20 Best Songs About Losing Faith

Nina Hampson

Losing faith can be a difficult experience, as these 20 songs illustrate. Whether the faith that’s lost is religious, political, or personal, the feelings of anger, sadness, and despair are often universal. These songs explore the range of emotions that come with losing faith and offer a unique perspective on this complex topic.

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Something In The Water – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water (Official Video)

Faith is an interesting concept. It’s something that can give people hope in the darkest of times, but it can also be easily lost. “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood is a song about losing faith. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has hit rock bottom and is struggling to find their way back to the light. The song is filled with images of darkness and despair, but it also contains a glimmer of hope. The narrator is searching for something to believe in, and they ultimately find it in the form of a higher power. “Something in the Water” is a moving and powerful song about the importance of faith.

Believe – Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & Dunn - Believe (Official Video)

The song “Believe” by Brooks & Dunn is a song about losing faith. The lyrics tell the story of a man who has lost his faith in God and is struggling to find his way back. The song is a testament to the power of faith, and how it can help us through even the darkest of times. The lyrics are simple but powerful, and the message is clear: even when we lose our faith, we can find our way back if we just believe.

What If God Was One Of Us? – Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne - One Of Us

In the song “What If God Was One of Us?,” Joan Osborne asks what would happen if God was just like us. She imagines a world where God experiences the same joys and sorrows, the same love and loss, that we do. The idea of a loving, caring God is one that gives comfort to many people in times of trouble. But what if that God was also fallible? What if God made mistakes? What if God didn’t always have the answers? The song suggests that losing faith in such a God would be devastating. Without the hope and guidance that faith provides, we would be lost. This song resonates with many people who have experienced doubt and discouragement in their lives.

You Found Me – The Fray

The Fray - You Found Me

“You Found Me” is a song by American rock band The Fray. Released in 2009, the song peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rock Song. The song’s lyrics are about losing faith and feeling lost, with lead singer Isaac Slade saying that it’s “about somebody who finally comes to the end of their rope and has nowhere left to go.” The song’s music video depicts a man walking through a desert, interspersed with shots of the band performing in a church. “You Found Me” was generally well-received by critics, who praised its emotional lyrics and instrumentation.

Back To God – Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire - Back To God (Official Music Video)

The song Back to God, sung by Reba McEntire, is a country ballad with a message about losing faith. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has been through hard times and is struggling to keep her faith. The song talks about how she turns to God for help but feels like He isn’t listening. In the end, she decides that she needs to go back to Him and ask for forgiveness. The song is relevant to anyone who has ever felt like they have lost their faith. It is a reminder that no one is perfect and that we all need God’s help sometimes. Back to God is a beautiful song with a powerful message. It is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever struggled with their faith.

What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

What I've Done [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park

The album’s lead single, “Numb”, was another huge success, reaching #11 on the Hot 100 chart.

In 2005, the band released their third album, Minutes to Midnight. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and featured the hit singles “What I’ve Done” and “Bleed It Out”. “What I’ve Done” is a song about losing faith.

The lyrics describe how someone can feel when they have lost all hope and are struggling to find a reason to continue living.

The song is an anthem for those who are facing difficult times and is a reminder that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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My Church – Maren Morris

Maren Morris - My Church (Official Music Video)

In her song “My Church,” Maren Morris sings about losing faith. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who has lost her way and is searching for a new way to believe. She talks about how she used to go to church every Sunday, but now she can’t find the strength to believe anymore. However, despite her doubts, she still feels a deep connection to the music and the community that she used to find in church. This song resonates with many people who have gone through a similar journey of doubt and disbelief. It is a reminder that even when we lose our faith, there are still things that can bring us back to the religion we once loved.

When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley (Featuring Dolly Parton)

Brad Paisley - When I Get Where I'm Going (Official Video) ft. Dolly Parton

The song “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley is a song about losing faith. The lyrics describe a person who is going through a difficult time and is struggling to hold onto their faith. The song talks about how the person is feeling lost and alone, but they are still holding onto the hope that things will get better. The song is a reminder that even when things are tough, we can still find comfort in our faith. Brad Paisley is known for his songs about loss and struggling, and this song is no exception. Through the lyrics, he captures the feeling of losing faith and gives us a glimpse of hope that things will eventually get better.

Arms Wide Open – Creed

Creed - With Arms Wide Open

Arms Wide Open is a song by the American rock band Creed. It was released in 2000 as the lead single from their second album, Human Clay. The song is about lead singer Scott Stapp’s journey of self-discovery and losing faith. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is searching for answers and comes to the realization that there are none. The song is an honest and introspective look at the struggles of life and how they can lead to a loss of faith. The song is also a reminder that, despite everything, there is still hope. Through its powerful lyrics and emotion-laden performance, Arms Wide Open captured the hearts of listeners and became one of Creed’s most popular songs.

God’s Will – Martina McBride

Martina McBride - God's Will (Official Video)

God’s Will is a song written by Martina McBride that reflects on the idea of losing faith. The lyrics of the song tell the story of a woman who has been through a lot in her life and is struggling to maintain her faith. She questions why God would allow bad things to happen to good people, and she wonders if there is any point in praying anymore. Despite her doubts, she ultimately decides that she will continue to believe in God and trust in His plan for her life. This song resonates with many people who have gone through difficult times and struggled to hold onto their faith.

I Can Only Imagine – Wyonna Judd

I Can Only Imagine

Music has the ability to touch our souls in ways that few other things can. It can transport us to another time and place, make us laugh, or bring tears to our eyes. And sometimes, a song can help us to see our own lives in a new light. Such is the case with “I Can Only Imagine” by Wynonna Judd. The song is about a woman who has lost her faith, and it is clear from the first verse that she is struggling. She speaks of all the pain and hurt that she has experienced, and how she feels like God has abandoned her. However, in the chorus, she takes a step back and realizes that despite everything that has happened, she still believes.

Jesus Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take The Wheel (Official Video)

Carrie Underwood’s chart-topping song “Jesus Take the Wheel” is a moving ballad about a woman who has lost faith in herself and is struggling to find her way. The lyrics Tell the story of a woman who is driving in a winter storm and gets into a car accident. She is rescued by a stranger who turns out to be Jesus Christ. The experience changes her life, and she decides to hand over the wheel to him and let him take control. The song is both a testimonial to the power of faith and a reminder that sometimes we all need someone to help us through tough times. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it is impossible not to be moved by the song’s message of hope and redemption.

Brother – Needtobreathe (Featuring Gavin DeGraw)

NEEDTOBREATHE "Brother feat. Gavin DeGraw" [Official Video]

The song “Brother” by Needtobreathe is a moving and powerful ballad about losing faith. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is struggling to believe in himself, and in the face of adversity, he turns to his brother for support. This song resonates with many people who have gone through tough times in their lives, and it provides a message of hope and resilience. The chorus is particularly poignant, with the lines “When the road gets dark/ And you can’t see your way/ Just hold on to my hand/ I’ll lead you through the night.” This song is a reminder that we all need someone to lean on when things get tough, and that even when we lose faith in ourselves, we can always find strength in our relationships with others.

Shine – Collective Soul

Collective Soul - Shine (Official HD Music Video)

Shine is a song by the American rock band Collective Soul. The song was released in 1994 as the lead single from their second album, Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid. Shine was the band’s breakthrough hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has been described as a “power ballad” and “anthem for the lost and lonely.” The lyrics of Shine reflect the themes of loss and despair, but also contain a message of hope and optimism. In particular, the lyrics suggest that even when life is at its darkest, there is still a chance for things to get better.

I Saw God Today – George Strait

George Strait’s song “I Saw God Today” is a moving exploration of loss and faith. The song begins with the narrator describing a scene of terrible devastation, but rather than focus on the destruction, he instead reflects on how this tragedy has affected his faith. He recalls how he used to believe that God was always watching over him, but now he feels abandoned and lost. Despite this, he finds himself still looking for signs of God’s presence. In the final verse, he comes to a moment of acceptance, realizing that even though he may never see God again, he still knows that God is there. The song is a touching portrayal of how faith can be shaken by tragedy, but how ultimately it can still provide comfort and hope.

You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up (Official Music Video) [HD Remaster]

“You Raise Me Up” is a song by Josh Groban that was released in 2002. The song is about losing faith and feeling down, but being lifted up by someone else. The lyrics are full of hope and optimism, and the melody is both beautiful and uplifting. The song has been covered by many artists, and it has been used in movies and TV shows. It is truly a timeless classic.

From A Distance – Bette Midler

Bette Midler - From A Distance (Official Music Video)

From a Distance is a song composed by American singer-songwriter Julie Gold. Bette Midler’s recording of the song, produced by Arif Mardin, was released in 1990 as the lead single from her album Some People’s Lives. The song was written in 1986 from the perspective of Gold’s friend, who was watching the world from a distance and longing for peace. The lyrics describe a world where “war could be no more” and “everyone would be free.” The song became a hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and winning a Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

Beer With Jesus – Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett - Beer With Jesus

The song “Beer with Jesus” by Thomas Rhett is a song about a man who is struggling with his faith. The song begins with the man asking God for help, and then continues with him questioning his faith. He wonders why God has not answered his prayers, and he begins to doubt whether or not God exists. Throughout the song, the man remains conflicted about his faith, but in the end, he decides to have a beer with Jesus. The song is ultimately about the struggle to maintain faith in spite of doubts and fears.

Three Wooden Crosses – Randy Travis

Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses (Live At Calvary Assemble Of God, Orlando, FL/2003)

“Three Wooden Crosses” is a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Randy Travis. It was released in November 2002 as the fifth single from his album Rise and Shine. The song became Travis’ twenty-second Number One hit on the Billboard country charts in early 2003. In the song, four people’s lives are chronicled, each facing a different struggle. The first is a prostitute who turns to God for guidance, the second is an inmate on death row who finds religion while awaiting his execution, the third is a soldier fighting in a war, and the fourth is a poor farmer who loses everything in a tornado.

Jesus To A Child – George Michael

George Michael - Jesus to a Child (Official Music Video)

Jesus to a Child is a song by George Michael that was released in 1996. The song is about losing faith and is written from the perspective of someone who is struggling with their belief in Jesus Christ. The lyrics describe the speaker’s journey from believing in Jesus to doubting his existence. The song starts with the speaker stating that he used to believe in Jesus and would pray to him every night. However, as time went on, the speaker began to doubt his faith.