20 Best Songs About Bubble Gum

Chelsea Cooke

Bubble Gum is one of the most popular types of chewing gum in the world. It’s been around for over a century and has been the subject of many songs over the years. Here are 20 of the best songs about Bubble Gum!

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Bubble Gum – Claire Cottrill

Claire Cottrill’s song “Bubble Gum” is a playful and lighthearted ode to the eponymous treat. The song begins with a simple description of bubble gum: “It’s pink and it’s sticky/ And it smells like chemical bliss.” From there, Cottrill goes on to extol the virtues of bubble gum, singing about how it can be used to blow “perfect rings” and how it’s “always there when you need a friend.” However, the song also contains a warning about the dangers of bubble gum addiction, with Cottrill cautioning that “too much of a good thing can be bad for you.” Ultimately, “Bubble Gum” is a fun and poppy song that highlights both the sweetness and the danger of this sticky treat.

Bubble Gum – VAX and Sorana

VAX & Sorana - Bubble Gum (Audio)

Bubble Gum is a song by the American duo VAX and Sorana. The song was released on May 29, 2019, through Monstercat and became a viral hit on TikTok. The song is about, as the title suggests, bubble gum. The lyrics tell the story of a young girl who becomes infatuated with a boy who is always chewing gum. She eventually works up the courage to ask him for a piece, and they share a moment of mutual gum-chewing bliss. The song has been praised for its catchy hooks and amusing lyrics, and it has quickly become a favorite among fans of pop music. Bubble Gum is sure to put a smile on your face and get your toes tapping.

Bubble Gum – Quavo

Quavo - BUBBLE GUM (Official Video)

Quavo’s “Bubble Gum” is a playful ode to the classic childhood treat. The song begins with a simple, catchy hook that sets the tone for the rest of the track. Quavo’s smooth flow and easy delivery make the lyrics sound effortless, even though he’s discussing a topic that is anything but deep or complex. Thematically, the song is pretty straightforward; it’s simply about enjoying the taste of bubble gum and blowing bubbles.

Bubble Gum Bitch – Marina

MARINA - Bubblegum Bitch (Live from the Desert)

Marina’s song “Bubble Gum Bitch” is a catchy ode to the sugary treat. The song begins with the lines “She’s a bubble gum bitch / She’s a Chewing Gum whore.” These lines establish the speaker’s tone of disgust and contempt for the subject of the song. The speaker goes on to describe the bubble gum bitch as “a sticky little witch” who is ” addicted to the sweetest thing.” Throughout the song, the speaker highlights the various ways in which the bubble gum bitch is flawed, from her “sugar-coated lips” to her “gum-chewing habits.”

Bubble Gum Years – Gomez

Bubble Gum Years is a song by Gomez, a pop-rock band from the United Kingdom. The song was released in 1998 as the lead single from the band’s second studio album, Bring It On. Bubble Gum Years is a pop-rock song with elements of bubblegum pop. The song features prominent use of guitars and keyboards, and its lyrics discuss the theme of nostalgia for one’s childhood. Bubble Gum Years was a commercial success for Gomez, peaking at number four on the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, the song peaked at number two on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Bubble Gum Haze – Yin Kalle


Bubble Gum Haze by Yin Kalle is a fun and catchy song about, you guessed it, bubble gum! The lyrics are all about the various ways that bubble gum can be enjoyed, from blowing big bubbles to chewing it up and sticking it to your friends. The song is sure to put a smile on your face, and the bubble gum references will have you craving a piece (or two) of your own. So next time you’re in the mood for a sweet and bubbly treat, be sure to give Bubble Gum Haze a listen. You’ll be glad you did!

My Bubble Gum – Rasheeda

Rasheeda - My Bubble Gum

“My Bubble Gum” by Rasheeda is a song all about the joys of bubble gum. The opening line, “I like to chew my bubble gum / It makes me feel so good,” sets the tone for the rest of the song, which extols the virtues of bubble gum both as a tasty treat and as a fun way to pass the time. Rasheeda’s bubbly delivery and infectious beats make “My Bubble Gum” an undeniable earworm, and the song’s positive message is sure to put a smile on any listener’s face. Whether you’re a fan of bubble gum or not, it’s impossible not to enjoy this bouncy ode to everyone’s favorite chewy treat.

Bubble Gum (feat. Juicy J) – Jelly

Jelly & Juicy J - Bubble Gum (AUDIO)

The song “Bubble Gum” by Jelly is a fun and upbeat track that is perfect for any party or get-together. The song features a catchy hook from Juicy J, and the rest of the track is filled with high-energy verses from the rest of the group. The song is about, you guessed it, bubble gum! The lyrics talk about how much fun it is to blow bubbles and how they always seem to pop at the wrong time. The track is sure to get anyone up and dancing, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face. So next time you’re looking for asong to get the party started, be sure to give “Bubble Gum” a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Chew Bubble Gum – Carpenter Brut

Chew Bubble Gum (Live)

The song “Chew Bubble Gum” by Carpenter Brut is a synthesizer-driven homage to the classic ’80s action movie soundtrack. The song’s title refers to the popular chewing gum of the same name, which was introduced in the late 1970s and became a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s. The song’s lyrics are written in the style of an ’80s action movie, with references to guns, explosions, and car chases. The song’s heavy synth sound and aggressive guitars are reminiscent of the classic ’80s action movie soundtrack, making it the perfect addition to any ’80s-themed playlist.

Bubble Gum (with Yandel) – Lele Pons

Lele Pons & Yandel - Bubble Gum (Official Music Video)

Bubble Gum by Lele Pons is a fun and upbeat song about, you guessed it, bubble gum! The song starts out with a catchy beat that will get your feet tapping along. Lele’s playful lyrics are sure to put a smile on your face, as she talks about everything from blowing bubbles to chewing gum. The song also includes a guest appearance by Yandel, who adds an extra layer of fun with his rap verses. Whether you’re a fan of bubble gum or not, this song is sure to put you in a good mood. So go ahead and give it a listen, and see for yourself!

Bubble Gum Couple – 22-Pistepirkko

Despite being fairly simplistic, the song “Bubble Gum Couple” by 22-Pistepirkko contains a number of interesting elements. The most obvious is the use of onomatopoeia, with theartist making repeated use of sound effects to imitate the act of blowing bubbles. This creates a fun and playful atmosphere, which is further reinforced by the use of bubblegum-themed lyrics.

Sailor Suit and Bubble Gum – Desired

Sailor Suit and Bubble Gum

“Sailor Suit and Bubble Gum” is a song by the Japanese band Desired. The song is about a girl who loves bubble gum, and her sailor-themed outfit. The lyrics are written in a playful, childlike style, and the melody is catchy and upbeat. The song has become a popular choice for karaoke, and it has been used in numerous commercials and television shows. “Sailor Suit and Bubble Gum” is a fun, light-hearted song that is sure to put a smile on your face.

John Cage Bubble Gum – Stereolab

John Cage Bubblegum

The song “John Cage Bubble Gum” by Stereolab is a tribute to the iconic treat. The song begins with the sound of someone blowing a bubble, and it goes on to describe the various flavors and colors of bubble gum. Ultimately, the song celebrates the simplicity of bubble gum and its ability to bring joy. Whether you’re a child blowing bubbles or an adult reminiscing about days gone by, “John Cage Bubble Gum” is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Bubble Gum Girl – Nick Bean

Nick Bean - Bubble Gum Girl

Bubble Gum Girl by Nick Bean is a song about, you guessed it, bubble gum! The light-hearted song tells the story of a girl who is addicted to bubble gum and the lengths she goes to get her fix. The girl in the song is clearly obsessed with bubble gum and is always chew, even going so far as to chew it in class. This eventually gets her into trouble with her teacher, who confiscates her gum. Undeterred, the girl simply steals more gum from her classmates.

Bubble Gum Gelato – YN Jay

YN Jay - Bubblegum Gelato (Official Video)

YN Jay’s Bubble Gum Gelato is a sweet and catchy ode to the sugary treat. The song opens with a crave-worthy description of the flavor, before diving into the sticky details of how to eat it. The chorus is all about the joys of indulging in a delicious treat, with references to both the taste and the texture of bubble gum. Throughout the song, YN Jay makes it clear that he is a big fan of bubble gum, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum – David Landau

Icky Sticky Bubble Gum

David Landau’s “Icky Sticky Bubble Gum” is a fun and catchy song about the sticky, icky, gooey treat that we all know and love. Bubble gum has been around for centuries, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. In the United States alone, Americans chew over three billion pounds of bubble gum every year. That’s a lot of sticky gum! The song highlights some of the joys and woes of bubble gum, from the delight of blowing giant bubbles to the frustration of stuck-in-your-hair situations. Whether you’re a fan of bubble gum or not, you’re sure to enjoy this lighthearted tune.

Bubble Gum Gangstaz – Curren$y

Curren$y - Bubble Gum Gangstaz

Curren$y’s “Bubble Gum Gangstaz” is a playful ode to the sticky sweet treat. Over a bass-heavy beat, the rapper extols the virtues of bubble gum, declaring it to be “the official food of the gangstas.” Throughout the song, Curren$y paints a picture of a world where bubble gum is king, and gangsters rule the streets. He even name-drops some of the most famous bubble gum brands, including Bubblicious and Double Bubble. While “Bubble Gum Gangstaz” is clearly meant to be tongue-in-cheek, there’s no denying the track’s catchy hook and infectious energy.

Bubble Gum World – 1910 Fruitgum Company

1910 Fruitgum Company-Bubblegum World

Bubble Gum World is a song by 1910 Fruitgum Company. The song is about bubble gum and its various benefits. Bubble gum can help people relax, it can be used to blow bubbles, and it can be chewed for hours without losing its flavor. Bubble gum can also be used to make art, as demonstrated by the many sculptures and paintings that have been made out of bubble gum. In addition to its artistic value, bubble gum has also been shown to have therapeutic benefits. Bubble gum can help relieve stress, tension headaches, and even nausea.

Bubble Gum Beat – DJ Shadow

Dj Shadow - Bubble Gum Beat

DJ Shadow’s “Bubble Gum Beat” is a bouncy, upbeat track that celebrates the simple pleasure of bubble gum. The song’s cheerful vocal melody and infectious synth riffs are underpinned by a hard-hitting drumbeat, giving the track a feeling of high energy and excitement. Despite its light-hearted subject matter, “Bubble Gum Beat” is a masterfully crafted piece of electronic music, with Shadow’s signature precise production values on full display. The song’s willingness to embrace its silliness makes it an enjoyable and refreshing listen, and its positive message is sure to put a smile on your face.

Bubble gum (B. Bardot) – Serge Gainsbourg

“Bubble gum” is a 1968 song written by Serge Gainsbourg and performed by Brigitte Bardot. The song is about a woman who enjoys chewing gum. bubble gum was first introduced to the public in 1928 and became widely popular in the 1930s. It was initially companies to be used as a denture adhesive, but it soon became a favorite candy for kids. In the 1950s, bubble gum manufacturers began adding flavorings and colors to their products, making them even more appealing to young taste buds. Today, bubble gum is enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world. And “Bubble gum” remains one of the most iconic songs about this beloved treat.