20 Best Songs About Insanity

Richard Ellison

There’s no question that insanity is a powerful and often-feared force. It can make people do things they never thought possible, and it can warp their perceptions of reality until nothing makes sense anymore.

That’s what makes songs about insanity so interesting-they offer a unique perspective on a topic that is both widely understood and deeply mysterious. Here are 20 of our favorite songs about insanity:

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Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Official Music Video)

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey is a heartbreaking ballad about the pain of losing someone you love. The song perfectly captures the feeling of being in a state of mourning and despair, and it’s one of the most heartbreaking songs about insanity ever written. Its lyrics are about being consumed by sadness and struggling to cope with the pain of a lost love.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond [Official Music Video]

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd is a song about a man who has gone insane. The song is about the struggles that the man is going through and how his friends are trying to help him get through it. The song is a beautiful and haunting look at what it means to be insane. Some people may say that the song is about Syd Barrett, who was a member of Pink Floyd and had gone insane.

Paint It, Black The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video)

Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular and well-known songs about insanity. The song is about a man who is struggling with his mental health, and the lyrics reflect the feelings of isolation and darkness that can come with mental illness. The song is both powerful and moving, and it has become an anthem for those who are struggling with their mental health.

This Is a Low Blur

Blur - This is a Low (Official Audio)

This Is a Low by Blur is a haunting song about the struggles of mental illness. The lyrics are ethereal and poetic, painting a picture of a person who is teetering on the edge of sanity. The song is a reminder that mental illness is real and can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Some people may find the song depressing, but it’s also a powerful reminder of the human experience.

I Miss You Blink 182

blink-182 - I Miss You (Official Video)

I Miss You by Blink 182 is a song about the lead singer’s girlfriend who died in a car accident. The song is written in a very emotional and personal way, and it’s clear that the singer misses her very much. The lyrics talk about how much he misses her laugh, her smile, and just being around her. It’s a very touching song, and it’s easy to see why it became so popular.

Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends [Official Music Video]

One of the most popular songs about insanity is Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. The song is about the death of Billie Joe Armstrong’s father and how it affected him. It’s a powerful and emotional song that speaks to the universal experience of grief and loss. Some people also see it as a song about insanity, given how it talks about the protagonist’s state of mind in the aftermath of his father’s death.

Stan – Eminem

Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Stan is a Grammy-Award winning song by rapper Eminem. The song is about an obsessed fan of Eminem who ends up killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend. The song is considered one of Eminem’s greatest hits and has been ranked on several lists of the best songs of all time. Its lyrics are about the rapper’s struggles with fame and how it can lead to dangerous situations.

Pennyroyal Tea – Nirvana

Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea (Live On MTV Unplugged, 1993 / Unedited)

Pennyroyal Tea by Nirvana is about Kurt Cobain feeling suicidal and wanting to drink pennyroyal tea to abort his child. He talks about how he doesn’t really care if he lives or dies and how he’s tired of playing the game. The song is heavy and intense, and it’s one of Nirvana’s most well-known songs. Many songs about mental illness are sad, but this one is just angry.

Mad World – Tears for Fears

Tears For Fears - Mad World (Official Music Video)

The song Mad World by Tears for Fears is a popular song about insanity. The lyrics are written from the perspective of someone who is struggling with mental illness and feels like they are living in a mad world. The song is both sad and haunting, and it speaks to the isolation and loneliness that people with mental illness often feel. Some people believe that the song is about the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, but it can be interpreted in many ways.

Disturbia – Rihanna

Rihanna - Disturbia

Disturbia is a song by Barbadian singer Rihanna, taken from her third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad (2007). It was written by Andre Merritt, Chris Brown, and Robyn Fenty, and produced by the former two. The song was released as the album’s lead single on May 6, 2008. Its lyrics are about an unstable mind. The song received mixed reviews from music critics, who generally commended its production and Rihanna’s vocal performance, but criticized the lyrics.

Under Pressure Queen and David Bowie

David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s powerful performance on Under Pressure is one for the history books. The song was written in 1981 as a collaboration between the two iconic artists and it was released on Queen’s 1982 album Hot Space. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, but the original remains the best. Some people believe that the song is about the pressures of fame and others believe that it’s about a relationship. Either way, the song is an anthem for anyone who feels like they’re going insane.

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times The Beach Boys

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Stereo / Remastered)

The Beach Boys released “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” in 1966 as part of their album Pet Sounds. The song is about the struggles that Brian Wilson, the lead singer and songwriter for the Beach Boys, was facing at the time. He was struggling with drug addiction and mental illness, which caused him to feel alienated from the rest of the world. The song is a plea for understanding and compassion, as well as a message of hope.

People Are Strange The Doors

The Doors - People Are Strange

The Doors released their debut album in 1967 and the song “People Are Strange” was one of the singles from that album. The song is about how people can be strange and how the singer doesn’t understand them. Its lyrics are about alienation and feeling like an outsider. Some people interpret the song to be about insanity. Some people believe that the song is about drugs, and how they can make people act differently.

Troy Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O'Connor - Troy (Official Music Video)

Sinead O’Connor’s song Troy is about the death of a loved one. The song is written from the perspective of someone who is grieving and struggling to make sense of the death. O’Connor sings about how the person who died was her “Troy” and how she will never forget him. The song is a powerful and moving tribute to the dead.

Smile Lily Allen

Lily Allen | Smile (Official Video)

Lily Allen’s Smile is a powerful and introspective song about her experience with mental illness. The lyrics are honest and vulnerable, and the song speaks to the isolation and loneliness that often accompanies mental illness. It’s a beautiful and cathartic song that is sure to resonate with anyone who has struggled with mental health issues. Some people might not consider this song to be “about” mental illness per se, but the lyrics definitely reflect the struggles of living with a mental illness.

Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Audio)

One of the most popular and well-known songs about insanity is Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel. The song is about two friends who are struggling with insanity. The lyrics talk about how the friends are trying to cope with their mental health issues and how they are struggling to keep their sanity. Some people believe that the song is actually about the Vietnam War and how the soldiers were struggling with their mental health.

Shake It Out Florence + the Machine

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out

Florence Welch’s soulful voice belts out the lyrics to Shake It Out, a song about rising above tough times. The song is about finding the courage to let go of the past and move on. For Welch, this means shaking off the insane thoughts and doubts that keep her from living her best life. The song is an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt stuck in a dark place.

Everybody Hurts REM

R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (Official Music Video)

Everybody Hurts is a song by the American rock band REM. The song was released as the third single from their 1992 album Automatic for the People. The song was written by lead singer Michael Stipe and bassist Mike Mills. It achieved widespread success, peaking at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number one on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Hurt Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Hurt

For many, Hurt is the epitome of a song about insanity. The lyrics are emotive and dark, painting a picture of a person who is struggling with their mental health. Cash himself was open about his struggles with addiction and depression, and Hurt is one of his most personal songs. It’s a powerful reminder that even the biggest stars can struggle with their mental health.

Help! The Beatles

The Beatles - Help!

The Beatles wrote the song “Help!” as a response to their manager, Brian Epstein, who was demanding that they write more songs. The lyrics are about a man who is struggling and feels like he’s going insane. He’s desperate for help and doesn’t know what to do. Some people interpret the lyrics as John Lennon’s cry for help during his own struggles with mental health.