20 Best Songs About Battles

Chelsea Cooke

Battles are an inherent part of life.

We wage them against our opponents, against ourselves, and against the obstacles that stand in our way.

And though the experience of battling can be painful and terrifying, it can also be exhilarating and empowering.

Songs about battles capture all of these emotions, from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat.

Here are 20 of the best songs about battles ever written.

Let us know what your favorite battle song is in the comments!

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On Battleship Hill PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey - On Battleship Hill

On Battleship Hill is a powerful song by PJ Harvey that tells the story of World War I soldiers who fought on the battlefields of France.

These brave men endured incredible hardships and suffered terrible losses, and their sacrifices helped to shape the course of history.

The mournful melody and haunting lyrics capture the emotional weight of this difficult time, creating a moving tribute to those who gave their lives in the fight for freedom.

Whether you are a lover of history or simply a music fan, this song is well worth listening to for its stirring combination of power and elegance.

So if you are looking for something poignant and thought-provoking, be sure to give On Battleship Hill a listen.

Battlestar Scralatchtica Incubus

10 Incubus - Battlestar Scralatchtica HQ

Perhaps one of the most iconic from Incubus, Battlestar Scratchlactica is an epic Nu Metal track by the band Incubus.

This full-throttle anthem draws inspiration from classical mythology, telling the story of a battle between man and machine – a struggle that has become all too familiar in our modern world.

With its synth melodies, heavy turntable use, aggressive guitar riffs, and soaring vocals, this song helped to define a generation, capturing both our boundless energy and our deep sense of anxiety about the future.

Whether you’re a fan of Incubus or just enjoy epic rock music in general, Battlestar Scratchlactica is sure to rank as one of your all-time favorites.

So dig out those old speakers, crank up the volume, and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience!

Choose Your Battles Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Choose Your Battles (Official)

“Choose Your Battles” is a 2013 hit by Katy Perry that tackles an important issue that many people today struggle with.

This issue is the need to balance fighting for what you believe in with knowing when to let go and move on.

Throughout the verses of the song, Perry sings about various struggles that people may face in their lives, ranging from personal relationships to political clashes.

She encourages her listeners to listen to their own instincts when deciding how and where to take a stand, and teaches them not to waste their time or energy on things that simply don’t matter.

Overall, this song offers a valuable message about how to make the best decisions for ourselves and our lives, even when it isn’t easy.

Battleships Travis

Travis - Battleships (Official Audio)

Battleships is a powerful, emotionally moving song written and performed by the platinum-selling Scottish band, Travis.

The song was featured on their 2007 album, “The Boy With No Name”.

This ballad tells the story of lost love and unfulfilled potential, encapsulating the experience of heartbreak and the all-too-human desire for connection, intimacy, and fulfillment.

Drawing on his own personal experiences and emotions, Travis infuses this raw, emotionally charged song with skillful lyricism and poignant instrumentals.

The result is a soulful masterpiece that has become a fan favorite and a critical success, winning numerous awards.

If you’re looking for something that will tug at your heartstrings or just want to feel something real in today’s overproduced world of pop music, then Battleships is definitely the song for you.

Battles Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor - Battles

Battles, by Hudson Taylor, is a rousing anthem that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

This track was a hit single from their debut album, “Singing for Strangers”.

Featuring driving guitar hooks and bold vocals, the track infuses listeners with an unrelenting sense of determination and optimism.

With lyrics that speak to both self-empowerment and fighting for those around you, Battles is equally uplifting and inspiring – making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to feel fired up and empowered.

Whether listening on your own or jamming along with friends, this is truly a track that will leave you buzzing with energy long after it ends.

So if you’re looking to unite yourself with the power of music and conquer anything that comes your way, be sure to give Battles by Hudson Taylor a listen!

Battlesong Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030 - Battlesong with lyrics

Battlesong by the hip-hop group Deltron 3030 is a beautiful meditation on the struggles of humanity in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

This powerful track starts off with slow, reverberating drums layered over haunting vocals and winding, ambient synthesizers, creating an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.

As the song builds to its climax, these simple sounds are gradually layered with heavy bass lines and triumphant brass instruments – a clear symbol of perseverance in the face of difficulty.

Through its serene verses and climactic chorus, this brilliant track perfectly captures our universal desire to overcome adversity and emerge victorious.

Whether you’re battling personal demons or battling global injustice, “Battlesong” will be sure to lift your spirits with its uplifting message of hope.

Battles in the North Immortal

Immortal - Battles in the North (Full Album)

Battles in the North, was the title track on the 1995 album of the same name from Norwegian black metal band Immortal.

It is a unique and impactful piece of music that tells the story of an epic battle between two armies at the end of times, where good and evil clash for ultimate supremacy.

The heaviness and intensity of the track infuses listeners with a sense of adrenaline, transporting them straight into the heart of the bloody struggle.

With blazing guitar riffs and powerful drums driving forward relentlessly, this song perfectly captures the ferocity of such an epic conflict.

Whether you are a fan of classic black metal or simply enjoy powerful music with an epic feel, Battles in the North is sure to hit all the right notes!

Daily Battles Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke: "Daily Battles"

Daily Battles is a powerful and moving song written by Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead.

The song tells the story of an individual living with mental illness and struggling to maintain hope in the face of constant pain and uncertainty.

Over melancholic synths and sharp acoustic guitar riffs, Yorke’s lyrics reflect on what it means to live with daily battles against invisible foes, while also emphasizing the importance of compassion and connection in overcoming mental illness.

Featuring subtle electronic flourishes that highlight its emotional complexity, Daily Battles is a truly gripping work that stands alongside some of the best songs ever written about mental health struggles.

Battleship Chains Volbeat

Volbeat - Battleship Chains

“Battleship Chains” by Volbeat is undeniably one of the band’s most popular tracks.

This hard-rocking anthem is full of energy and emotion, combining pounding drums and explosive riffs with raw vocals that perfectly capture the intense spirit of the song.

Throughout its catchy chorus and driving verses, “Battleship Chains” explores themes of struggle and survival in a hostile world, constantly pushing listeners forward with its relentless energy.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or hearing it for the first time, this track will quickly become one of your favorite songs from Volbeat and a true testament to the power of metal music.

Our Battles Maria Mena

Maria Mena - Our Battles

Our Battles is a powerful and moving song by rising pop star Maria Mena.

The song was released in 2005 on her album, “Apparently Unaffected”, and it chronicles the experiences of many young people growing up in modern society, as they struggle with issues such as depression, social pressure, and addiction.

With lyrics such as “your battles are nothing like mine”, it serves as both an anthem for those who are struggling and a message to others who may not be able to fully understand what they are going through.

Overall, Our Battles is a moving and powerful testament to the courage of those who face their challenges head-on and refuse to give up, no matter how difficult their circumstances may be.

It is a song that truly inspires hope in even the darkest of times.

Battleship Graveyard The Fall of Troy

The Fall Of Troy "Battleship Graveyard"

Battleship Graveyard is one of the most famous tracks by rock band, The Fall of Troy, and was featured on their 2009 album, In the Unlikely Event.

This aggressive and intense song explores themes of mortality, loss, and desperation, and is often hailed as a classic example of the band’s signature sound.

With gritty guitar chords, powerful drum beats, and passionately shouted vocals, the song instantly grabs your attention and demands that you listen closely.

Whether you’re a fan of The Fall of Troy or are just discovering their music for the first time, Battleship Graveyard is definitely worth adding to your playlist.

It’s an epic journey through the depths of human emotion, and an undeniable masterpiece from one of the most influential bands in rock history.

Battleship Grey Tiësto

Tiësto - Battleship Grey

“Battleship Grey” is a 2001 classic by iconic Dutch trance DJ, Tiësto.

This is a pulsing electronic track that grabs listeners from the very first note.

With heavy basslines and futuristic production effects, this song exudes a sense of tense determination and raw energy.

The arrangement is tightly controlled and deliberately minimal, with only the bare essentials in terms of melody, harmony, and instrumentation.

Overall, this track is an excellent showcase for Tiësto’s unique style and skills as a producer and DJ.

If you’re looking for an energetic, innovative dance track that will keep you moving from start to finish, then “Battleship Grey” by Tiësto is definitely the perfect choice for you.

Battles and Brotherhood 3 Inches of Blood

3 INCHES OF BLOOD - Battles and Brotherhood (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The song Battles and Brotherhood by 3 Inches of Blood, is an epic and stirring track that tells the story of an ongoing battle between two factions.

The lyrics evoke the thunderous clashing of swords and armor, while also conveying the ferocity of the warriors in their fight for survival.

This iconic metal track was released on the band’s 2009 album, “Here Waits Thy Doom”.

Each verse evokes a sense of ancient struggle and triumph, transporting listeners back in time to experience this ages-old conflict firsthand.

Whether you’re a fan of metal or simply enjoy dramatic tracks with powerful vocals and instrumental accompaniment, this song is sure to captivate you from start to finish!

So take a journey back through history, with Battles and Brotherhood by 3 Inches of Blood.

You Sunk My Battleship Emmure

Emmure - You Sunk My Battleship (HQ)

You Sunk My Battleship is the hit 2009 single from the metal band Emmure from one of their most popular albums, Felony.

With its heavy guitar riffs and angry vocals, the song quickly became a fan favorite and helped to catapult Emmure to international fame.

The track is full of chaotic energy, with powerful drum beats and fast-paced swirls of distortion driving the music forward.

At the same time, though, it also manages to be catchy and melodic, with an infectious chorus that gets stuck in your head for days on end.

Overall, You Sunk My Battleship is a perfect example of everything that makes metal great: aggression, intensity, and pure unbridled passion.

108 Battles (of the Mind) Kula Shaker

108 Battles (Of The Mind) - Kula Shaker

108 Battles (of the Mind) is a fascinating and compelling song by the rock band Kula Shaker.

Crafted in a style that draws heavily from Indian classical music, the track uses powerful vocal harmonies and intricate instrumentation to explore themes of inner turmoil and overcoming adversity.

From the opening hypnotic strumming patterns to the soaring guitar riffs in the chorus, 108 Battles honors both ancient wisdom and modern musical expression.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Kula Shaker or simply looking for something different in your music collection, this powerful track is sure to amaze and inspire.

Battlestations Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner & Kill The Noise - Battlestations

The song Battlestations by Wolfgang Gartner is an energetic, fast-paced dance track that blends gritty synthesizer chords with driving bass beats and cuts.

With its catchy hooks and distinctive sound, the song has become a staple of the electronic music scene, achieving widespread popularity across clubs and dance floors both in the US and abroad.

Despite being created more than a decade ago, Battlestations continues to be a crowd favorite today, showing no signs of fading in popularity anytime soon.

Whether you’re pumping up at the gym or hanging out at your local club, this high-energy song is sure to get your blood pumping and your feet moving.

Battlescars OZMA

Ozma "Battlescars" Live on Carnival Destiny

“Battlescars” is a song by the indie rock band OZMA, and it was released in 2001 as part of their album Rock and Roll 3.

This song explores the theme of battles, both physical and emotional.

Even though the lyrics are abstract and often poetic, they touch on themes such as struggling against obstacles, finding the strength to persevere despite setbacks, and triumphantly coming out victorious in the end.

With its driving guitar riffs, catchy vocal melodies, and effortlessly cool vibe, Battlescars is a perfect anthem for anyone who has ever fought through adversity or overcome difficult challenges.

Whether you’re an experienced warrior or a neophyte fighter facing your first struggle, you’ll find something relatable in this amazing song that captures the essence of battling and winning against all odds.

Pick Your Battles Petit biscuit

Petit Biscuit & Diplo - Pick Your Battles (VIP Mix)

Pick Your Battles is a powerful and thought-provoking song by electronic musician Petit biscuit.

This 2020 track takes listeners on a journey through a variety of different musical styles, from dreamy synth sounds and distorted guitar riffs to complex beats and haunting vocals.

Throughout the song, there is an underlying message that encourages listeners to think carefully about their actions and the effects they have on others.

With urgent lyrics and intense instrumental elements, Pick Your Battles underscores the importance of choosing your battles wisely, both in life and in music.

Whether you are listening on your own or with friends, this track will inspire you to reflect on your choices and consider whether they truly make a positive difference in the world.

Mountain Battles The Breeders

Bradford Cox - Mountain Battles (The Breeders)

The song “Mountain Battles” by The Breeders is a guitar-driven track from their 2008 album of the same name, that perfectly captures the feeling of struggle and determination that can come with tackling a difficult obstacle.

From the first powerful chord progression in the opening measures, it’s clear that this track is all about moving forward, no matter what.

The heavy use of guitars throughout works to create a sense of energy and momentum, while the lyrics speak to the perseverance needed to overcome any struggle.

This is definitely one song that will get you amped up and ready to take on whatever challenges life throws your way!

So if you’re looking for a tune to help motivate you and push you through tough times, look no further than “Mountain Battles” by The Breeders.

Losing Battles Josh Ritter

Losing Battles (Acoustic)

Losing Battles from Ritter’s 2019 Album, Fever Breaks is a charged and powerful song.

With lyrics that are dark, urgent, and deeply personal, the song resonates on many different levels.

Written in the wake of a failed relationship, Losing Battles examines the difficult process of letting go of a lost love.

The complexity of emotion is captured through vivid imagery and poetic language, while the raw energy of Ritter’s vocals creates an intense and gripping soundscape.

Overall, Losing Battles is an insightful look at heartbreak and loss, one that stays with you long after it’s over.

Whether you’re going through your own painful breakup or simply looking for something moving and thought-provoking to listen to, this song is highly recommended.