19 Best Songs About Birds

Chelsea Cooke

Birds are fascinating creatures.

They can be beautiful and inspiring, and they also have a unique way of interacting with the world around them.

Bird songs are some of the most beautiful sounds in nature, and many artists have been inspired to write songs about these amazing creatures.

Here are 20 of our favorite bird-themed songs!

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Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds (Official Music Video)

Three Little Birds is a song by Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley and his band, The Wailers. The song was released as a single in 1980, and it became one of Marley’s most popular and well-known songs. The song features a simple, catchy melody and Marley’s signature smooth vocals. The lyrics are optimistic and uplifting, with Marley singing about how “every little thing is gonna be alright.” The song has been covered by numerous artists, and it has been used in many movies and television shows. Three Little Birds is widely considered to be one of the greatest reggae songs of all time.

Of Moons, Birds & Monsters MGMT

MGMT - Of Moons, Birds and Monsters

The song “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” by MGMT is a captivating piece that explores the unique relationship between humans and nature.

Through evocative imagery and atmospheric sound design, the song effectively conveys the idea that there is beauty to be found in even the most seemingly bleak and desolate landscapes.

The track represents an interesting take on our place within the natural world, with lyrics painting striking images of pet cemeteries and wind-swept beaches.

Ultimately, this song paints a moving portrait of our connection to Mother Earth and encourages listeners to look past their perceived disconnect and see the wonders that can be found all around us.

Birds Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles - Birds

The electronic song “Birds” by the band Crystal Castles is a haunting, driving track filled with heavy beats and distorted synths.

From the very first few notes, it’s clear that this song is going to be something special, with its pulsing drum rhythms and triumphant melodies.

Throughout the course of the song, there are moments of turmoil and intensity interwoven with euphoric high points that create a dynamic listening experience.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Crystal Castles or just discovering the band for the first time, “Birds” is sure to captivate anyone who loves great electro music.

Two Birds Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor - Two Birds

The song Two Birds by Regina Spektor, is a beautiful meditation on the complex and often unpredictable nature of relationships.

The lyrics draw the listener in with their haunting imagery and engaging rhythm, while reflecting on the depths of love and loss.

In many ways, the song perfectly captures what it means to experience the ups and downs of a relationship, as the narrator vacillates between feelings of longing and sadness.

Whether it be a romantic relationship or something else entirely, this song beautifully captures the paradoxical nature of human connection, reminding us that despite its many challenges, there is always something worth fighting for.

Pretty Little Birds (feat. Isaiah Rashad) SZA

SZA - Pretty Little Birds (Audio) ft. Isaiah Rashad

“Pretty Little Birds” by SZA is a powerful and moving take on the innate struggles of life.

The artist draws inspiration from her own experiences as well as those of others, crafting lyrics that both evoke deep emotions and offer honest advice and encouragement.

Featuring verses from hip-hop artist Isaiah Rashad, this track seamlessly blends two distinct yet complementary styles to form an intoxicatingly smooth sound.

With its driving tempo, heartfelt melodies, and poignant lyrical content, “Pretty Little Birds” rightly deserves its spot among SZA’s many celebrated songs.

Birds of Prey Christina Aguilera

Birds of prey - Christina Aguilera

Birds of Prey is a stunning, powerful song by Christina Aguilera that perfectly captures the drama and intensity of love.

This sweeping ballad takes the listener on a journey through the giddy heights of new romance, as well as the lows of heartache and longing.

Throughout the track, Christina’s vocals soar with emotion and passion, conveying both vulnerability and strength.

Whether you’re experiencing your first love or a heartbreak for the thousandth time, Birds of Prey is sure to strike a chord with listeners everywhere.

An absolute must-listen for anyone who’s ever felt those bittersweet first pangs of love.

Up with the Birds Coldplay

Coldplay’s Up With The Birds is a powerful and uplifting anthem that speaks to our desire to rise above our struggles and reach new heights.

This inspiring track mixes driving, percussive beats with sweeping orchestrations and soaring vocals, creating a stirring soundscape that compels us to keep pushing forward no matter what life throws our way.

Whether you listen to “Up with the Birds” while tackling tough obstacles or simply need a bit of inspiration in your everyday life, this heartfelt tune will fire you up and make you feel unstoppable.

The Birds Telefon Tel Aviv

Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds

The Birds by Telefon Tel Aviv is a haunting electronic ballad that exquisitely captures the feeling of helplessness and isolation.

With its ethereal reverberations, pulsing synths, and melancholic vocals, this song paints a vivid portrait of how it feels to be lost and alone in the vast expanse of an unfamiliar city.

Whether you’re wandering through empty streets at 3am or riding the subway alone on a dreary Monday morning, listening to this song is like taking a moment to breathe in the beauty and tragedy of searching for home.

So if you’re looking for a track that truly captures what it means to feel disconnected from your surroundings, look no further than The Birds.

Strange Birds Birdy

The haunting melody of the song “Strange Birds,” by Birdy, immediately captivates listeners with its mournful beauty.

The sweeping strings and lilting guitar perfectly capture the soaring sensation of a flock of birds flying across the sky, their movement echoed by the evocative lyrics.

Throughout the song, Birdy’s vocals soar in perfect harmony with the music, conveying both joy and melancholy as she sings about strange birds that cannot be tamed or contained.

Whether you’re a bird-lover or not, this mesmerizing track will certainly entrance and enthrall you from start to finish.

Soaring far beyond the borders of reality, “Strange Birds” beautifully captures what it truly means to be free.

Teenage Birdsong Four Tet

Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong (Official Music Video)

Teenage Birdsong is a much-loved song by the electronic music producer and DJ Four Tet.

The track was released in 2012 as part of his album Pink, and it quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its hypnotic beats and soaring melodies.

With its pulsing synths and glittering arrangements, Teenage Birdsong is characterized by a sense of youthful energy and vitality.

Whether you’re dancing at a club or studying late at night, this innovative track is sure to capture your attention and leave you feeling inspired.

So if you’re looking for a song that captures the spirit of youth in all its glorious chaos, look no further than Teenage Birdsong.

I Like Birds Eels

I like birds - Eels

“I Like Birds,” by Eels, is a quirky and engaging dance tune that has gained popularity among music fans of all ages.

The song is highly unique, with unusual time signatures, a weirdly distorted vocal track, and playful lyrics that reference everything from submarines to bowling balls.

But what really makes the song stand out is its catchy chorus, which repeats the memorable line “I like birds.”

This simple phrase manages to perfectly capture the carefree vibe of the entire track, and it effortlessly compels listeners to get up out of their seats and start dancing along.

Whether you’re an avid fan of Eels or simply looking for a fun, easy-to-listen-to track to add to your playlist, “I Like Birds” is sure to get your toes tapping and your feet moving.

Eagle Birds The Black Keys

The Black Keys - Eagle Birds [Official Audio]

The Black Keys hit song “EagleBirds” is a must-listen for any fan of rock and roll music.

This energetic and propulsive track packs in all the elements that make the Black Keys such a revered band: tight, driving rhythms, fuzzed-out guitars, and expert vocal performances.

But beyond being just another great song from this talented duo, “Eagle Birds” also represents something deeper.

This track was inspired by the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson, and pays tribute to his life and work.

With its pounding rhythms and passionate vocals, “Eagle Birds” truly captures the spirit of Johnson’s contribution to modern music.

Whether you are already a fan of The Black Keys or just getting into their music, this song will surely leave you energized and excited about everything they have to offer.

Arrival of the Birds The Cinematic Orchestra

The song “Arrival of the Birds” by The Cinematic Orchestra is a beautiful and evocative piece that perfectly captures the majesty and magic of nature.

Beginning with gentle, haunting flute melodies, this song takes the listener on a journey through all four seasons, painting vivid images of spring blossoms, summer sunsets, autumn leaves, and winter snowfall.

Throughout the piece, intricate layers of percussion and strings build to create a deeply emotional mood while also capturing the many wonderful sounds of nature.

Whether you are sitting alone in a woodland glade or curled up inside on a cold winter’s night, this breathtaking composition will help you to appreciate the life-affirming beauty of our world in all its splendor.

Me and the Birds Duster

Duster - Me And The Birds (Music Video)

Me and the Birds is a revolutionary track that blends a variety of influences to create a sound unlike anything else in music today.

The song fuses elements of alternative rock, punk, dubstep, hip hop, and more to form an energetic and addictive soundscape.

It also features blistering vocals that pulse and pulse until they seem to take on a life of their own.

Through its bold experimentation and experimentation, Me and the Birds has proven itself as one of the most innovative works in recent memory.

Whether you’re looking for something wild and experimental or simply a new favorite song, look no further than Me and the Birds.

3 Birds The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather - 3 Birds

3 Birds is a powerful and energizing song by The Dead Weather, a rock band that was fronted by the legendary musician Jack White.

This unique track begins with an upbeat guitar riff and layered vocal melodies, which give the song an intense and rhythmic sound.

The haunting lyrics of 3 Birds tell the story of three mysterious birds on a journey through unknown landscapes, symbolism that has led many fans to consider the song to be somewhat dark and even cryptic.

Regardless of its meaning, 3 Birds is undoubtedly one of The Dead Weather’s greatest hits, and it has been featured in various films and television shows over the years.

Birds & Bees Vince Staples

Vince Staples - Birds & Bees [feat. Daley] (prod. by DJ Dahi)

Birds & Bees by Vince Staples is a song that explores the complicated relationship between love, sex, and societal pressures.

The lyrics are visceral and explicit, showing Vince’s direct and unapologetic approach to describing these topics.

He tackles everything from the intensity of physical attraction to the media’s influence on our perceptions of relationships.

Overall, this song expertly captures both the primal excitement of romantic intimacy and the societal pressures that often undermine those emotions.

Whether you’re a young person navigating your first sexual experiences or an older person reflecting on love and relationships past, Birds & Bees will speak directly to your heart and soul.

Birds (feat. Elisa) Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons - Birds (Audio) ft. Elisa

Birds is a catchy and uplifting song by the band Imagine Dragons, featuring pop singer Elisa.

With its intricate instrumental melodies and soaring vocals, this song makes for a perfect soundtrack to any day.

Whether you’re driving down the highway, working out at the gym, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, Birds is sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.

The infectious beat and compelling lyrics invite you to sing along, making it an instant crowd-pleaser.

So if you’re looking for some music that will cheer you up and keep things interesting, be sure to check out Birds by Imagine Dragons feat. Elisa!

Birds of a Feather The Civil Wars

Birds Of A Feather-The Civil Wars (With Lyrics)

Birds of a Feather is a song by the American folk duo The Civil Wars.

This haunting and beautiful ballad tells the story of two birds who find themselves drawn to the same tree, even though they come from different species.

The pure and even tone of Joy Williams’ vocals perfectly complements John Paul White’s rich, rolling melodies, creating a musical landscape that is sure to captivate listeners both young and old.

Whether you are familiar with The Civil Wars or just discovering their music, Birds of a Feather is sure to be one of your new favorite songs.

Birds of Hell Awaiting Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson - Birds Of Hell Awaiting

Birds of Hell Awaiting by Marilyn Manson, is a dark and deeply unsettling piece.

Filled with harsh, discordant sounds and ominous drone synths, the track creates a distinctly sinister atmosphere.

At the same time, the lyrics are packed with gruesome imagery and cryptic allusions to various mythological creatures.

In particular, listeners are drawn into the frightening tale of a Phoenix-like bird whose bloodlust knows no bounds.

Overall, this chilling song represents an intense and jarring artistic statement that will leave listeners simultaneously intrigued and unnerved.

Whether you enjoy rocking out to hard-hitting industrial tunes or you’re drawn to macabre music that provides an unsettling thrill, Birds of Hell Awaiting is sure to satisfy your taste for sonic terror.

Isle of Flightless Birds Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots - Isle Of Flightless Bird

The song “Isle of Flightless Birds,” by Twenty One Pilots, was released in 2012 as part of the band’s album “Vessel.”

The song is a dark and haunting piece, with cryptic lyrics that explore themes such as death, loss, and isolation.

It features ethereal instrumentals, blending together dreamy melodies with haunting vocal samples that create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Over the course of its three-minute runtime, the song delves into multiple colorful sonic landscapes, which help to reflect the complex emotions and vivid imagery behind the song’s lyrics.

Overall, “Isle of Flightless Birds” is a stunning composition that paints a striking portrait of mortality and sadness.