21 Best Happy Birthday Songs For Adults

Richard Ellison

Are you tired of the same old “Happy Birthday” song that you’ve been singing since childhood? It’s time to spice things up and add some excitement to your birthday celebrations!

Whether you’re looking to add some humor, a touch of nostalgia, or just want to groove to a different beat, this article has got you covered. Get ready to discover a curated list of the best birthday songs that are guaranteed to make any adult birthday celebration a memorable one.

So, grab a slice of cake, put on your party hat, and let’s get this birthday bash started!

In Da Club – 50 Cent

50 Cent - In Da Club (Official Music Video)

“In Da Club” by 50 Cent is a classic hip-hop anthem that’s all about living life to the fullest and chasing your dreams. This iconic song was released in 2003 as the lead single off of 50’s debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” and quickly became a huge hit.

It was 50’s first big breakthrough as an artist and put him on the map as one of the biggest names in hip-hop. The song is all about getting up, getting out, and making things happen, no matter what it takes. It’s a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever dreamed big and wanted to make their mark on the world.

With its irresistible beat and catchy chorus, “In Da Club” quickly became a staple of the club scene, inspiring people to hit the dance floor and let loose. The song’s upbeat energy and positive message made it a hit with fans of all ages and backgrounds, and it remains one of 50 Cent’s most popular tracks to this day.

Whether you’re a die-hard hip-hop fan or just someone who loves to dance and have a good time, “In Da Club” is a song that’s sure to get you pumped up and ready to chase your dreams. So if you’re looking for a tune that’s all about living life to the fullest and making your mark on the world, this is the one for you!

Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder is a classic song that has been bringing joy to birthday celebrations for decades. The song was originally released in 1981 as a part of Stevie Wonder’s album, “Hotter Than July.” With its upbeat melody and catchy lyrics, “Happy Birthday” quickly became a staple in birthday parties across the world.

Stevie Wonder’s powerful voice and soulful sound have made this song a timeless classic, which will surely continue to be played for many years to come.

Stevie Wonder is a legendary musician and songwriter who has been entertaining audiences since the 1960s. With hits like “Superstition” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” he has become a household name and an icon of the music industry.

He has won numerous awards and accolades, including 25 Grammy Awards, making him one of the most successful musicians of all time. His music is not just popular in the United States, but all over the world, and “Happy Birthday” is just one example of his timeless and universal appeal.

Birthday – The Beatles

The Beatles - Birthday

The Beatles, known for their musical innovations and cultural impact, have a treasure trove of songs that celebrate the joys and complexities of life.

One such gem is “Birthday,” a upbeat, fun-filled track from their 1968 self-titled album, also known as the “White Album.” “Birthday” is a celebration of the simple pleasures of life, like spending time with loved ones, eating cake, and dancing the night away.

This iconic song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, two of the band’s core members, while they were in India studying Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Despite its seemingly light-hearted nature, “Birthday” showcases the musical genius of The Beatles and their ability to craft memorable, enduring tracks. The song has since become a staple of birthday parties and celebrations, serving as a timeless reminder of the importance of taking time to appreciate life’s simple joys.

Birthday – Migos

Migos - Birthday (Official Audio)

“Birthday” by Migos is a song that has been causing quite a buzz since its release in 2018. The American hip hop trio, made up of Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset, has been dominating the music industry with their catchy trap beats and infectious hooks.

“Birthday” is a perfect example of their unique style and showcases the trio’s ability to create a party anthem that will get you moving on the dance floor.

The song “Birthday” is all about living the life of your dreams and enjoying every moment of it. The lyrics tell the story of the Migos celebrating their birthdays in style and making the most of their success.

The beat is upbeat and energetic, making it a great anthem for anyone looking to party and live life to the fullest. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday or just feeling good, “Birthday” by Migos is the perfect song to help you let loose and have a blast. So put your hands in the air and get ready to dance like it’s your birthday!

Birthday Cake – Rihanna (Feat. Chris Brown)

Rihanna - Birthday Cake Extended Version Ft Chris Brown

“Birthday Cake” by Rihanna (featuring Chris Brown) is a sultry banger that’s sure to get you dreaming about…well, birthday cake. Rihanna has been a pop icon since the release of her 2005 hit single “Pon de Replay” and has since become a chart-topping machine, known for her catchy hooks, sultry vocals, and unforgettable fashion.

In 2012, she dropped “Birthday Cake,” a steamy collaboration with Chris Brown, a fellow pop star with a troubled past. This track was part of her sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk,” which also included hit singles like “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been.”

“Birthday Cake” is a song that could easily serve as a dreamy anthem for those looking to celebrate their birthdays in the most seductive way possible. The beat is catchy and infectious, with lyrics that are sensual and celebratory.

The song is a perfect example of how pop music can inspire dreams and fantasies, with its memorable chorus and mesmerizing rhythm. Whether you’re a fan of Rihanna’s or not, “Birthday Cake” is a track that’s sure to get you dreaming about sweet treats, sensual celebrations, and birthday binges.

Trip Around The Sun – Jimmy Buffett

Trip Around the Sun

Jimmy Buffet, the king of beach-inspired folk rock, is known for his upbeat, tropical-themed songs that transport listeners to a sunny paradise.

One of his most popular songs, “Trip Around The Sun,” is a dreamy tune that captures the essence of living life to the fullest. This upbeat track is about taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and making the most of each moment.

“Trip Around The Sun” was released as part of Jimmy Buffet’s 2004 album “License to Chill.” The song was written by Jimmy Buffet, Mac McAnally, and Will Kimbrough, and it features a catchy melody and cheerful lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head.

The song was a commercial success, reaching the top 40 on the country charts and becoming a staple of Jimmy Buffet’s live performances. With its fun, dreamy vibe, “Trip Around the Sun” is the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest and make every moment count.

Happy Birthday – Weird Al Yankovic

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Happy Birthday (Music Video) [2017 Version]

“Happy Birthday” by Weird Al Yankovic is a comedic take on the classic birthday song that we all know and love. This playful tune, released in 1985 as part of Weird Al’s album “Dare to Be Silly,” has been bringing laughter and joy to birthday celebrations for generations.

But what sets this version apart is its quirky, humorous lyrics that take a lighthearted approach to the traditional birthday wish.

Weird Al, born Alfred Matthew Yankovic, is a legendary American musician and comedian. He’s best known for his comedic parodies of popular songs, and “Happy Birthday” is just one of many examples of his unique brand of humor.

With a career spanning over four decades, Weird Al has become an icon in the music industry and his songs, including “Happy Birthday,” continue to be beloved by fans all over the world. So, whether you’re looking to add some fun to your next birthday celebration or just need a good laugh, “Happy Birthday” by Weird Al is the perfect song for you.

Birthday – Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child, one of the biggest R&B girl groups of all time, released “Birthday” in 2001 as part of their album “Survivor.” This catchy tune is all about wishing for the ultimate birthday celebration with all the bells and whistles.

The song was a huge success, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and helping solidify Destiny’s Child’s status as one of the top R&B groups of the early 2000s.

But what makes “Birthday” stand out as a song about dreams is its celebration of the idea of wishing for something big and making it happen. The lyrics encourage listeners to dream big and work hard to make their dreams a reality, a message that still resonates today.

Whether you’re wishing for a extravagant birthday celebration, or just looking for some inspiration to chase your own dreams, “Birthday” is the perfect tune to get you pumped up and ready to go. So put it on, turn up the volume, and start celebrating your own big dreams today!

It’s My Party – Leslie Gore

Lesley Gore "It's My Party & She's A Fool" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party” is a classic tune about living life to the fullest and not letting anyone else’s opinions hold you back. This upbeat track was released in 1963 and quickly became a chart-topping hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was written by John Gluck, Wally Gold, and Herb Weiner, and was inspired by a real-life party that Leslie Gore attended where her ex-boyfriend showed up with his new girlfriend. This song was one of the first pop hits to deal with teenage heartbreak, making it a groundbreaking tune for the time.

Leslie Gore was just 16 years old when she recorded “It’s My Party”, and it became her first big hit. She went on to release several more popular tracks, including “Judy’s Turn to Cry” and “She’s a Fool”. Leslie Gore was a pioneer of the “girl group” sound in the 1960s and was known for her powerful voice and ability to belt out emotive ballads.

Her music was a reflection of her passion for life and her unwavering spirit, and her tracks continue to inspire generations of music lovers to this day. “It’s My Party” is a timeless classic that still has the power to make people smile and dance, and it remains a true testament to Leslie Gore’s incredible talent.

Older – They Might Be Giants

Older - They Might Be Giants (best, official video)

They Might Be Giants, the quirky and innovative rock duo, have been creating music that defies categorization since 1982. With a unique blend of wit, humor, and musical experimentation, the band has become a staple in the alternative rock scene.

Their song “Older” is a perfect example of the band’s genre-bending style and off-the-wall sense of humor.

“Older” is a whimsical and nostalgic ode to the passage of time. The lyrics explore the idea of aging, as the narrator ponders the changes that come with getting older. The song’s upbeat melody and cheerful tone add to the overall dreamlike feel of the track, making it a perfect addition to a playlist about songs about dreams.

The song’s quirky charm and catchy chorus make it a classic They Might Be Giants tune, and a must-listen for fans of the band and anyone who loves songs that explore the lighter side of life.

Birthday Song – Don McLean

“Birthday Song” by Don McLean is a hauntingly beautiful tune about the struggles of growing old and the fading of childhood dreams. The song was first released in 1971 as a single from McLean’s album “American Pie.”

This melancholic ballad tells the story of a person looking back on their life, realizing that their dreams and ambitions have not come to fruition. McLean’s signature crooning voice and delicate guitar playing bring a touch of nostalgia to the tune, making it a must-listen for fans of classic folk music.

Don McLean is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the 1970s with his iconic hit, “American Pie.” Born in 1945, McLean began his musical career in the 1960s, performing at local clubs and coffeehouses. He quickly gained popularity for his unique style of storytelling and his ability to paint vivid pictures through his lyrics.

In 1971, he released “American Pie,” which became a cultural phenomenon and has since been hailed as one of the greatest songs of all time. McLean continued to release music throughout the 1970s and 80s, cementing his place in the annals of music history as one of the most influential songwriters of his generation.

Birthday – Sugarcubes

The Sugarcubes, formed in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1986, were a quirky and innovative alternative rock band that captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. Their 1988 hit song, “Birthday”, was a perfect blend of upbeat pop and punk influences that reflected the band’s energetic and eccentric personality.

The song, which was released as the lead single from their debut album “Life’s Too Good”, was an instant success, reaching the top 10 charts in several countries and cementing the Sugarcubes’ place in music history.

“Birthday” is a whimsical celebration of life, dreams, and happiness. The playful lyrics, sung by frontwoman Björk, paint a picture of a person who dreams of the perfect birthday, complete with balloons, presents, and a big cake. The song is a reminder to never stop dreaming and to always find joy in life’s little moments, no matter how old you are.

With its infectious melody, upbeat rhythm, and joyful lyrics, “Birthday” has become a timeless classic that continues to inspire and uplift listeners today. So let’s celebrate life and all our dreams with a big slice of birthday cake and a blast of “Birthday” by the one and only Sugarcubes!

Birthday Song – 2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Birthday Song ft. Kanye West (Official Music Video) (Explicit Version)

“Birthday Song” by 2 Chainz is a trap-infused banger that’s all about celebrating life and living it to the fullest. The Atlanta-based rapper, who’s real name is Tauheed Epps, released the song in 2012 as the lead single from his debut studio album “Based on a T.R.U. Story.”

2 Chainz was already known for his witty wordplay and catchy hooks, but “Birthday Song” elevated him to new heights, reaching the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and solidifying his place in the rap game.

The song’s signature hook, “All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho,” may not be the most politically correct, but it’s undoubtedly memorable. And that’s exactly what 2 Chainz was going for: to make a song that people would remember and have fun listening to.

“Birthday Song” is all about embracing the good times, whether it’s your birthday or any other day of the year. So whether you’re turning up at a club or just cruising in your car, this song is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get you in the mood to party.

Happy Birthday – Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts - "Happy Birthday" (Official Audio)

Tiny Moving Parts are a math rock band hailing from Minnesota, known for their intricate guitar work, intense drumming, and emotionally charged lyrics. They formed in 2008 and have since released five full-length albums, garnering a dedicated following of fans.

“Happy Birthday” is one of the band’s most beloved tracks, known for its energetic and upbeat sound that’s sure to get you pumped up and dancing.

The song is about the celebration of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. The lyrics tell the story of a young man who’s having a birthday party and realizes that every day is a gift.

He sings about how life can be both beautiful and tough, but that it’s essential to appreciate the good times and make the most of them. The upbeat melody and driving rhythm make “Happy Birthday” the perfect anthem for anyone who’s looking to live life to the fullest and chase their dreams.

Birthday Boy – Ween

Ween - Birthday Boy

“Birthday Boy” by Ween is a quirky and entertaining track that embodies the whimsical spirit of the band. Ween is an American rock band that was formed in 1984 and is known for their unique blend of eclectic musical styles, humor, and surrealist lyrics.

The duo of Dean and Gene Ween have been creating music together for over three decades, and their music is often described as a mix of alternative rock, psychedelic rock, and folk rock.

“Birthday Boy” is a playful and lighthearted song that tells the story of a young man celebrating his birthday. The song is driven by a bouncy bassline and features whimsical lyrics that describe the joys of birthdays and the fun of being young.

The song has become a staple in Ween’s live shows and is a favorite among fans for its upbeat energy and catchy melody. With its cheerful tone and celebratory lyrics, “Birthday Boy” is the perfect anthem for anyone looking to celebrate life and chase their dreams.

Birthday – Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Birthday (Official)

Katy Perry, the pop queen with a vibrant personality and powerful voice, hit the charts with her hit single “Birthday” in 2014. The song is a playful, upbeat tune that celebrates the joy of birthdays and the never-ending fun that comes along with them.

Katy Perry’s upbeat energy and playful lyrics have been making people dance and sing along to the song since its release. This song is a perfect example of how a song can bring back childhood memories, making people smile and remember their childhood birthdays with love.

Katy Perry’s “Birthday” is a part of her fourth studio album, “Prism”, which was released in 2013. The album was a huge success, reaching number one on the charts and selling millions of copies worldwide. The album features some of Katy Perry’s biggest hits, including “Roar”, “Dark Horse”, and “Unconditionally”.

Katy Perry is known for her eclectic musical style and has been praised for her ability to write songs that are both fun and thought-provoking. With “Birthday”, she continues to prove her musical prowess and her ability to connect with listeners through her catchy melodies and playful lyrics.

B’Day Song – Madonna

Madonna - Like A Prayer (Official Video)

Madonna, the “Queen of Pop”, has been ruling the charts for over four decades now and has gifted the world with some of the catchiest pop anthems. “B’Day Song” is one such track that still has the power to make you move your feet and sing along.

This upbeat party track was released in 2012 as a part of Madonna’s twelfth studio album, “MDNA”. The album marked her return to the music scene after a three-year hiatus and “B’Day Song” was an instant hit among fans and critics alike.

With lyrics that celebrate life, love and friendship, “B’Day Song” is a perfect anthem for all those who love to live life to the fullest. The track features a pulsating beat and a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. Madonna has always been known for her fearless and unapologetic approach to music and “B’Day Song” is a testament to her musical prowess.

The song may be about birthdays, but it’s really about embracing life and making every moment count. So, go ahead and turn up the volume, and let Madonna’s B’Day Song inspire you to chase your dreams!

Happy Birthday – New Kids On The Block

New Kids on the Block-Happy Birthday to you

“Happy Birthday” by New Kids On The Block is a classic birthday anthem that is perfect for celebrating the big day. The iconic boy band formed in 1984 and rose to fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s with their unique blend of R&B, pop, and hip-hop sounds.

With hits like “Step by Step” and “You’ve Got It (The Right Stuff),” New Kids On The Block dominated the charts and had fans worldwide. The band’s ability to craft infectious tunes that appeal to both teens and adults alike is a testament to their musical prowess.

The song “Happy Birthday” was released as part of their 1991 album “Step by Step.” It’s a cheerful tune that encourages listeners to celebrate their birthdays with joy and happiness. With upbeat lyrics like “we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday” and “let’s get down,” the song is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

New Kids On The Block’s signature harmonies and upbeat melody make this tune the perfect addition to any birthday celebration. Whether it’s playing at a birthday party or blasting it on the radio, “Happy Birthday” is a song that is sure to make you feel like a kid again.

Birthday – Blur

Blur is one of the most iconic British bands of the 1990s, known for their blend of punk, Britpop, and alternative rock. The band formed in London in 1988 and quickly rose to fame with their hit single “There’s No Other Way” in 1991.

Their album “Parklife” cemented their status as one of the leading bands of the Britpop movement and their music continues to be popular and widely acclaimed to this day.

The song “Birthday” is a track from their album “13” released in 1999. The song has a dreamy, psychedelic sound that was a departure from their earlier, more punk-inspired music.

The lyrics, sung by lead vocalist Damon Albarn, are a nostalgic reflection on lost youth and the passage of time. The song was a hit for the band and remains one of their most popular tracks. It’s a fitting addition to an article about songs about dreams, as it touches on the idea of looking back on the past and cherishing the memories we hold dear.

Happy Birthday – The Ramones

Ramones (Happy Birthday to You)

“Happy Birthday” by The Ramones is a song about the celebration of life and the gift of another year. This classic punk rock tune was released in the early 1980s and became an instant hit among fans of the band.

The Ramones, known for their fast-paced and energetic music, were one of the pioneers of the punk rock movement and had a major impact on the music scene of the 1970s and 80s. They were a tight-knit group of musicians who shared a love for loud, fast-paced music and a desire to challenge the status quo.

With lyrics like “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear punk rocker, happy birthday to you,” “Happy Birthday” perfectly captures the rebellious spirit of The Ramones and the punk rock genre. The song was originally recorded for their album “Subterranean Jungle” and is one of the band’s most beloved tracks.

To this day, “Happy Birthday” remains a staple of punk rock playlists and continues to be celebrated by fans of the genre. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the dreams and desires of the punk rock movement, reminding us to never stop celebrating life and to always stay true to our punk rock roots.

Happy Birthday – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens, the American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has captured the hearts of millions with his unique blend of indie-folk music. Born in Michigan in 1975, Stevens has been making music since the early 2000s and has released multiple critically acclaimed albums throughout his career.

One of his most popular tracks, “Happy Birthday,” comes from his 2015 album “Carrie & Lowell.”

“Happy Birthday” is a beautifully crafted ballad that showcases Stevens’ signature style of introspective lyrics and tender vocals. The song is about the loss of his mother and his reflections on the meaning of life and death.

The melancholic melody and poignant lyrics are guaranteed to evoke strong emotions in listeners, making it a standout track from the album and a standout in the world of songs about dreams. With its themes of loss, regret, and hope, “Happy Birthday” is a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the power of memories and the resilience of the human spirit.