20 Best Songs About Mistakes

Chelsea Cooke

Making mistakes is a part of life. We all make them, and we all learn from them. But sometimes, the lessons we learn are harder than others. That’s why it’s important to have a soundtrack for those moments in life when we screw up. Here are 20 of the best songs about mistakes, ranging from heartbreaking ballads to empowering anthems.

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My mistakes – Gabriella Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin - My Mistake (Official Video)

“My Mistakes” is a song by English singer-songwriter Gabriella Aplin. It was released as a single on 15 November 2014 through Parlophone. The song was written by Aplin and produced by Sam Dixon. “My Mistakes” is a piano-driven ballad with lyrics that reflect on past mistakes. The song received positive reviews from music critics, who praised its honest lyrics and Aplin’s emotive vocal performance. “My Mistakes” peaked at number 54 on the UK Singles Chart and number 9 on the UK Indie Singles Chart. 

My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake

Sheryl Crow’s song “My Favorite Mistake” is a reflective ballad about the regrets of a failed relationship. The song begins with the narrator looking back on a past relationship and remembering all of the warning signs that she ignored. She reflects on how she was “blinded by the light” and didn’t realize that the relationship was doomed to fail. Despite the warning signs, she stayed in the relationship until it finally ended in heartbreak. The song ends with the narrator admitting that, even though she made a mistake, she would still do it all over again because it was her “favorite mistake.” The song is a reminder that we all make mistakes in life, but we should learn from them and not repeat them.

Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistakes) – Gareth Gates

Gareth Gates - Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)

“Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistakes)” is a song by Gareth Gates, released in 2002. The song is about making mistakes and learning from them. Gates has said that the song is based on his own experiences, and that he wanted to write a song that would encourage people to learn from their mistakes. “Anyone of Us” was a huge success, reaching the top of the UK charts and becoming Gates’ biggest hit. The song has since been covered by a number of artists, including Alex Goot and Olivia Holt.

Your Biggest Mistake – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding - Your Biggest Mistake (Official Video)

The biggest mistake by Ellie Goulding is a song about mistakes. It’s a song about the regret and pain that comes with making a mistake. It’s a song about learning from your mistakes and moving on. It’s a song about being human. Its lyrics are about how everyone makes mistakes, and it’s usually those mistakes that help us learn and grow into better people.  This song has a powerful message, and it’s one that everyone can relate to.

Best Mistake – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande - Best Mistake (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)

Best Mistake is a powerful song from Ariana Grande that speaks to the complexity of making mistakes. Whether it’s something small and insignificant or life-changing and devastating, everyone has made – and will continue to make – plenty of mistakes throughout their lives. And yet despite this commonality, we often feel ashamed and afraid whenever we do something wrong. This can lead us to try to hide our mistakes from others and even ourselves, keeping us from fully owning up to them and learning from them. Through the lyrics of Best Mistake, however, Ariana reminds us that no matter what we’ve done, we can move forward with strength and resilience.

Make No Mistake – Keith Richards 

Keith Richards - Make No Mistake - from Talk Is Cheap

Make no mistake, the song “Make No Mistake” by Keith Richards is all about mistakes. This track delves into the idea that we all make mistakes in life, and that learning from these mistakes is an important part of our growth and development as individuals. While some people may try to sweep their mistakes under the rug or pretend that they never happened, Richards encourages us to face our shortcomings head on and accept them for what they are. He urges us to be honest about our past missteps, so that we can learn from them instead of letting them hold us back from achieving our goals. 

Please Forgive Me – Brayan Adams

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

Please Forgive Me is a song about making mistakes and learning from them. Written and recorded by acclaimed musician Brayan Adams, the track touches on themes of regret, humility, and redemption.

At its core, the song is a moving tribute to second chances and the power of forgiveness. Through soulful lyrics and an upbeat melody, Brayan invites his listeners to reflect on their own past mistakes and consider how they can make amends. Whether it’s through apologizing to a friend or family member, taking steps to correct past wrongs, or simply letting go of negative emotions from the past, this song speaks to the importance of accepting personal responsibility for our actions.

Hard To Say Im Sorry – Peter Catera

Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Official Music Video)

Hard to Say I’m Sorry is a song about making mistakes and owning up to them. It speaks to the difficult process of taking responsibility for your actions, even when that means apologizing and admitting that you were in the wrong. At its core, Hard to Say I’m Sorry is about learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person as a result. Whether it’s an argument with a friend or partner, or simply letting someone down in another way, this powerful and moving song reminds us that being honest about our shortcomings is an essential part of building meaningful relationships with others.

As Peter Cetera sings in Hard to Say I’m Sorry, we should all strive to be people who can openly admit their mistakes and truly value the people around them. After all, as this song so beautifully puts it, “nobody gets a free ride.”

Because Of You – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You (VIDEO)

Because of You is a powerful and emotional song by Kelly Clarkson that deals with the theme of mistakes and regret. Through its moving lyrics, the song reveals how even small mistakes or missteps in life can have a profound impact on our future decisions and relationships. It also speaks to the deep sense of guilt that we often feel when we disappoint others, and shows how these feelings can eat away at our confidence and hold us back from truly living our lives. Whether you are someone who has struggled with regret in the past or simply want to appreciate the power of second chances, Because of You is a must-listen for anyone looking to explore themes of growth and forgiveness. 

Oops! I Did It Again – Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again (Official HD Video)

“Oops! I Did It Again” is a song by Britney Spears that was released in 2000. The song is about making mistakes and learning from them. In the song, Spears sings about how she made a mistake and realizes that she needs to learn from it. She also says that she is not perfect and sometimes makes mistakes, but that she always tries to learn from them. “Oops! I Did It Again” is a catchy pop song with a positive message about making mistakes and learning from them. The song was a huge hit when it was released, reaching the top of the charts in several countries. “Oops! I Did It Again” is an iconic Britney Spears song that is still popular today.

Beautiful Mistakes – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - Beautiful Mistakes ft. Megan Thee Stallion (Official Music Video)

“Beautiful Mistakes” is a song by American pop rock band Maroon 5. The song was released as the fourth single from their seventh studio album, Red Pill Blues (2017). “Beautiful Mistakes” is a mid-tempo pop rock ballad about continuing to love somebody despite their mistakes. The song received positive reviews from critics, who praised its catchy melody and relatable lyrics. “Beautiful Mistakes” peaked at number 35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Maroon 5’s twenty-first top 40 entry in the United States. The song also charted in several other countries, including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Your Mistake – Sonta

Sonta "Your Mistake" [Official Video]

Sonta’s song “Your Mistake” is a powerful ballad about the regret and pain that comes from making a mistake. The lyrics are emotive and honest, painting a picture of the aftermath of a relationship that ended because of a mistake. Sonta’s voice is soulful and raw, conveying the deep emotions at the heart of the song. The production is minimal, allowing the focus to remain on the lyrics and Sonta’s powerful vocal performance. “Your Mistake” is a haunting reminder of the consequences that can come from making even one small mistake. It is a song that will stay with you long after it is over, resonating with anyone who has ever made a mistake that they wish they could take back.

Mistakes – Unspoken

Unspoken - "Mistakes" (Official Audio Video)

Mistakes is a powerful and introspective song by the band Unspoken. This haunting track highlights the importance of acknowledging our failures and learning from them, rather than simply trying to forget about them and move on. The lyrics evoke emotions of pain, regret, and longing, creating a sense of emotional vulnerability in listeners. And yet, despite the sadness expressed through the song, Mistakes ultimately leaves us with a message of hope – that we can change our present situation and begin to rebuild our lives by accepting our mistakes now rather than later. Whether you are an avid fan of Unspoken or just happening upon this emotional track for the first time, there is no denying the power of Mistakes to inspire reflection and self-growth in all who listen.

Same Mistakes – One Direction

One Direction - Same Mistakes (Audio)

Same Mistakes is a song by renowned boy band One Direction that explores themes of striving for perfection, taking responsibility for one’s own actions, and learning from past mistakes. With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, the track immediately grabs listeners’ attention and holds their interest throughout the course of the song. In particular, the lyrics explore the idea that all humans are fallible and make mistakes at various points in life.

Love’s Mistake – Ollie Wade

Ollie Wade - Love's Mistake (Live Session)

“Love’s Mistake” is a song by Ollie Wade that tells the story of a relationship that ended because of a mistake that was made. The song is about the regret and sadness that comes with realizing that you made a mistake, and how hard it is to move on from someone you loved. The song is told from the perspective of the person who made the mistake, and it is clear that they are still in love with the person they hurt. The lyrics are full of emotion, and the melody is haunting and beautiful. It is a song that anyone who has ever made a mistake in love can relate to, and it is a reminder that we are all human and we all make mistakes.

An Honest Mistake – The Bravery


An Honest Mistake is a song by The Bravery that explores the idea of mistakes and how we tend to view them. The song suggests that while most of us consider our mistakes to be deeply negative occurrences, they can actually serve as important lessons and opportunities for growth. This is reflected in the lyrics, which describe the way that humans are fallible and prone to making mistakes, but also resilient in our ability to learn from these mistakes over time. 

One Last Mistake – LP

LP - One Last Mistake (Official Audio)

“One Last Mistake” by LP is a song about the regrets we all have over the mistakes we’ve made in our lives. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who is reflecting on a failed relationship and all the things she could have done differently. Despite the pain of her memories, she still feels a deep connection to her former lover and wishes she could go back and change what happened between them. While the song is sad, it also has a message of hope and redemption. Ultimately, it reminds us that we all make mistakes, but we can learn from them and move on.

Latest Mistake – Mandy Moore 

Mandy Moore - Latest Mistake (AUDIO)

Mandy Moore’s latest song, “Mistakes,” is a moving reflection on the power of mistakes to shape our lives. The song begins with Moore noting that we all make mistakes, and that these mistakes can often have far-reaching consequences. She goes on to say that, while we may try to forget our mistakes, they can haunted us for years to come. The song then takes a turn towards hope, with Moore asserting that we can learn and grow from our mistakes.

Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

“Blank Space” by Taylor Swift is a song about making mistakes and learning from them. The song begins with the speaker making a mistake by getting involved with someone they shouldn’t have. The speaker then reflects on how they’ve made this same mistake in the past, and how they always seem to end up getting hurt. However, the speaker also recognizes that making these mistakes is part of life, and that it’s important to learn from them. In the end, the song is about moving on from mistakes and using them as opportunities to grow and learn.

Sorry, Blame It On Me – Akon

Akon - Sorry, Blame It On Me (Official Music Video)

Akon’s song “Sorry, Blame It On Me” is a heartfelt apology for his mistakes. The song starts with Akon admitting that he’s made some wrong choices, and he’s sorry for the consequences. He goes on to say that he knows he can’t take back what he’s done, but he wants to make things right. The chorus of the song expresses Akon’s regret and contrition, as well as his hope that people can forgive him and give him another chance. “Sorry, Blame It On Me” is a moving expression of remorse that everyone can relate to.