20 Best Songs About Being Insecure

Eddy Villa

Insecurity is a feeling that we all know too well.

It can be crippling, and it can make us feel like we’re not good enough.

Insecurity is something that many people struggle with on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder that so many songs have been written about insecurity.

After all, it’s a topic that affects us all in one way or another.

Whether we’re dealing with social anxieties, self-doubt, or feelings of inadequacy, there’s a song out there that can speak to those experiences and help us feel less alone.

So without further ado, here are the 20 best songs about being insecure:

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Drew Barrymore – SZA

SZA - Drew Barrymore (Official Video)

In her song “Drew Barrymore,” SZA paints a picture of a young woman who is struggling with self-doubt and insecurity.

The song begins with the image of the titular character, Drew Barrymore, “sittin’ in her tub” with “a face full of bubbles.”

From there, the lyrics explore the idea of comparison, as SZA contrasts Drew’s seemingly perfect life with her own struggles.

The chorus finds SZA grappling with the idea that she will never be good enough, singing, “I’m tired of being so damn insecure.”

Ultimately, the song is about the importance of accepting oneself for who they are.

Liability – Lorde

Lorde - Liability (Live On SNL/2017)

In her song “Liability,” Lorde explores the idea of feeling like a burden to others.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is struggling with self-doubt and insecurity, feeling like they are not good enough for the people in their life.

While the song is sad, there is also an underlying message of hope. Despite the doubts and fears that we all face,

Lorde reminds us that we are still valuable and worth fighting for.

We all have moments where we feel like liabilities, but that doesn’t mean that we should give up on ourselves.

Insecure – Bren Joy

Bren Joy - Insecure (feat. Pink Sweat$) [Official Video]

Bren Joy’s song “Insecure” is a relatable and catchy tune about the feeling of insecurity.

The lyrics describe the various insecurities that people can feel, such as not being good enough, not being smart enough, or not being pretty enough.

The song also touches on the idea that everyone has some insecurity, and that it’s okay to feel insecure sometimes.

“Insecure” is a relatable song that will resonate with many listeners.

It’s a reminder that everyone feels insecure sometimes, and that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way.

The song is catchy and upbeat, making it easy to sing along to.

“Insecure” is a great song about feeling insecure, and it’s sure to resonate with many listeners.

Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink 

P!nk - Please Don't Leave Me (Official Video)

“Don’t Let Me Get Me” is a song about being insecure and letting your insecurities control your behavior. Written and sung by pop superstar Pink, the track explores themes of self-doubt, perfectionism, and comparison.

Throughout the song, Pink sings about her tendency to put others down when she feels insecure or like she’s not living up to her own expectations.

She calls out some of the ways in which she engages in these harmful behaviors, such as gossiping or filtering herself so that she only presents an image that makes her appear more likable.

Things I’ll Never Say – Avril Lavigne 

Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say (Official Audio)

Despite the title, there are many things that I will never say in life.

For example, I will never say that I am not good enough, or that I don’t deserve success and happiness.

These are just a few of the many doubts and insecurities that constantly swirl around my head, and which songwriter Avril Lavigne so poignantly captures with her latest hit single, “Things I’ll Never Say.”

The lyrics of this song perfectly capture the conflicting feelings of insecurity and self-confidence that so many of us struggle with on a daily basis.

Avril explores the various ways in which these conflicting emotions can tear us down and hinder our ability to fully embrace and enjoy life.

She touches on topics like relationships, career ambitions, self-image, and more in a way that is both relatable and powerful.

Oh No! – Marina & The Diamonds

MARINA - Oh No! (I Feel Like I'm The Worst So I Always Act like I'm The Best) [Official Music Video]

Oh No! by Marina & The Diamonds is a highly relatable song about the often-overlooked experience of feeling insecure.

This vulnerability is something that many of us struggle with on a daily basis, whether it be in our relationships, our careers, or simply within ourselves.

In her track, Marina articulates this struggle through her bold yet vulnerable lyrics, inviting others to connect with and reflect on their own experiences with insecurity.

Ultimately, Oh No! reminds us all that we are not alone in this battle and that by being honest about our feelings of doubt and self-doubt, we can work to overcome them together.

My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer

My Stupid Mouth is a song by John Mayer that speaks to the feelings of insecurity that we all experience from time to time.

This feeling of self-doubt is something that everyone understands, whether we are teenagers grappling with our changing bodies, or adults facing new challenges and opportunities in our careers.

At its core, the song is about the uncertainty and anxiety we feel as we try to navigate through life, uncertain about where we belong and who we truly are.

With its honest lyrics and heartfelt melody, My Stupid Mouth offers us a much-needed reminder that even though we may struggle sometimes, we are not alone in our struggles. 

Insecurities – Lova

LOVA - Insecurities

Insecurities is a powerful and emotional ballad that dives deep into the subject of insecurity.

Written and performed by rising star Lova, this song examines the various neural pathways that lead to self-doubt and anxiety, exploring different coping mechanisms and ultimately affirming that you are more than your insecurities.

With its moving blend of acoustic guitar, piano, and emotive vocals, Insecurities is a must-listen for anyone struggling with feeling insecure, whether with their body, relationships, or career.

If you’re looking for a song to help you find your inner strength and resilience, then be sure to check out Insecurities today.

Do You Love Me – Jay Sean

Jay Sean - Do You Love Me (Official Video)

Jay Sean’s “Do You Love Me” is a song about the insecurity that can come with being in a relationship.

The lyrics express the doubt and fear that can plague even the happiest of couples, asking whether or not the love is real.

Despite the negative emotions at its core, the song is catchy and upbeat, making it a favorite among fans of Jay Sean’s music.

The popularity of the song speaks to the universal nature of its message; everyone has felt insecure in a relationship at some point, making “Do You Love Me” relatable for many people.

In addition to its emotional resonance, the song is also notable for its use of vivid imagery, which helps to bring the lyrics to life.

Whether you’re a fan of Jay Sean’s music or not, there’s no denying that “Do You Love Me” is a powerful and moving song about the insecurity that can come with being in love.

Don’t Leave – Snakehips & MØ

Snakehips & MØ - Don't Leave (Official Video)

“Don’t Leave” by Snakehips & MØ is a song about feeling insecure in a relationship.

The lyrics describe the fear of being abandoned and the resulting feelings of insecurity.

The song reflects the feeling of many people who have experienced a break-up or been left behind.

It is a relatable song for anyone who has ever felt insecure in a relationship.

The song also speaks to the universal fear of being alone.

Even though the lyrics are about a specific situation, they are also about a universal human emotion.

I Hate U I Love U – Gnash feat. Olivia O’Brien

gnash - i hate u, i love u ft. olivia o'brien (music video)

I Hate U I Love U is a song about insecurity, exploring the complicated feelings that can arise when we find ourselves torn between love and hate for someone.

The lyrics capture both the pain and the passion of being pulled in different directions by our emotions, as well as the uncertainty that can come with trying to navigate these feelings.

Throughout the song, Gnash and Olivia O’Brien sing about feeling out of control, desperately trying to figure out what they truly want from their relationship.

Ultimately, they recognize that while it may feel impossible to reconcile these conflicting emotions, they need to fight through them in order to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. 

Wish I Could Be Her – K. Michelle

K. Michelle - I Wish I Could Be Her [Official Audio]

Wish I Could Be Her is a song by K. Michelle that explores themes of insecurity and self-doubt.

Throughout the song, K. Michelle expresses the many ways in which she wishes she could be more like other women.

She points to specific moments in her life when her insecurities have held her back and caused her to doubt herself and her abilities.

Despite these feelings of inadequacy, however, K. Michelle also demonstrates resilience and strength that helps her to overcome these setbacks and continue on with confidence and conviction.

Ultimately, Wish I Could Be Her serves as a testament to the power of inner strength and determination, showing us how we can overcome our own insecurities by simply believing in ourselves.

Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots is a song about the experience of feeling insecure and overwhelmed in modern life.

The lyrics reflect the pressures of daily existence, including everything from high expectations at work to mounting bills and social confidence.

This anxiety can lead to feelings of stress and isolation, making it difficult to cope with day-to-day activities.

But through the lyrics of Stressed Out, Twenty One Pilots offers a message of hope and resilience.

By encouraging listeners to be true to themselves and recognize the value of their own experiences, they help us find the strength we need to meet life’s challenges with optimism and openness.

Your Type – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type

There is something truly special about a song that can express all of the complicated emotions and sensations that come with being human.

One such song is “Your Type” by Carly Rae Jepsen, which captures the tension and anxiety of feeling insecure about one’s appearance and romantic relationships.

With its driving synth-pop beat and infectious vocal melodies, this song immediately draws you in with its upbeat energy.

But as you listen more closely to the lyrics, you begin to realize just how relatable they are, whether you’re relating to the desire to find love or the fear of rejection.

Jepsen’s honest and heartfelt depiction of self-doubt resonates with anyone who has ever felt like they weren’t good enough, no matter what their circumstances may be.

Don’t Delete The Kisses – Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice - Don't Delete the Kisses (Official Video)

Don’t Delete the Kisses is a song by Wolf Alice that explores feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

The lyrics reflect on moments when we second-guess our own abilities and feel overwhelmed by negative emotions like anxiety and insecurity.

They grapple with the idea that sometimes we are our worst critic, especially when it comes to our relationships and interactions with others.

Ultimately, however, the song argues that even though we may not always like who we are or how we act, it is important to stay true to ourselves and remember that we are worthy of love and support.

In other words, even if we feel insecure at times, we should not let our fears stop us from being who we truly are.

I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem’s “I Can Change” is a song about insecurity and the fear of not being good enough.

The lyrics explore the idea that we all have an ideal version of ourselves that we strive to live up to, but sometimes fall short.

The song speaks to the idea that change is possible, and that even though we might not be perfect, we can still strive to be better.

The track is marked by its catchy synth-pop hooks and James Murphy’s distinct vocal delivery, which gives the song an added sense of urgency.

“I Can Change” is a catchy and thought-provoking track that speaks to the human experience of feeling insecure and unworthy.

I Guess I’m Dumb – Glen Campbell

One of Glen Campbell’s most beloved songs is “I Guess I’m Dumb.”

This catchy country tune is a candid portrayal of the insecurity and self-doubt that many people experience in their everyday lives.

In the lyrics, Campbell explores different ways in which this inner feeling of inadequacy can wreak havoc on our outlook, from affecting how we communicate with others to reducing our sense of self-worth.

Ultimately, though, he offers hope for overcoming these negative attitudes and trusting in one’s own abilities and capabilities.

With its poetic lyrics and upbeat melody, “I Guess I’m Dumb” is a timeless anthem for all those who struggle with feelings of self-doubt.

November – Tyler, the Creator

November by Tyler, the Creator is a song about insecurity.

Tyler addresses various insecurities throughout the song, from his appearance to his relationships.

He opens up about feeling not good enough and worries that he will never be able to find happiness.

Despite all of these doubts, Tyler ultimately affirms that he is still here and still tries to enjoy life despite his struggles.

The song is vulnerable and honest, offering listeners a glimpse into Tyler’s mind.

By sharing his own insecurities, Tyler allows others to feel seen and understood.

Much More Than That – Sharon Van Etten

Much More Than That

Much More Than That is a song by Sharon Van Etten that explores the complex feelings of insecurity and longing that often characterize interpersonal relationships.

The track takes an unflinching look at the narrator’s struggle to accept her own flaws, while also grappling with her desire for connection with others.

This inner conflict plays out through the powerful use of imagery in the verses, with repeated references to windows, mirrors, and closed doors creating a sense of isolation and self-doubt.

Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink

P!NK - Don't Let Me Get Me (Video)

Don’t Let Me Get Me is a song by Pink that deals with the theme of insecurity.

The lyrics talk about how the narrator feels like she’s not good enough and how she’s always second-guessing herself.

The song also touches on the idea of being trapped in your own head and feeling like you can’t escape from your own thoughts.

The song is relatable to anyone who has ever felt insecure or like they’re not good enough.

It’s a powerful song that speaks to the human condition and reminds us that we’re all in this together.