes on to extol the virtues of hot pants, praising their ability to show off one’s curves and make a fashion statement. The chorus of the song proclaims that “hot pants are everything!” and encourages listeners to “put on your hot pants and dance.” The song is an energetic and fun tribute to an iconic fashion trend, and it is sure to get listeners moving and grooving.

The Pants Song – George Salazar And Paul Whitty

Broadway Unplugged: An Awesome, Acoustic Version of "The Pants Song" From Be More Chill

The Pants Song, written by George Salazar and Paul Whitty, is a fun and catchy tune about the importance of pants. The lyrics are simple but clever, and the song is sure to get stuck in your head after just a few listens. While it may seem like a silly song at first, there is actually a lot of truth to the words. Pants are essential for keeping us warm in winter, cool in summer, and protected from the elements all year round. Without them, we would be at the mercy of the weather. So next time you’re getting dressed, be sure to give your pants a big thank you!

Hot Pants – James Brown

Hot Pants, Parts 1 & 2

In 1966, James Brown released “Hot Pants”, a song about, you guessed it, hot pants. The track was an instant hit, fueled by its catchy melody and Brown’s signature soulful vocals. But beyond its commercial success, “Hot Pants” also helped to popularize the eponymous fashion item. In the years following the song’s release, hot pants became a staple of 1970s fashion, appearing on runways and in magazines. Thanks in part to James Brown, the once-scandalous style was now mainstream. Today, “Hot Pants” is fondly remembered as a classic of both James Brown’s catalog and the disco era. And though hot pants may no longer be in fashion, they’ll always hold a place in our hearts-and in our closets.

I Love My Pants – Sun Bear Records

Sun Bear Records - I Love My Pants

Most people take pants for granted. They are just an article of clothing that we put on every day without giving them much thought. However, there are some people who feel a deep and abiding love for their pants. For them, pants are more than just a piece of fabric to cover their legs – they are a source of joy and comfort. This was the inspiration for the song “I Love My Pants” by Sun Bear Records. The song is a celebration of all the things that make pants great. From the way they hug your waist to the way they keep you warm on a cold day, “I Love My Pants” is a love letter to this essential piece of clothing.

Mr. Fancy Pants – Jonathan Coulton

In “Mr. Fancy Pants,” Jonathan Coulton celebrates the humble article of clothing known as pants. He begins by extolling the virtues of pants, declaring that they are “the best thing ever” and “the key to every door.” He then goes on to describe how pants can be used for a variety of purposes, including keeping one’s legs warm, protecting one’s modesty, and providing a convenient place to store one’s wallet. Coulton also touches on the history of pants, noting that they were first worn by ancient Egyptians and later adopted by European nobility. By the end of the song, Coulton has made a strong case for why pants are an essential part of life. And although he never explicitly says so, it is clear that he believes everyone should own a pair of Mr. Fancy Pants.

Velvet Pants – Propellerheads

Velvet Pants by Propellerheads is a song about the luxurious feel and look of velvet pants. The opening line, “They’re soft, they’re smooth, they’re shiny too” perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the song, which gushes over the various features of velvet pants. The lyrics talk about how velvet pants can make you feel like a movie star, and how they can make any outfit look better. In addition, the song mentions how velvet pants are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going to a formal event or just hanging out at home. 

Pants – Here Come The Mummies

In the song “Pants,” by Here Come the Mummies, the band celebrates the many ways that pants can make us feel. The song starts with the line “Put on your pants,” which is both a command and an invitation. The speaker is telling us to put on our pants, but they’re also inviting us to join in the fun. The rest of the song is a series of instructions on how to dance while wearing pants. The chorus encourages listeners to “shake your moneymaker” and “wiggle your tail.”

Shake Your Pants – Cameo

Shake Your Pants is a song by the American band Cameo. The song was released in 1982 as the lead single from the group’s album, Word Up!. Shake Your Pants peaked at number two on the Billboard R&B chart and number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by band members Larry Blackmon and Tomi Jenkins. It features a signature bassline performed by Blackmon, horns, and synthesizers. The lyrics are about dancing and shaking one’s pants. The song has been sampled by several artists, including Missy Elliott, MC Hammer, and Busta Rhymes. Shake Your Pants has been featured in numerous films and television shows.

Ants In My Pants – DD & DIM

DD & DIM - Ants In My Pants (Official Music Video)

Ants In My Pants is a song by DD & DIM, which is all about pants. The song starts off with the lyrics “I got ants in my pants and I don’t know what to do”, which immediately grab the listener’s attention. The song then goes on to describe the various problems that can occur when ants get into your pants, such as crawling up your leg and biting you. The song is catchy and humorous, but it also contains an important message about the importance of keeping your pants clean and free of ants. By raising awareness about this issue, DD & DIM hope to encourage people to take steps to protect themselves from ants.

Party In My Pants – Roger Alan Wade

Party in My Pants is a song by Roger Alan Wade. The song is about pants and how they are essential for a party. The lyrics discuss how pants are necessary for dancing, as they provide support and coverage. The song also mentions how pants can be a fashion statement, and how they can be used to express one’s personality. Overall, the song is a fun and light-hearted look at the importance of pants.

The Pants – Brad Paisley

The song “The Pants” by Brad Paisley is a fun and catchy tune that contains a hidden message about the importance of pants. On the surface, the song appears to be a light-hearted ode to the humble garment, but a closer listen reveals that it is also a subtle commentary on the role that pants play in our lives. By turns funny and thought-provoking, “The Pants” is a clever example of how music can be used to send a serious message in a way that is both entertaining and effective.

Tent In Your Pants – Peaches

Tent In Your Pants

“Tent In Your Pants” by Peaches is a song about, well, pants. The song starts with the question, “Have you ever had a tent in your pants?” and goes on to list a variety of reasons why someone might want to keep a tent in their pants. These include needing a place to hide from the rain, being afraid of the dark, or simply wanting somewhere to store snacks. While the song is humorous, it also highlights the importance of pants as a fashion item. Pants are not only functional, but they can also be stylish and fun.

Make-Up And Faded Blue Jeans – Merle Haggard

Make-Up and Faded Blue Jeans (Live)

In his song “Make-Up and Faded Blue Jeans,” country legend Merle Haggard paints a picture of a man who has seen better days. The song opens with the man waking up in a cheap motel room, “surrounded by empty bottles and cigarette smoke.” He looks in the mirror and sees “a face that’s starting to show its age.” He thinks about the woman he left behind and how she’s probably moved on by now. The man tries to wash up and look presentable, but he knows it’s all for nothing. 

Baggy Trousers – Madness

Madness - Baggy Trousers (Official 4K Video)

“Baggy Trousers” is a song by the British band Madness. It was released as the lead single from their 1980 album Absolutely and reached number three in the UK Singles Chart. The song is about a young man’s struggle to find trousers that fit him properly. He tries on several pairs, but they all seem to be too big or too small. He finally finds a pair that he likes, but they don’t last long before they start to fall apart. Despite this, he remains positive and continues to search for the perfect pair of trousers. “Baggy Trousers” is an iconic song from Madness and continues to be popular today.

Pants Dance – Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange - No Pants Dance! (Original Song)

The popular YouTube series “Annoying Orange” is known for its catchy, humorous songs. One of the most popular songs is “Pants Dance”, which is, as the title suggests, a song about pants. The song highlights the many different types of pants, from jeans to sweatpants, and features a catchy dance that is sure to get stuck in your head. Whether you love or hate the Annoying Orange, there’s no denying that “Pants Dance” is a fun, catchy song that will make you smile.

Short Pants – Irwin Abrigo

Short Pants (Lyric Video)

“Short Pants” is a song by Irwin Abrigo. It is about pants. The song was written in response to a trend in the early 2000s where people were wearing shorter pants. This trend was started by celebrities and quickly spread to the general population. Many people criticized this trend, saying that it was unprofessional and immodest. Abrigo’s song speaks to those critics, saying that there is nothing wrong with wearing short pants. He argues that they are comfortable, stylish, and practical. He goes on to say that people should not judge others based on their clothing choices. “Short Pants” is an anthem for anyone who has ever been judged for their fashion choices. Whether you are a fan of short pants or not, this song is sure to make you think twice about judging others based on their appearance.

Tight Pants – The Stooges

Tight Pants (Remastered Studio)

The Stooges were an American rock band formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1967 by singer Iggy Pop, guitarist Ron Asheton, bassist Dave Alexander, and drummer Scott Asheton. The band was known for its riff-oriented songs, energetic live performances, and stage antics. They released their debut album, The Stooges, in 1969. The album peaked at number 106 on the Billboard 200 chart. “Tight Pants” is a song from the album. The song is about pants. The lyrics describe how tight pants can be uncomfortable and constricting. The song’s chorus declares that “Pants are for pussies!” The Stooges’ live performances of “Tight Pants” were often characterized by Iggy Pop shaking his ass in tight jeans.

Bell Bottom Pants – Loudon Wainwright III

Tight Pants (Remastered Studio)

Bell Bottom Pants is a song written and performed by Loudon Wainwright III. The song is a comical ode to the bell bottom pants that were once popular in the 1970s. In the song, Wainwright pokes fun at the style of pants, singing about how they are “flared at the bottom” and “wide at the waist.” He also notes that the pants are “made of polyester” and “look like they’re made for a clown.” Despite the fact that the pants are no longer in fashion, Wainwright still seems to enjoy wearing them. In fact, he even compares himself to Elvis Presley, saying that he too can “look good in bell bottom pants.” Ultimately, the song is a light-hearted look at a once popular style of clothing.