20 Best Songs About Farm Life

Richard Ellison

There’s something about the farm that just makes people want to sing.

Maybe it’s the fresh air or the smell of cow manure in the morning.

Whatever it is, there are plenty of great songs about life on the farm.

From country classics to modern hits, these songs will have you longing for life on the farm (and animals might like them too).

Whether you’re working in the fields or taking a break to listen to some music, these tunes will keep you moving.

Here are just a few of the best songs about farm life:

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International Harvester – Craig Morgan

International Harvester

International Harvester is a beloved country song by Craig Morgan that tells the story of life on the farm.

Designed to evoke the feeling of working hard and enjoying nature, this track brings listeners into the world of rural America and celebrates what it means to be a farmer.

Whether you are planting seeds in the soil or growing crops for market, each day presents its own set of unique challenges and rewards.

At heart, International Harvester is a love song dedicated to the beauty and importance of the land, and it aims to spread this message to farmers all around the world.

The Dirt Road – Sawyer Brown

The Dirt Road by Sawyer Brown is a song about farm life.

The song tells the story of a young man who leaves his home in the city to work on a farm.

The young man is initially excited about the prospect of working on a farm, but he quickly discovers that farm life is not as glamorous as he thought it would be.

He soon realizes that the dirt road he travels on is full of potholes and that the farm is not as idyllic as he imagined.

Nevertheless, the young man perseveres and eventually comes to love country life.

The Dirt Road by Sawyer Brown is an excellent song for anyone who has ever dreamed of living on a farm.

Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean - Amarillo Sky

Amarillo Sky is a song about farm life, depicting the natural beauty and rewarding sense of community that comes from living and working on the land.

The lyrics evoke images of golden wheat fields stretching out beneath wide blue skies, calling to mind the feeling of endless possibility that one can experience in rural settings.

The song celebrates the rich traditions and hard work that farmers put into their livelihoods, reminding us all of what truly matters in life – family, friends, the beauty of nature, and a deep connection to the land.

Where The Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw

Where The Green Grass Grows

The song “Where the Green Grass Grows” by Tim McGraw paints a beautiful picture of life on the farm.

It captures the simplicity and beauty of rural life, with lyrics that speak to the connection between humans and nature.

The central message of this song is that even in our busy, fast-paced world, there is still a place for simple joys like tending to the crops and spending time outside.

Whether you are a city dweller or someone who has lived on a farm all your life, this tune will resonate with you on some level.

In short, “Where the Green Grass Grows” reminds us that no matter where we are in life, there’s always room for a little bit of green grass.

Rain Is A Good Thing – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Rain Is A Good Thing (Official Music Video)

The song “Rain Is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan is a tribute to the pleasures of farm life.

This upbeat country tune celebrates the richness and beauty of nature, praising the seemingly endless rain that nourishes crops and allows animals to flourish.

Throughout the song, Bryan emphasizes how important rain is for all forms of life on the farm, from crops and livestock to farmers themselves.

Featuring lyrics like “you don’t hear mama complainin'” and describing rainfall as “a blessing in disguise,” this song truly captures the wonder and importance of rain in agricultural settings. 

Heartland – George Strait

George Strait - Heartland (Official Music Video)

Heartland is a song by country music superstar George Strait that speaks to the beauty and simplicity of farm life.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of fields bathed in golden sunlight, stretching as far as the eye can see, with birds singing peacefully in the background.

They also evoke the quiet and peaceful rhythm of life on the farm, anchored by hard work and simple pleasures like going for a walk in the woods or fishing at sunset.

Overall, Heartland is a gorgeous tribute to all that is good about rural life, and it reminds us all to count our blessings and be grateful for what we have.

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (Official Video)

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy is a fun, lighthearted country tune by Kenny Chesney that celebrates the unique allure of farm life.

With lyrics like, “She thinks my tractor’s sexy, it really turns her on,” this song paints a charming picture of a woman who is enamored by the rugged beauty of rural living.

Whether it’s the sight of wide-open fields and farmland under big, open skies, or the gentle rhythm of working machinery in motion, there’s certainly something undeniably attractive about farm life.

Keep Texas Beautiful – Jerry Jeff Walker

Keep Texas Beautiful

Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Keep Texas Beautiful” is a song about the hard work and dedication of farmers.

The lyrics tell the story of a farmer who wakes up early every morning to work in the fields, regardless of the weather.

The farmer works long hours, often into the night, in order to provide for his family.

Despite the difficulty of the job, the farmer takes pride in his work and knows that it is essential to the state of Texas.

“Keep Texas Beautiful” is a tribute to the hardworking men and women who keep our state running.

Without their dedication and commitment, we would not be able to enjoy the many benefits of living in Texas.

American Farmer – Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels’ “American Farmer” is a song about the hard work and dedication of farmers across the United States.

The song begins by painting a picture of a typical day on the farm, from the early morning hours spent tending to the animals to the long days spent in the fields.

Daniels then goes on to describe the various ways that farmers have to contend with the elements, whether it be scorching heat or freezing cold.

Despite all of these challenges, farmers continue to work tirelessly to provide for their families and communities.

The song ends with a message of hope and appreciation for all that farmers do for our country.

Charlie Daniels’ “American Farmer” is a moving tribute to the men and women who work tirelessly to keep our country running.

Song Of The South – Alabama

Alabama - Song Of The South (Official Video)

Song of the South is one of Alabama’s most iconic country songs, paying homage to the daily life and struggles of rural farm communities.

The song paints a vivid picture of rural life in the American south, highlighting its beauty and hardships.

From the inspiring images of green fields and open skies to the realities of hard work and struggling to make ends meet, Song of the South captures it all in rich detail.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to country music, this classic tune is sure to strike a chord with you and leave you feeling nostalgic for simpler times.

Where Corn Don’t Grow – Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt - Where Corn Don't Grow (from Live & Kickin') (Official Video)

Corn is a staple crop in the United States, and it plays a significant role in the economy and culture of the Midwest.

However, as Travis Tritt points out in his 1996 song “Where Corn Don’t Grow,” not every region is suited for growing this crop.

The song tells the story of a young man who leaves his small town in search of opportunities elsewhere.

Although he finds success in the city, he eventually realizes that he misses the simple life back home.

The song resonates with many people who have left rural areas in search of a better life, and it highlights the importance of staying connected to one’s roots.

John Deere Green – Joe Diffie

Though it was released over 25 years ago, John Deere Green by Joe Diffie continues to be one of the most popular songs about farm life.

In the song, Diffie paints a vivid picture of a day in the life of a farmer, from the early morning chores to the evening sunset.

He captures the hard work and determination required to make a living on the land, as well as the deep sense of pride that comes from being a steward of the land.

Though it is a song about the challenges of farm life, it is also a celebration of the simple pleasures that can be found in this way of life.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of living off the land, John Deere Green is sure to resonate.

Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm – Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry - Daddy Won't Sell the Farm (Video)

Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm is a powerful song about the struggles of life on the farm.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the challenges faced by farmers, from extreme weather and unpredictable growing seasons to massive competition from corporate agribusinesses.

But despite these hardships, the singer expresses his fierce commitment to maintaining his family’s legacy and preserving their way of life on the land.

Whether you are a farmer yourself or just someone who admires those who work hard to keep this essential part of our society thriving, this song will move you with its honest depiction of rural life.

Farmer’s Daughter – Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins - Farmer's Daughter (Official)

Rodney Atkins’ song “Farmer’s Daughter” is a ode to the simple life of a farmer’s daughter.

The lyrics paint a picture of a young girl who is content with her life on the farm, surrounded by the natural beauty of her surroundings.

The song speaks to the value of hard work and living close to the land.

The chorus of the song is particularly beautiful, with Atkins singing: “She’s got dirt on her hands and love in her heart/She’s got everything that I need/She’s my Farmer’s Daughter.”

This song is a great reminder of the importance of appreciating the simple things in life.

Here’s To The Farmer – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan - Here's To The Farmer (Official Music Video)

Farm life is not easy. It requires long hours, hard work, and dedication.

But for those who choose to make a living on the land, there is nothing more rewarding.

Here’s To The Farmer by Luke Bryan celebrates the lifestyle of farmers and all they do to provide for us.

The song highlights the important role farmers play in our society, and how their work benefits us all. Without farmers, we would not have the food we need to survive.

This song is a tribute to all the farmers out there who work tirelessly to put food on our tables.

Pretty Pink Tractor – Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins - Pretty Pink Tractor - Official Music Video

Tim Hawkins is a comedian known for his songs about everyday life, and “Pretty Pink Tractor” is one of his most popular tunes.

The song is a light-hearted look at farm life, specifically the challenges of dealing with livestock.

As Hawkins sings, “Cows are cute / But they’re also kinda stupid / And they smell like my grandpa’s shoes.”

Despite the difficulties, Hawkins ultimately finds the appeal of farm life, declaring that he wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

“Pretty Pink Tractor” is a humorous take on a classic country song, and it provides a unique perspective on the joys and challenges of rural living.

Cafe On The Corner – Sawyer Brown

Sawyer Brown - Cafe On The Corner (Official Video)

Cafe on the Corner by Sawyer Brown is a song about farm life.

The song tells the story of a farmer who has to leave his farm to go to the city to find work.

The farmer is reluctant to leave his home, but he knows that he has to do what is best for his family.

In the city, the farmer finds a job in a cafe on the corner.

The song describes how the farmer misses his home and his old way of life, but he is grateful for the opportunity to work and provide for his family.

The song is a reminder that even when we are far from home, we can still find ways to be thankful for what we have.

Daddy’s Farm – Shooter Jennings

Daddy’s Farm is a song about life on the farm and the struggles that come with it.

This song captures the beauty of farm life, depicting the fields, crops, and animals in all their glory.

But at the same time, it also shines a light on some of the challenges of farming, from hard work and long hours to unpredictable weather and unreliable yields.

The lyrics evoke a sense of both nostalgia for times past and pride for what can be accomplished in such a difficult field.

Ultimately, this song teaches us that despite its many trials and tribulations, farming remains a noble calling that taps into our most basic human desires to sow seeds, cultivate crops, and care for the land.

Down On The Farm – Guns N’ Roses

Farm life can be tough.

You’re up before the sun, working all day in the hot sun, and then you’ve got to do it all over again the next day. It’s no wonder that so many country songs have been written about the hardships of farm life.

“Down on the Farm” by Guns N’ Roses is one of those songs.

The song paints a picture of a man who is struggling to keep up with the demands of farm life.

However, despite the challenges, he remains hopeful that things will eventually get better.

“Down on the Farm” is a reminder that even when times are tough, there’s always hope for a better tomorrow.

Welcome To The Farm – Luke Bryan

Welcome To The Farm

Welcome to the Farm is a song by Luke Bryan that celebrates the simple life of farm living.

The lyrics paint a picture of a day in the life on a farm, from the rooster waking everyone up at dawn to the cows coming home at night.

In between, there’s plenty of hard work to be done, but there’s also time for some fun.

Whether it’s sitting around the dinner table or taking a break to go fishing, life on the farm is full of rewarding moments.

The song captures the essence of what it means to live close to nature and appreciate the simple things in life.

For anyone who has ever dreamed of living on a farm, Welcome to the Farm is the perfect anthem.